MLB Playoffs – Understanding Odds:

Sports wagering is a game that you play with money, it’s also an investment and if you think it’s not, then you must have so much money that you just don’t care! We all want to protect our money and we all want to win a pile of it. How can we do that? Very simple, be a great handicapper and be an even better money manager. The best sports bettors are not lucky, they are sharp, they are smart and they approach this gambling game as a business. Now, if you go to Vegas once a year and spend a couple of hundred dollars on sports, then you could probably care less about a dime line or a twenty cent line. The thing is this; you are reading this very paragraph because you gamble a lot more than one weekend in Vegas. You probably gamble on a lot of sports and you should be looking for some great advise for being successful.

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A dime line or a twenty cent line is the difference between the price of an underdog and the price of a favorite. A dime line is easy to understand. Many folks make it complicated, it’s not. The way a dime line works is in the money line that’s set from game to game in baseball. Between the favorite and the underdog, there will be a .10 cent difference in the – number and the + number.

Example: Indians vs Astros– Indians +139, Astros -149

You should always think of baseball lines, in terms of money. Indians +$1.39, Astros -$1.49. The favorite- in this case the Astros; this number is costing the bettor .49 cents and with the Indians, the bettor is getting .39 cents. Let’s use $100 as the example here. If you were to bet the Indians—for every $100 dollars that you spend, you will win $139, if you bet the Astros you must spend $149 in order to win the $100.

Many of the best sportsbooks use a .20 cent line, (better known as a wide line) many also use what is called a graduating line. A .20 cent line is built on the same principle as a dime line, however, it cost you more money. A .20 cent line uses the dime line as a foundation and adjust their numbers accordingly, what is -121 and + 111 is now -126 and +106. You are saving .5 cents per line and this will add up over the course of any sports season.

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Find a great bookie that offers a dime line in baseball. Bettors love the dime line because they fork over less cash and win more. Who wouldn’t want to do this. Find a fantastic bookie that offers not only a dime line but one that offers customer service on the highest level and that caters to American players. You want the ability to talk to your bookie whenever you need to talk to them.

Plays is smart this year and have fun betting on sports. Baseball can make you a lot of money so be sure to find a great handicapper that can help you, good luck.  

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