Where is it best to have a sportsbook

There is a massive list of great places to hang your hat as a sports bookie and we want to share a few of the best ones and maybe even a few of the not so great places to give this bookie job a go. The online sportsbooks are doing fantastic business, to the tune of $billions annually. We know money is being spent, but where exactly are the best and worst places if you happen to be a bookie?

  • Forget  about what they do in Vegas. Vegas is another venue entirely and  it’s extremely difficult to compare the online world to that of a place where anyone can duck in for an hour off the strip and spend thousands of dollars gambling. It’s that simple in Las Vegas and to boot, the players get paid the moment the event is over – cash in hand. The online sportsbook used to have to compete with Vegas. Not the rule anymore and in fact, this would be the exception. Every sports gambler wants an online sportsbook. They are gamblers and they demand to have what they want 24/7/ The Pay per head companies have come along and provided this opportunity. 

Where are bettors playing?

  • Las Vegas! That’s right, we said forget about Vegas but that would be a mistake in this context. In the comparison world, yes, forget about Vegas but when it comes to where people are gambling on sports every day – Las Vegas is king. Vegas is still the capital of the gambling world and it always will be. Gamblers show up there every day in hopes of striking it rich. Some do get rich; however, those folks are few and far between. What Vegas players are looking for is competition without having to hunt all over town for it. They want a bookie in their back pocket and for this reason, the pay per heads are doing great in this town. Las Vegas is a great place to find players for your online sportsbook. The base is ready-made, and they know what they want. All you need to do is offer it to them. 
  • Any big city in California: Californians love to gamble, and they love to gamble on everything. They love the casinos, they love the racebook, and they love the sportsbooks. The Bay are gamblers who make their way every weekend to Reno. Reno is the third-largest city in Nevada and the gambling options are limitless. The only problem with Reno is the drive. Folks get tired of the drive and would rather stay home and gamble. You might be thinking there are umpteen thousands of bookies in California that is correct. There are literally thousands of them, there are also 40 million people that live in California!  You will never run out of clients. You can be in Victorville, Merced, Barstow, Reding, LA, Oakland, or in Death Valley. No matter what part of California you may be in, there is always someone that wants to gamble. 
  • New York and the northeast: A bookies paradise is what this part of the country is and will always be. Pay per head got their start here and they continue to do well. The client base is strong, young and they have money.
  • Pennsylvania:  The entire state is filled with gambling opportunity and gamblers that want to gamble. Pennsylvania, Ohio, and upstate New York are great places to operate an online bookie.
  • Florida, the entire state: Florida is extremely diverse and no matter what big city you visit, you will find folks that want to gamble on their teams. There are too many teams to mention. This state is a haven for online sports gambling and the bookies are not there. Jump on Florida, it’s a great place to make a killing. 
  • Texas, the entire state. Texans are like Floridians, they love to support their sports teams and they love to bet them. No matter what part of Texas, you will find clients.
  • Chicago: If you are a bookie and operating a pay per head, you will do a big business in Chicago. You must know where to be and how to market yourself. Atlanta is another great place but much the same as Chicago. You must be in the right places and know people to start or this business will be difficult.

Gambling is hot everywhere right now and possibly a few places where it may not be the hottest would be Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maine, maybe Kansas. Find a fantastic PPH provider and get moving. You can earn a six-figure income if you find the right outlet. Call the pay per head today and ask for a free trial.

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