Do Things Right with the Help of This PPH Software

It’s great you’re spending some time researching the topic prior to jumping in feet first. In order to successfully launch a sportsbook you need the help of a pay-per-head (PPH) service.

There are dozens of PPH services online to choose from and that task can be daunting if you don’t know what to look for. While most services promise you the world, in reality that’s not the case.

Best PPH Software for New Bookies

There are multiple PPH shops that run a tight ship and provide a great experience. However, the top option is A1 PPH for new bookies and I’ll explain why that’s the case.

    • Pricing: A1 PPH isn’t the cheapest service at $7/head, but it’s close. More importantly, there are no restrictions at A1 PPH or any hidden fees to worry about. The price will also start to decrease once you have 30+ players actively betting in your sportsbook.

    • In-House Staff: Despite the low cost. A1 PPH has a fully-staffed team including tech support, clerks (accept/grade bets / player support) and odds managers. A lot of the services don’t have in-house staff and typically should be avoided, as you’re going to need assistance.

    • Reliability: Operating for 10+ years already, A1 PPH has more experience than competitors and therefore are more prepared to help you grow your sportsbook. The software and servers are also reliable at A1PPH and there are built-in redundancy features.

The reason I recommend A1 PPH for new bookies is because they offer a complete solution.

Not only does the service offer you the software, reporting features and a huge wagering menu like other PPH shops, but this service has a huge team working 24/7 to help your business grow.

As a new bookie it isn’t going to be much help to sign-up to a PPH service where you’re required to do everything on your own, as you’re not going to know how to do anything initially. This is why it’s imperative to join a PPH shop that’s going to assist you every step of the way.

From setting up your own custom website to setting/moving betting lines, A1 PPH is with you every step of the way. They handle so many tasks that would otherwise have to be outsourced at a cost.

You can become the next sportsbook success story with A1PPH. Account set-up is instant and there is even a free trial that lasts four weeks. You won’t need to pay anything for the first four weeks.

Not only will you be able to test out the sportsbook software and learn how to use every feature, but you’ll be able to start signing up players and making money immediately. 

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