Are all bookies Competitors? 

Not all bookies are competitors, let’s get the facts straight right now. As a matter of fact, very few online bookmakers are competitors with each other. There is simply no need to have a competitive mindset when it comes to operating your bookie business. The largest bookmakers online probably consider the other largest bookmakers to be a competitor, however, they too realize that in the world of online sports gambling, the biggest competitor a bookie has it the mouse! Look, there are umpteen boatloads of “bigtime bookmakers” online. We can name them all from the top of our head and you can dial them up on an organic Google search in less than 30-seconds. We all know who they are, what they do and that they are wealthy, online bookmakers. Even these folks do not consider themselves to be competitors with the other guy. They are simply too busy with their own client base to worry about what the other guy is doing. What you must worry about as a local bookie is losing your clients to anyone of these bookmakers.

Here are the facts

· You must keep your client base loyal and this is a difficult task. It’s especially difficult if you are a local bookie that does not yet have an online presence. Your clients are just like any other online gambler, they want options and they expect to gamble anytime they choose.

· If you are not online then you are losing business. You are losing business to the competition and it not your buddy’s that your losing business to, it’s the “big boys”. So, in this case, yes, you are in competition with the “big boys” of the online world. We like to think of it as “competition with the mouse” and better yet, “competition with your working hours”.

· You can’t possibly be all things to all gamblers, all of the time. You have a life, and you need to sleep! It’s 100% impossible to compete with the online bookies and the fact that they’re open 24-hours a day. You cannot do this as a local bookie.

· A bookie’s duties are vast. As a bookie, you have the responsibility to make sure you are offering all of the sporting events that your clients want to bet on and more. You should be offering exactly what any other “big time” bookmaker is offering. Players get bored, they will gamble on anything when they are bored and if you are not offering it, someone else is.

· You have the duty to offer the daily events and they must be up early every morning along with the lines and odds. You must accept all wagers and you must grade those wagers and adjust the player accounts accordingly. You must also stay on top of your money with a budget that includes player limits. This job is endless and it’s a lot of work with just a handful of players.

· It’s a guarantee that when you are not open, your clients are gambling somewhere, and you are losing big profits.

· You can change all of this today! You can now land yourself online with a custom-built bookmaking website that does the daily tasks for you. The best news, you can have all of this for free and you can have it within a day!

· The pay per head industry has made the online process simple, easy, and affordable. For around $7 per head, you can now have an online presence and your sportsbook will look just as if the client is perusing the site of a well-known “big boy”.

Remember This: Your competition is the mouse. Your clients can click on an online sportsbook, make a deposit, and be gambling your profits with somebody else in less than 5-minutes. Don’t let this happen to you. No matter how many clients you have, get online now with no money upfront and a very modest one-time fee per week, per client. The PPH does everything for you, they set the daily offerings, the daily lines, and odds, they grade all wagers and they offer you financial and player reports for free. Call the PPH today. 

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