The 2018 football season is in the thick of things and as bettors, we must be creative. We have to think long term, bottom line and bankroll. In order to keep the money rolling in and to keep the bankroll flowing, we must keep betting, but we must be hitting 52-55% of our bets. The question is, are we hitting this number? The reason we set the standard at 52-55% is for the simple fact that we must hit at least 52% of all our bets just to beat the juice. 50 % is not a doable number, we must be calling it at around 52%. If we are fortunate enough to be hitting 55% or higher, that’s an outstanding number and we are seeing a return on our investment. It may be a modest return, but it’s a return, and that sure beats losing!

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There are a million and one ways to bet on football and you should do yourself a huge favor and know them. Absolutely know how to bet on this sport. The number one killer, is lack of knowledge. Never go into any sporting event not knowing how to bet that sport and worse yet, not knowing the teams that you are betting on and against. You must have even more, than a working knowledge and if you don’t, then you should probably consider a different hobby! This is real money we are talking about, it’s your money, your hard earned money. Your number one objective is to beat the sportsbook. You probably have a handful of online bookies; your gambling objective is for them to be paying you every week. Are they?

There is a rule of thumb in gambling any sport and that is-never under any circumstance, lay the ½ point. The worst thing in the world, is to get hooked on a game. In case you are unfamiliar with the term “hooked”, hooked means that you like the favorite or the underdog and you lay or take the points that end in ½.


Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins—

Dallas +1 ½ -110

Washington – 1 ½ -110            O 41 ½ -110

                                                    U 41 ½ -110

You see the cowboys are being given one and a half points, they can lose the game by 1 point and you have won the bet. The way to win with the Cowboys is for them to lose by one or win outright, in this case, you do not need to buy the half point— (if you like the Cowboys in this game). If you like the Redskins in this game and you decide to bet them, then you must lay the points, you must cover the oddsmakers point spread. The point spread here is not 1 point… it’s 2 points. -1 ½ means that you must win the game by at least 2 points or you have lost the bet.

   ….. (you can buy the half point on any game and buying it on the Cowboys is not a bad thing) depends on who you like in this game.

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If Vegas is right, and this game is this close, then buying a half point on the Redskins is a great idea. If you buy the half point, this moves the line from Redskins -1 ½ to -1. This means the Redskins must win the game by at least 1 point for you to at least get your money back. You would push on the -1 and get a refund.

When betting totals…. NEVER lay the half point. Do not do it. You must by the half point. The good news in all of this, buying points can really save your bacon. The oddsmakers are very good at what they do and in this example. It will be no surprise to see this game go right to the wire and be a 1 point game. Probably something like 21-19.

The down side to buying half points; it cost you money, but not too much. To buy the half point, it will cost you .10 cents. Instead of the juice being -.110, it is now -.120. The nice thing, you can buy as many as three point. You can totally put the home field advantage back ion your betting plan.

Buying points is not always necessary but it can sure be a bet saver. It’s a lot better to push and get your money back then to lose altogether. Check with your favorite online bookie and find out if they offer buying points and how much they charge. Remember; never lay the half point on totals. Good luck.