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What do you know about the gaming industry in general? What do you know about the online gaming industry? You are a bookie because you love the excitement this job brings and if you are like most, you hate saying “yes” to some idiot that you used to call a boss! There are endless possibilities out there with the pay per head industry. What they have done is come along and given local bookie like you a chance to compete with the largest online sportsbooks. They offer an all-inclusive gaming website that will be custom-built for free, they do all of the everyday task that you hate, and they will help you see a six-figure income. The football season is here, make the most of it and start empowering your business having fun. 

  • Bookies are looking for security, number one-they don’t want hacked or their clients being hacked, and they want 100% up-time. There is nothing worse for a bookie then to realize their site is down ten minutes before the Super Bowl! Bookies want it all, they want it all and they want it for a fair price. For this reason, bookies are choosing to do business with pay per head providers. Not only is it cost effective—the pay per head does all the work!
  • Finding a PPH is easy, they are literally everywhere and what you must do is sort out the good from the bad. All one needs to do is conduct an organic Google search such as “fantastic pay per head” and several pages of indexed providers will appear. Some of them are indeed fantastic, some of them are not so great. 
  • Many of the PPH providers will do their best to entice you with a rock-bottom offer such as $5 per head. REMEMBER: In this business you get what you pay for.
  • The best PPH providers have been in the industry for ten years or better and they know what bookies want, they also know what bookies can afford and that’s around $10-$15 per head.?
  • The best pay per head providers on the web are charging a fair price and they have a reputation for top-notch honesty. The way pricing in general works is on this scale:
  • You the bookie pay when your player plays, and you pay one time per fiscal week. Example: You have 30 players, 17 of them have not played with you in the last two weeks. You pay nothing for those 17 players. The moment any/all of them decide to make at least one wager, that is when their fiscal week starts. A fiscal week is 7 days consecutive and the first day of the fiscal week is when your player places his first wager. 
  • You are only billed one time in the fiscal week for that player. The player may place as many wagers as they like, it matters not how many wagers they make in the week; you are charged the $10-$15. 
  • The reason we say $10-$15—Pricing is based on the level of service you elect. Example: you want your players to have the option of phone betting (calling in their bets). The bets PPH providers will provide this service. 
  • A pay per head offers the bookie everything they need to run a successful online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. If you are a bookie looking to empowering your business and grow, then you must operate a casino. The casino is your cash cow, it’s your money-maker. The PPH offers not only a great casino experience, they also offer 24/7 live support along with a toll-free hotline that your clients may call from the USA. 

For a very low cost you can be online in a day or two. There is simply no reason to not be earning what you are worth as a bookmaker. Your clients want to gamble 24/7 with you but they can’t because you are not online, there isn’t a better time than football season to jump in the fray with an amazing PPH. The best providers are now offering a 30-day free trial. There is no money down and no deposit, ever. Your clients want to do business with you, keep them in the fold by offering what they have been asking you for. Call the PPH. 

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