Using the player watch report

One of the main concerns for any good bookie in the world, is to be able to stay on top of what their players are doing, how they behave during any specific period, how much money they like to bet on any given sport and how often they do it. If you’re in this business, you already know how important it is to know these behaviors and how much it helps to be aware of these little things that, eventually, turn into quite important information for your day to day operation.

There are many different types of reports that can help you keep this sort of information visible, but one of the main tools you can and should use is the “Player watch report”. Any good Price per Head operator should be able to provide you with this dynamic and critical tool, that will help you have the information you need live so that you’re always able to make the right decisions for your sportsbook.

Quick, easy and live information for bookies

Using the Player Watch Tool is quite simple. Once you become a part of the Price per Head industry and join a good service like, you will be able to access this tool right from your management screen.

What this tool does is that, on one single screen, it shows you all the bets that are coming in, the player who just took it, the amount, league and everything you need to know about it. This tool is updated within seconds throughout the whole day, so that, if you have it open on your screen, you will know exactly what your customers are betting on, at all times. It will also show you the all bets coming in separated with different colors, so that you instantly know if it’s something important or not. For example, small bets from $0 to $100 can be just a neutral color, like white or gray, $100 to $500 can be green, $500 to $1000 can be orange and $1000 and up can be red. This can be 100% personalized according to your likes and needs, so that it can work exactly how you need it and it can let you know what’s going on even by just taking a little glance at it.

This will help you get to know your players in a quick and easy way, it will show you their betting patterns, and will also help you make the best decisions regarding betting amount limits and player profiling, so that everything can always run smoothly.

Reporting is one of PPH’s most important assets

Good Price per Head service providers like will give you access to all the best reporting tools in the sports betting industry. Our platform is 100% wagering designed, thought to give players and agents the best possible experience on any platform, but specially designed for mobile. Accurate and minute to minute reporting is essential for any good sportsbook in the world, and it has never been easier or more accessible than right now.

If you’re ready to go ahead and make the best decision of your professional life, give us a call right now!  We’ll be happy to help you get to the top!

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