Bookies and PPH

Some bookie operators hire a price-per-head sportsbook to venture into offshore bookmaking. They pay a particular fee for each active gambler every week. Bookies get the following seven benefits when they contract a pay-per-head (PPH) company.


Pay per head agents offer operators total control of each gambling activity on their sites, including offering games and setting maximum payouts. You can add, change or remove any betting feature by calling the agent.

You will be a betting agent once you subscribe to a particular pay-per-head service. The provider will help you control your sportsbook’s exposure by setting maximum bets for different games, moneylines, totals, and sides.

Sharp Lines

Failure to promptly adjust lines once a market change can cause a huge loss. PPH companies have sharp lines that change immediately in any sporting event. reviews the best 15 PPH bookies globally with the best lines. It is a big line provider in North America.

Some providers employ skilled lines staff that manage their lines throughout the year. One point can cause a huge difference to a bookie. This makes pay-per-head firms have a high hold percentage of about 14 percent per week on average.


Many PPH sites hire skilled personnel with decades of experience in sports betting. Some of their managers are former bookie operators, and they understand different bettors’ and sportsbooks’ needs.

Their experience allows bookie operators to focus on creating new gambling products and attracting more bettors. Besides, it ensures that your business offers the best gambling lines, thus giving you an edge over your competitors.

Digital Storage

Hacking is among the leading challenges that many online investors face. Most pay-per-head firms prioritize their clients’ security.

Their websites have privatized settings and secure logins like private emails in which you can score valuable data like bets and current scores. The data storage and retrieval process are fast and useful in electronic accounting. It eliminates the need to build a file cabinet on your premises and prevents third parties from accessing bookmakers’ data.

Live Gambling

Many professional and regular bettors like placing live bets. Some of them stream games they wagered on to look for more gambling opportunities, while others occasionally check the games’ updates as they perform other tasks at home or their workplaces.

Live bets are dynamic as they change when a new development like harsh weather or a key player sustaining a severe injury occurs in a match. Thus, aspiring and experienced bookmakers need to offer live betting.


PPH companies offer bookies, demos, and tutorials to understand how their software works. Still, you can get a software trial of up to a month without paying any fee.

The demos have different features and tools that you can try to improve your bookie’s services. Besides, the pay-per-head can set up an elegant website for you for free once you subscribe to any of their services.


Running a bookmaker alone is hectic and time-consuming at times, especially when you have just launched it. You might end up neglecting some roles at home. But, you will have more free time when you contract a reputable pay-per-head agent, as they will perform most operations in your bookie.

Pay per head providers charge bookie operators different rates. The most affordable services cost $3 per player, while you can pay up to $15 per bettor for a premium PPH service. It is important to check the provider’s reviews before you subscribe to their service.