Where Can You Get Cheap Pay Per Head Services?

You need to consider several things when considering a PPH service, especially on a budget.

 The cheapest PPH solutions are often not going to help your business grow. Not only are features removed from the really cheap PPH services, but in some cases they offer zero support.

 It’s important to strike a balance between the cost of a PPH service and the features available.

 I’ve heard of way too many problems bookies have had when using the $1/head services. Many of the services are fly-by-night operations that often close shop unannounced, leaving you stranded.

Best Cheap PPH Services

I’m going to briefly review two of the best cheap pay per head services in the industry.

  PayPerHead247 – Starting at $10/head or less

 PayPerHead247 offers a complete PPH bookie solution starting at only $10/head. You only pay the fee per head each week for active bettors, which are bettors that make at least one wager.

 You’re not going to find a more feature-rich bookie service at this cost. Not only are there a lot of great features, but the PayPerHead247 team will assist you throughout the entire process.

 They’ll help you set-up your own custom website utilizing the software package they offer. They’ll also be available to provide player support 24/7 to any of your clients that need assistance.

 One thing to be careful of when joining a $1/head PPH service are hidden fees. There are zero commissions or revenue sharing at PayPerHead247. You pay one price without any extras.

 RealBookies – Starting at $10/head or less

 Like most reputable PPH services, the price you pay per head is solely dependant upon how many active bettors you have. The more active clients you have, the less you’re going to pay per head.

 Some of the features available at RealBookies include instant account set-up, mobile interface, sportsbook/racebook/casino software and full control of every setting/feature on the software.

 Tips for Finding Cheap Per Head Bookie Services

Reputation: Make sure you take some time to review the reputation of a PPH service before signing up. There are countless reviews of PPH services online written by bookies.

Level of Service: Send a few emails back and forth with a PPH service when considering them to ensure they offer all of the features you require, including support.

Features: Make sure you don’t join a PPH service with limited features. You might not want a specific feature initially, but you may want to add it down the road.

Any reputable pay per head services will also offer a free trial that you can use. Both of the services above have a four-week free trial allowing you to get acquainted with the software at no initial cost.

Just because a pay-per-head service is cheap doesn’t mean it won’t meet your business needs.

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