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Michael is coming off his 4th WINNING Day in a row and has now made his $100 per unit players OVER $1,500! Today Michael continues to SMASH the BOOKS with his Sunday All Sport Card! Sign up NOW and WIN BIG!
Michael Alexander is the Founder and Head Handicapper of Alexander Sports. Mr. Alexander has been handicapping sports (NFL Football Picks, College Football Picks, NBA Basketball Picks, College Basketball Picks, NHL Hockey Picks, and MLB Baseball Picks) for over 20 years and holds numerous top 10 handicapping rankings and is the 2004 Overall Champion as documented at Procappers! His approach to this craft is truly unique in the industry. With a background in statistics and prior experience in finance, Michael combines in depth statistical analysis with a financial risk/reward formula. It is this method that allows Mr. Alexander to properly weigh the risk of investment vs. the possible reward of investment for each game he analyzes.

•  NCAAF 241-199-7 (55% for +$2778) Last 447 - All Picks
•  NCAAF 450-417-21 (52% for +$812) Last 888 - Premium Picks

Saturday, July 12, 2014
St Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers (MLB) - 4:10 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Money Line: -129     St Louis Cardinals     Pick Title: Play on St. Louis Win
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Los Angeles Angels vs. Texas Rangers (MLB) - 7:15 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Money Line: -161     Los Angeles Angels     Pick Title: MLB Play of the Day Win
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Arizona Diamondbacks vs. San Francisco Giants (MLB) - 4:05 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Money Line: -119     San Francisco Giants     Pick Title: Play on San Francisco Loss
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Los Angeles Angels vs. Texas Rangers (MLB) - 7:15 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Total: 9.5/100     Over     Pick Title: Play on Over Loss
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Oakland Athletics vs. Seattle Mariners (MLB) - 10:10 PM EDT Free Play
Pick: Money Line: 105     Oakland Athletics     Pick Title: MLB Free Pick - Oakland at Seattle Loss
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Washington Nationals vs. Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) - 7:15 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Money Line: -125     Washington Nationals     Pick Title: Play on Washington Win
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•  All Leagues 14-10 (59% for +$95)
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•  All Leagues 56-41-1 (58% for +$207)
•  MLB 2014 55-41-1 (58% for +$107)
•  NHL 2013 1-0 (100% for +$100)
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Micheal releases all of his selections by 5 PM Eastern Time each weekday and noon Eastern Time on Holidays and weekends.
Michael Alexander Rating System
Michael's releases his plays based on the following unit values:

1 Unit - Opinion Play

2 Unit - Daily Normal Play

3 Unit - Play of the Day

4 Unit - Game of the Week/Game of the Month

5 Unit - Game of the Month/Game of the Year

Michael Alexander Money Management
It is a fact that most people lose money when betting on sports. The biggest reason is that the betting public does not have the discipline to stick to a betting plan through both hot and cold streaks. Michael is able to combat that with his Money Management game plan. Each of his selections are rated based on statistical analysis, an asset allocation strategy, and current hot/cold streak. This allows Michael's clients to take advantage of his hot streaks and pile on the cash and minimize the risks when he hits the inevitable cold streak.

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