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Joe Gavazzi Oct 8, 2015  
If you have been following along since early August, I have written numerous articles regarding the importance of the running game, as a statistical indicator, to isolate ATS success. The 2 major areas that we focused on were the disparity in the opponents’ rushing yardage in a specific game, as well as the number of rushing attempts. In addition, we reviewed numbers regarding TO margin and the ...  read more
Turnovers Can Turn the Tide (SU and ATS)
Jim Feist Oct 5, 2015  
A few weeks ago a key early NFC East matchup took place on national TV between the Redskins and Giants, two teams with something to prove off poor campaigns. In the end, Washington had the edge in total yards 393-363, in rushing yards and held the Giants to just 4-of-12 on third down. A close game? A Redskins' win? Actually, the Giants led 18-6 after three and 32-14 late on the way to an ea ...  read more
"12 Ways to Beat Your Bookie" - Part III
Tony Stoffo Oct 5, 2015  

Take 3 Simple Steps to Betting Success

As I noted in the Introduction, gamblers making straight bets must hit 53% winners just to make a profit. This in and of itself is hard enough for the average bettor -- but the task is made even more difficult when you vary your bet amounts on whims and hunches. ...  read more
Tony George : Value Teaser on Monday Night Football
Tony George Oct 5, 2015  
By Tony George Sometimes in gambling sports, it is what you DON'T Do that counts. Monday Night Football tonight offers little value in my opinion on the Las Vegas Line offered. Off a 9-0 Sweep the last 2 Sundays with Premium and teaser Plays and cashing both my free plays in the NFL over the past 2 weekends as well, I am in sync in the NFL. My 2 team 6 Point Teaser plays are 6-1 in the NF ...  read more
Enough Already With This
Stephen Nover Oct 4, 2015  
I can't take it anymore. These Draft Kings and Fan Duels commercials are like locusts descending. They go on and on. Stop! Enough is enough. It's to the point where I'm turning the channel the second they come on, which seems to be during every break. And this is coming from someone who has played and loved fantasy football for 30 years. But these commercials are a real plague on the s ...  read more
10 Rules to follow when betting on Pro Football
Tony Stoffo Oct 2, 2015  
My favorite time of the year.

There's no time like pro football season at a sports book. Because each team plays only 16 regular-season contests, every game is an event. You can feel the buildup during the week, culminating on Sunday, when there are usually 15 games on tap, oftentimes as many as 11 "early games" kicking off at once, at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
...  read more
"12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie" PART II
Tony Stoffo Oct 1, 2015  

Introduction [pg. 5]
Chapter 1. Re-Learning How to Bet [pg. 8]
Chapter 2. Setting and Building Your Bankroll [pg. 14]
Chapter 3. Program #1: The 2-6 Straight Bet System [pg. 23]
Chapter 4. Program #2: The 2-3 Straight Bet System [pg. 37]
Chapter 5. Program #3: The 4-Level Accumulation System [pg. 5 ...  read more
Sports Emotional Rescue: Fear of Loss
Cajun Sports Oct 1, 2015  
I recently read an article from a Financial Research Company that recommended dollar cost averaging when contributing to your retirement plan and I started to wonder if some of their findings applied to sports investing. They said investors need to learn to offset their fear of investing loss by contributing a set amount every payday, this concept is known as dollar cost averaging. In all but a ...  read more
Arizona Cardinals Could Open 8-0
Stephen Nover Oct 1, 2015  
The Arizona Cardinals are unbeaten and leading the NFL in scoring at 42 points a game. Right now, I'd rank Carson Palmer as the No. 3 QB behind only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. I understand there's a certain bogus quality to the Cardinals since they've been fortunate enough to open against the Saints (Brees at less than 100 percent), Bears (Cutler hurt) and 49ers (Kaepernick with an all-time s ...  read more
"12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie" PART I
Tony Stoffo Sep 30, 2015  
Hello, I'm Tony Stoffo.

Over the next several weeks I will publish a few excerpts from my best selling e-book titled....

"12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie"
'Proven Money-Management Programs For the Professional Sports Bettor'

Formally titled
“Money Management for the Year Round Professional Sports Handicapper”

...  read more
The Worst NFL Coach
Stephen Nover Sep 28, 2015  
The first NFL coach to be fired prop is a popular topic. The usual suspects get bantered around - Jay Gruden, Mike Pettine and Lovie Smith. I'm not a fan of any of them. But the worst head coach in the NFL is in Miami: Joe Philbin. The Dolphins have and had more talent than the Redskins, Browns and Buccaneers. Miami ownership always seems to make big off-season splashes with huge free agen ...  read more
NFL Cold Starts and September Surprises
Jim Feist Sep 28, 2015  
by Jim Feist

So…are we all set for the Jets/Bengals AFC championship game in January? Followed by the Falcons/Cardinals NFC title tilt? That would be quite a surprise, wouldn’t it, with Atlanta off a 6-10 season and the Jets off a 4-12 train wreck in 2014. Both seasons got their coaching staffs fired.

However, last season is ancient history. And that's the thing about ...  read more
Monster CFB Weekend Ahead - RANKED VS. RANKED
Tony George Sep 28, 2015  
By Tony George Another head scratching weekend for many in College Football. Wild covers, anything was possible, insane plays, and many teams identity was established either good or bad. Many a Professional Handicapper had a good weekend in College Football, myself included, as things are sorting out and a lot more stats versus guesswork proved to be the difference between a win and loss ...  read more
What has Chip Kelly Done?
Kevin Thomas Sep 24, 2015  
Are the Eagles in trouble? The Jets (2-0) are coming off a Monday night game and are favored by 3. Eagles were embarrassed at home for their opener. Pre-seaon games prove nothing. Getting ride of line men who play smash mouth football is a problem. Just like his college teams speed gets you so far. He also gave away his deep threat in D Jackson and let Maclin walk. Take the Jets on the shor ...  read more
Why You shouldn't Overreact Early in the Season
AC Dinero Sep 23, 2015  
One common error novice bettors make is overreacting to the first couple of games of the season. It’s human nature to only remember that last image, especially when it is a negative one. And if you got burnt by any of those teams, you’ve probably convinced yourself you are never taking them again. Teams are never as good as they looked the week before or as bad. Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and ...  read more
How does Brandon Marshall improve the Jets?
Tony Karpinski Sep 22, 2015  
The New York Jets traded their 5th round pick to grab 9 year veteran, Brandon Marshall off the Chicago Bears' hands. Marshall has had a much talked about and troublesome past of being a player that complained and carried on when it came down to where he was in the pecking order on the teams WRs. Marshall had played with the Broncos, Dolphins, and most recently, the Bears. In all of his stops, ...  read more
Jeff's 2015-16 NHL Eastern Conference Spotlight Team
Jeff Hochman Sep 22, 2015  
Jeff's (JH-Sportsline) NHL Spotlight teams are squads that will make the playoffs (and/or improve by at least 15 points) after missing out the previous year. Jeff is a 5-time NHL Handicapping champion documented by The Sports Monitor of OK. Jeff cashed a record 78.6% in 2013 NHL regular season and 70% in the Postseason. Do yourself a favor and jump on board the EARLY BIRD NHL FULL SEASON PACKAGE a ...  read more
Week 2 NFL thoughts.
Sean Higgs Sep 22, 2015  
Just a couple tid-bits on last Week 2 NFL.

We opened with a wild one in KANSAS CITY as the CHIEFS literally, fumbled the game away to the DENVER BRONCOS. Peyton Manning did exactly what he has done against the AFC West since he arrived, beat them, moving his record to 19-1 SU. Alex Smith has a pair of red-zone INTs, and Jamaal Charles had a pair of costly fumbles. The real shocker was that t ...  read more

A quick peak at Week 3 NFL Lines
Sean Higgs Sep 21, 2015  
Thursday, September 24th, 2015

8:25pm Washington Redskins +4 NY York Giants -4 43.5

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

1:00pm Games Atlanta Falcons -1 Dallas Cowboys +1 44.5

Oakland Raiders +3.5 Cleveland Browns -3.5 42

Cincinnati Bengals+2.5 Baltimore Ravens -2.5 44.5

Jacksonville Jaguars +13.5 New England Patriots -13.5 47

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6.5 Houston ...  read more

A few CFB line for next week
Sean Higgs Sep 21, 2015  
A few early CFB numbers

Cincinnati at Memphis Memphis -7

Boise State at Virginia Boise State -2.5

Stanford at Oregon State Stanford -16

BYU at Michigan Michigan -5

Central Michigan at Michigan State Michigan State -28

Western Michigan at Ohio State Ohio State -28

Maryland at West Virginia West Virginia -16.5

Georgia Tech at Duke Georgia Tech -9.5

Vande ...  read more

Jeff's 2015-16 NHL Western Conference Spotlight Team
Jeff Hochman Sep 21, 2015  
Jeff's (JH-Sportsline) NHL Spotlight teams are squads that will make the playoffs (and/or improve by at least 15 points) after missing out the previous year. Jeff is a 5-time NHL Handicapping champion documented by The Sports Monitor of OK. Jeff cashed a record 78.6% in 2013 NHL regular season and 70% in the Postseason. Do yourself a favor and jump on board the EARLY BIRD NHL FULL SEASON PACKAGE a ...  read more
September Football: Upset City!
Jim Feist Sep 21, 2015  
by Jim Feist

There's a reason they play the games. Teams don't always play the way stats and power rankings suggest they are supposed to. That's often evident early in the pro and college football seasons because some teams are very different from year to year. In Week 1 of the NFL season, the money went on the Vikings Monday night, the young up and coming team under Mike Zimmer th ...  read more
College Football Injuries and Depth Charts
Jim Feist Sep 14, 2015  
by Jim Feist An area of college football handicapping dynamics that's important to understand early in the season is depth. This doesn't refer to how many star players a team has, but whether a team is stocked or thin with above-average players at a lot of positions. Large schools with a long tradition of winning football are usually heavy with depth.

Notre Dame took on a ret ...  read more
Is RGIII running out of time to prove he's a legit NFL QB
Mike Anthony Sep 14, 2015  
I enjoyed the game of Robert Griffin III when he first broke into the league in 2012, I had very high hopes for him, like the majority of fans out there. He passed well, and he ran incredibly well, he was a breath of fresh air, in a stuffy Washington atmosphere, who had the likes of Rex Grossman, Jason Campbell and Patrick Ramsey since 2002. Ideally, for Washington fans he shows at least something ...  read more
One Surprise Team Will Be Heading To the Playoffs in 2015
TJ Masterline Sep 13, 2015  
There is one team that I strongly believe will make a surprise visit to the playoffs this year. While they are returning thirteen starters, I really love their QB Justin Thomas Jr. He was 2nd team ACC. I also believe Paul Johnson is the most underrated coach in the FBS. Of course, I’m talking about Georgia Tech. While their schedule is not an easy one, drawing both Clemson and Florida St. in the ...  read more
Sean's NFL Division Winners
Sean Higgs Sep 10, 2015  
Gave these out last night on my weekly podcast with Tony K. Podcast is Live EVERY Wednesday night at 9pm with guest cappers, free picks and your calls!

Odds from Caesars Entertainment






COLTS -520







...  read more

NFL Preview 2015
Frank Jordan Sep 10, 2015  
Last year had a flurry of a finish in the Super Bowl coming down to the final minute. The 2015 season couldn’t come soon enough as there were so many issues in the offseason headlined by Tom Brady and deflate gate. In the end he got a four game suspension and it was overturned in court. So nothing came of it and now we have on the field games that count and we can focus on the games themselves to ...  read more
2015 NFL Stats: Read Between the Lines
Jim Feist Sep 7, 2015  
by Jim Feist

The best time of the sports calendar is here, the opening month of the pro football campaign! There are mountains of stats and angles available for sports bettors to digest from this season and years past. Information certainly is a huge key when analyzing games and point spreads. Sometimes it can seem that there is too much info, but it's essential to understand that ...  read more
AC's 2015 College Football Disappointments
AC Dinero Sep 7, 2015  
AC’s college football disappointments for 2015 Georgia Tech: The Yellow Jackets are coming off a big year where they surprised many and qualified for a New Year’s 6 bowl. Their quirky style with the triple option is tough for teams to prepare for. 13 (5 8) starters are back, but the Wramblin’ Wreck won’t be sneaking up on teams and will be playing with expectations. Their defense wasn’t great ...  read more
AC's College Football Sleepers
AC Dinero Sep 4, 2015  
AC’s college football sleepers for 2015 North Carolina: The Tar Heels return 17 (10 7) starters to a team that quite frankly has underachieved the past few seasons. They’ve been sort of an enigma, and as a result, head coach Larry Fedora finds himself on the hot seat. Former Auburn head coach Gene Chizek was brought in to fix the defense, which has been the crux of the problem. There is tale ...  read more
Joe Gavazzi Sep 4, 2015  
Criterion for this list includes: · Personnel, including coaching changes made in the offseason. · The results from last season compared to previous years. · The season-ending momentum of the team, good or bad, and how it may impact this year’s team.

With the above as a background, I present a thumbnail sketch of 5 teams, who I believe will ...  read more

Keys to becoming a Winner this Season
Brian Hay Sep 3, 2015  
Money Management This is without question the most important aspect of betting sports and probably the most over looked. The biggest key to proper money management is to be sure not to bet more than you can afford to lose. You must put aside a certain portion of your money for your sports betting bankroll. Winning money on sports is a marathon not a sprint. I recommend betting 3% of your bankrol ...  read more
Thursday Night College Football Weather
Joe Duffy Sep 2, 2015  
College football picks begin in a vengeance Thursday night. Joe Duffy's Picks take a look at situations in which weather could be a factor.

South Carolina-North Carolina

Some chance of thunderstorm, but should subside by game time. Kickoff temperature will be about 90.

Florida International-Central Florida

90 percent chance of rain, which ...  read more
UCLA names Josh Rosen starting quarterback
World Wide Sports Aug 27, 2015  
The UCLA Bruins have made a somewhat surprising choice at quarterback to start the season. True freshman Josh Rosen will open the season vs Virginia as UCLA's starting quarterback. Head coach Jim Mora told ESPN "When you're recruiting the No. 1-ranked quarterback in the country, you kind of hope that he lives up to that billing. We haven't played one single snap of real football yet, but at this p ...  read more
2015 College Football's Top 1-20
Jim Feist Aug 24, 2015  
by Jim Feist

The countdown continues! Last week we looked at my Top 21-40, this week is my Top 20. The CFB season kicks off September 3rd, so here's a peak at college football's best.

20. Indiana: A Big 10 surprise team? The Hoosiers are off a losing campaign but return 7 starters on both sides of the ball. The offense is an attacking, no-huddle unit under Kevin Wilson, rip ...  read more
NFL Six Point Teaser
Brian Hay Aug 24, 2015  
In layman terms, a teaser is a parlay bet that uses modified point spreads. In football, the most common modification is six points. So let’s say this week there are two bets you like: Jets -7.5, Raiders +1.5. Rather than betting these straight or in a parlay, you could make a two team six point teaser bet of Jets -1.5, Raiders +7.5. To win the bet, you’ll need both teams to cover. Teaser odds var ...  read more
Baseball Has Been Quite, Incredibly Great to Me by Tony Stoffo
Tony Stoffo Aug 20, 2015  

Several Sportsbooks would rather close their doorways for the duration of the baseball period. It is not just that business slows following the football and basketball seasons stop -- because it does, substantially -- it's that the sensible gamblers hit the bookmakers up for a good deal of income. So how come you're not betting on baseball every single day? (An ...  read more
Betting Against the Public (Contrarian Betting)
Tony Stoffo Aug 20, 2015  
Betting Against the Public (Contrarian Betting) is one of the most popular and simplest “how to win” betting strategies using our unique betting trends data. The logic is simple; bet against the public. Whichever team the public is loading up on, go the other way. Sports Insights pioneered the use of public betting trends (betting percentages) analysis to unlock value in the sports betting marketp ...  read more
Sharp Money is Always the Right Way to Follow With Your Sports Betting Strategies
Tony Stoffo Aug 20, 2015  
As all my long term clients know I’m the former race and sports book manager of the old Desert Inn Casino, and I live out here in Las Vegas – So I’m constantly around all the wise guys that make a living wagering on sporting events on a year round basis. Thus I have inside information on where all the sharp money is discreetly coming in on a game. These sharps know things about a game that the pub ...  read more
2015 College Football's Top 21-40
Jim Feist Aug 19, 2015  
by Jim Feist

It's time to kick off a new football season! College football begins September 3rd, so here's a look at the top teams, starting with my top 21-40.

40. Miami: The Canes haven’t been covering numbers (6-15 ATS run) but Al Golden’s team returns dazzling sophomore QB Brad Kaaya (3,198 yards, 26 TDs, 12 INTs). They averaged 29.3 points and 250 yards passing. The ...  read more
World Wide Sports' Pac-12 College Football Preview
World Wide Sports Aug 19, 2015  
The college football season is quickly approaching and I would like to share a few thoughts on the Pac-12. I expect Oregon and Stanford to lead the North division. The Oregon Ducks will be without Marcus Mariota who is in his rookie season with the Tennessee Titans. The Ducks even without Mariota are still as talented as any team from the conference top to bottom. The QB position will be key ...  read more
Money Management 101
World Wide Sports Aug 19, 2015  
Before the Class Syllabus is handed out lets go over a few things. Everything you are about to read you have read a thousand times. By the end of the course you will be able to answer each and every question on the final correctly. Here they are- --REMEMBER-- 1- Sports Betting is a marathon and not a sprint. 2- Champagne taste with a beer pocketbook! 3- Always start with and maintai ...  read more
Sports Emotional Rescue: Fear of Loss
Tony Acosta Aug 18, 2015  
I recently read an article from a Financial Research Company that recommended dollar cost averaging when contributing to your retirement plan and I started to wonder if some of their findings applied to sports investing. They said investors need to learn to offset their fear of investing loss by contributing a set amount every payday, this concept is known as dollar cost averaging. In all but ...  read more
Money Management 101
RJ Robbins Aug 18, 2015  
Before the Class Syllabus is handed out lets go over a few things. Everything you are about to read you have read a thousand times. By the end of the course you will be able to answer each and every question on the final correctly. Here they are-


1- Sports Betting is a marathon and not a sprint.

2- Champagne taste with a beer pocketbook!

3- Always s ...  read more

Sports Betting Preview of SEC East
Joe Duffy Aug 18, 2015  
Major sportsbooks have not released divisional odds yet, but the odds to win the Southeastern Conference football title 2015 are posted.

The SEC West preview is forthcoming, but here are the odds and some bullet points for the SEC East:

Though the top two contenders are from the West: the state of Alabama in fact, Georgia is given the best chance from the inferior div ...  read more
Pro Bettors News and Notes Week 1 NCAA Football
Joe Duffy Aug 18, 2015  
Here is the college football betting notepad for week 1 from Joe Duffy's Picks, long-time handicapper featured on VegasTopDogs.com

Thursday, September 3


Ohio has lost starting TE Troy Mangen for the season. He was sixth on the team in catches in 2015, snagging 19. He started 14 games the last two years, 10 last season.

Friday, Se ...  read more
Philosophies on NFL Preseason Wagering
TJ Masterline Aug 17, 2015  
As of this morning, all 32 teams have now played at least one game in the preseason. Many of the trends that I’ve seen in years past will also be prevalent this year. I’ve often heard that no one bets on preseason games. I think all of you reading this do, and most of my degenerate friends do, so that myth can be laid to rest. One philosophy that I’ve found true though is that I believe that these ...  read more
Joe Gavazzi Aug 13, 2015  
By Joe Gavazzi

If you are reading this article about NFL turnovers, you will be shocked at the conclusion that the fate of your hard-earned money is definitively linked to the turnover margin in any NFL game. The numbers I am about to quote you below have held true for decades. They confirm the fact that a team’s net TO margin is directly linked with the pointspread outcome of the ...  read more

2015 College Football TOP 10 OVERRATED TEAMS
Joe Gavazzi Aug 13, 2015  
By this time in the year seemingly every website and every CFB handicapper has formulated a list of this year’s overrated CFB teams. Unfortunately, this is a highly subjective list, filled with personal opinions with firm lines yet to be set on the opening week of play and August training camp still to occur. Much can happen between now and when the ball goes in the air in early September. ...  read more
Your Pre-Season QB depth charts
Sean Higgs Aug 12, 2015  
Betting NFLX? You need to know who is behind center.

ARIZONA — Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, Logan Thomas, Phillip Sims

ATLANTA — Matt Ryan, T.J. Yates, Sean Renfree

BALTIMORE — Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub, Bryn Renner

BUFFALO — Matt Cassel, EJ Manuel, Tyrod Taylor, Matt Simms

CAROLINA — Cam Newton, Derek Anderson, Joe Webb

CHICAGO — Jay Cutler, Jimmy Clausen, ...  read more

NFL Season Win Totals – Best Bets
Tony George Aug 12, 2015  
While I have speculated on my national radio show on Yahoo Sports Radio about numerous opportunities on the futures market on Over or Under posted Season Win Totals against the CG Technology Las Vegas Line in the NFL, it is time to buckle down and post my Top 4 Best Bets including my Top Rated 2 Unit Selection for the 2015 NFL Season and make it official. Last Year I went 4-1 with those fut ...  read more
How Important is it to Start with a Handicapper Early in the Season
AC Dinero Aug 11, 2015  
A question I seem to get quite often is how important is it to sign up with a professional handicapper early in the season. I believe the answer lies in the question in itself. After all, it is a challenge to process all of the information available and determine what is relevant and what is not. A large portion of the betting public will usually go on-their-own during the first month of the ...  read more
NFL Preseason Pointers and Changes
Jim Feist Aug 11, 2015  
by Jim Feist The pro football preseason kicked off this past weekend in the Hall of Fame game as the Vikings battled the Steelers. Remember that each season is different, with players changing teams, new coaches and assistants coming aboard, and star college players joining the pros as highly touted rookies. August football offers fans their first peak at all the new additions.
...  read more
NFL Pre-Season trends
Sean Higgs Aug 10, 2015  
Just a few teams you might want to keep an eye the next few week in NFL football action.

Week 1 of NFLX

Ravens 7-1 ATS last 8

Jets 0-6 ATS last 6

Eagles 1-9 ATS last 10

Week 2 of NFLX

Dolphins 8-1 ATS last 9

Chiefs 0-12 ATS last 12

Week 3 of NFLX

Rams 7-0 ATS last 7

49ers 7-1 ATS last 7

Saints 7-1 ATS last 7

Broncos 1-8 ATS last 9< ...  read more

Dallas Cowboys Return to Mediocracy in 2015
Brian Hay Aug 10, 2015  
The Dallas Cowboys spent the last two decades as a average football team. In 2014 the Cowboys emerged as a Super Bowl contender. The Cowboys won a playoff game for only the third time since their last Super Bowl title following the 1995 season, their first postseason appearance since 2009. I believe last season was accomplished with smoke and mirrors.
Dallas has one thing going for them in ...  read more
Tony George’s College Football Season Win Totals Best Bets
Tony George Aug 10, 2015  
By Tony George The 2015 College Football Season is set to start late August and I have spent the vast majority of the summer, taking MLB off this year to concentrate on this upcoming football season, and especially the season win totals, and while many concentrate on the big boys and or sexy picks with big named teams, I tend to look at “also rans” and then study local sportswriters takes, spr ...  read more
Your NFL Preseason Primer – Tread Lightly
Tony George Aug 9, 2015  
By Tony George Yes, a sports handicapper who says to take it easy and not trying to jam picks down your throat in the NFL Preseason is rare, but I am also a realist and like to keep the bankroll intact headed into the regular season of the NFL and College Football. I am going to stress a couple of things about the Preseason when it comes to looking at the Las Vegas Line and the NFL in the Pre ...  read more
2015 Indianapolis Colts Season Preview
Ray Monohan Aug 4, 2015  
The Indianapolis Colts have a lot to look forward to heading into the 2015-2016 season. They will enter as one of the favorites again and why not? The Colts go much better on offense and a couple of subtle moves on the defense make them a force to be reckoned with. You have to think that they will run away with the AFC South and they should be in the biggest games at the end of the season. ...  read more
Betting the NFL Preseason in 2015 ---by Jeff Hochman of JH-Sportsline
Jeff Hochman Jul 30, 2015  
The Hall of Fame Game is the first NFL preseason game of the year, which closes the annual Hall of Fame enshrinement festivities. On August 9th, 2015, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings will get the ball rolling.

You will hear people say "Don't bet on NFL Preseason Football". Big Mistake! It's actually easier than capping the regular season. In most cases you can read ahead of ti ...  read more

TJ Masterline Jul 25, 2015  
When it comes to the dog days of summer, baseball betting takes center stage. To some, it's just a stop gap between the NBA and NFL seasons...but to others, myself included, it's the most profitable time of the year. Betting on baseball is so much more than an intermission between basketball and football. Just talk to about any professional handicapper and they'll tell you their bankroll is made ...  read more
CFB Futures: Five Teams' Odds to Bet on
Ray Monohan Jul 6, 2015  
I'm a huge fan of the new college football playoffs and I thought it was more exciting than ever last season. In this article - we're going to take a look at the teams with the best shot at lifting the National Championship Trophy at the end of the 2015-16 season

Best Bets to Win the 2015 National Championship

Ohio State Buckeyes (+370 Odds to Win the National Championship) QB play ...  read more

Akron Zips Preview
Mike Anthony Jul 6, 2015  
Akron Zips

2014 Results: 5-7 SU; 3-9 ATS; T-4th MAC East Division

Since playing in its first ever bowl game in 2005, Akron has suffered through nine straight losing seasons. Three consecutive 1-11 seasons from 2009-2011 were tough to swallow but last year arguably trumped those. A win in the season finale against then 1-9 Kent St. would have made the Zips bowl eligible but instead, th ...  read more

MLB BASBEALL - Give Me Some Relief!
Jim Feist Jul 1, 2015  
Starting pitchers in baseball get much of the attention thrown their way. The average starter is asked to go 6-7 innings, while aces are expected to give 7-8 quality innings. Many games are decided in the last three innings, however, making relief pitchers an extremely important, and often overlooked, element. Do you recall how bad the San Francisco Giants were in 2013? The defending cha ...  read more
Baseball: First Half Roundup
Jim Feist Jun 30, 2015  
by Jim Feist 162 games is a long baseball season. Every year teams sprint out of the gate in April and May with October dreams, only to come back to the pack by July. It's not a sprint, of course, but a marathon, where a strong balance of pitching, defense and offense carries the best teams into the postseason. Injuries, too, are key, as well as trades made before the July deadline. Teams h ...  read more
NBA Odds to win 2016 NBA Championship
Tony George Jun 23, 2015  
by Tony George One has to think a healthy Cavs team with Irving and Love back in the fold, perhaps a free agent acquisition or two, and a decent draft pick would create enough depth and talent on the floor to compliment James and put them on the next level. I do agree with oddsmakers that Cleveland should be, and currently are, the odds on favorite to win an NBA Title next season. ...  read more
Baseball Betting - Favorites vs Dogs - Who to bet this season
Tony Acosta Jun 20, 2015  
There are many ways to bet baseball from tracking hot streaks, to pitching matchups, to betting favorites. In this article I'd like to turn your attention to betting underdogs. The table below shows this seasons betting performances in the American League. If you blindly bet underdogs thus far you would be cashing in on 9 of the 15 teams. The most profitable being the Texas Rangers at 31-17 as ...  read more
NBA Finals MVP Offers Potential Value
TJ Masterline Jun 14, 2015  
I believe there is possibly some value in the NBA MVP race currently. Not since 1969 has a player from the losing team won the award. That was, of course, Jerry West for the LA Lakers, who lost to the Boston Celtics that year. That was the first year the award was given out. I believe the value is on LeBron James, currently at +200 below. If the Cavs win the series, which at this point appears muc ...  read more
Bankroll Management
Tony Corleone Jun 12, 2015  
One of the most common questions I get from my clients is "how much should I be betting per game"? The answer is usually different depending on each individual person. Good bankroll management is one of the biggest and most important factors when it comes to sports betting and making profits. However big or small your bankroll is, it should be set aside and kept separate from all others expenses ( ...  read more
NBA Finals: Warriors/Cavs Showdown
Jim Feist Jun 8, 2015  
by Jim Feist The NBA Finals continues this week moving from the West Coast to Cleveland for Games 3 and 4. Game 5 will be played at Golden State, which is just the second time since 1984 that the league has gone back to the 2-2-1-1-1 format for the Finals. Last year it didn’t make a difference, as Miami split the first two at San Antonio, then the Spurs torched the Heat in South Beach, winning ...  read more
The Atlanta Braves Make Over
Bill O'Brien Jun 7, 2015  
The Atlanta Braves are two years from opening a new stadium just outside the Atlanta city limits in beautiful Cobb County. It was obvious with a new GM at the helm, the time was now to cut payroll expense while retooling the farm system getting the Atlanta Braves back to their blue print form of strong pitching with situational hitting. The Atlanta formula of young pitching talent has had proven ...  read more
147th Belmont Stakes
World Wide Sports Jun 6, 2015  


5.....AMERICAN PHAROAH..........ESPINOZA........92....100000...46.2*

7.....KEEN ICE............. ...  read more
The Belmont Winner - Track or Jockey?
Ben Burns Jun 6, 2015  

It has been written many times about the grueling toll, attempting to win the Triple Crown, takes on a horse. But is it really the 3 races in such a short time, capped off by the long distance of the race at the Belmont, or is it the Jokey who ultimately decides who wins?

I would like to argue that much will depend on the split-second decisions made by American Pharoah's jockey, Vict ...  read more

NBA Finals Preview
Frank Jordan Jun 3, 2015  
This is a popular pick when the season and post season began as it is a matchup of number one seed from the West Golden State Warriors and the number two seed in the East Cleveland Cavalier. Each team had their toughest test and biggest competition from their second round series. Cleveland swept through Boston in the opening series and Atlanta in the Conference finals, but in the semifinals the Ca ...  read more
View from Las Vegas: Warriors favorite to win NBA Finals
World Wide Sports Jun 2, 2015  
Game 1 of the NBA Finals is just around the corner as the Golden State Warriors host the Cleveland Cavaliers to get things started. The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has the Warriors listed at 5-12 odds to win it all, while the Cavaliers are listed as 2-1 to win it all. Jeff Sherman the head NBA oddsmaker for the SuperBook explained to ESPN "We take who would be the favorite in each game, by how ma ...  read more
Mississippi State Bulldogs 2015 Season Preview:
Brandon Shively Jun 2, 2015  
The Bulldogs are coming off their best season under HC Dan Mullen and I don't expect them to get near the 10 wins they had last season. Mississippi State only returns 9 starters this season. They only return 2 on the O-Line and 1 on the D-Line. They lose Josh Robinson to the NFL draft and I expect Dak Prescott to struggle as he will not have as much surrounding talent or time in the pocket behind ...  read more
Stoffo's 15*MLB Game of the Month Atlanta Braves vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB) - 9:40 PM EDT
Tony Stoffo Jun 1, 2015  
The Atlanta Braves have split their last 10 games. The Braves offensive production has finally kicked in having scored 17 runs in their last three games. Freddie Freeman leads Atlanta with 55 hits and 26 RBI while Andrelton Simmons and Cameron Maybin have combined for 42 RBI. Atlanta has split their last eight road games. Alex Wood gets the ball, and he’s 3-2 with a 3.50 ERA and 38 strikeouts this ...  read more
NBA Finals Fever!
Jim Feist Jun 1, 2015  
by Jim Feist The last two years a pair of veteran teams met in the NBA Finals, with Miami winning its second straight title in seven games against the Spurs and then San Antonio thrashing the Heat a year ago. But the winds of change have blown, with LeBron bolting Miami for his hometown and the Spurs losing in the first round in seven games to the LA Clippers. Now the Golden State Warriors ...  read more
12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie - Part V
World Wide Sports May 29, 2015  

Don’t Spend It All in One Place (or on One Sunday)

There’s no time like pro football season at a sports book. Because each team plays only 16 regular- season contests, every game is an event. You can feel the buildup during the week, culminating on Sunday, when there are usually 15 games on ta ...  read more
Boston Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers (MLB) - 8:05 PM EDT Thursday, May 28, 2015
Tony Stoffo May 28, 2015  
Boston heads into this contest with a 21-26 record, including 11-14 on the road. Eduardo Rodriguez gets the ball to make his major league debut. Rodriguez was 29-30 with a 3.23 ERA and 462 strikeouts in his career in the minors. The Red Sox are in dire need of a win after losing six of their last eight games and four straight road games. Dustin Pedroia leads Boston with 53 hits and 21 RBI while Mo ...  read more
12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie - Part IV
World Wide Sports May 28, 2015  
Aim For Your Target Numbers

Believe it or not, virtually all bettors are destined to lose before they even lay their bets -- because they make the mistake of spending 90% of their time deciding which teams to bet on and just 10% on how to bet them.
The key to my 12 Money-Management Programs is to drastically alter that ratio. Each of my Programs involv ...  read more
12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie - Part III
World Wide Sports May 27, 2015  

Take 3 Simple Steps to Betting Success

As I noted in the Introduction, gamblers making straight bets must hit 53% winners just to make a profit. This in and of itself is hard enough for the average bettor -- but the task is made even more difficult when you vary your bet amounts on whims and hunches. ...  read more
Michigan Wolverines 2015 Football Preview:
Brandon Shively May 27, 2015  
I expect much bigger and better things from the Wolverines in 2015 under new HC Jim Harbaugh. The Wolverines return 17 starters this season with most of their offensive line intact. The defense looks to be stout as well with what I will project as a Top 10 secondary in the nation. Harbaugh was known for his great special teams when at Stanford and also with the 49ers and I think that he gets the W ...  read more
How To Handle The Houston Astros
Mike Lundin May 26, 2015  

Who would have thought we would find the Houston Astros sitting top of the AL West, with the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners sitting bottom-two in the division coming into the season? While Oakland and Seattle both clearly have been under-performing, I think it's just as obvious that Houston has over-performed.

With the second worst batting average in the major leagues (.233) ...  read more

12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie - Part II
World Wide Sports May 26, 2015  

Introduction [pg. 5]
Chapter 1. Re-Learning How to Bet [pg. 8]
Chapter 2. Setting and Building Your Bankroll [pg. 14]
Chapter 3. Program #1: The 2-6 Straight Bet System [pg. 23]
Chapter 4. Program #2: The 2-3 Straight Bet System [pg. 37]
Chapter 5. Program #3: The 4-Level Accumulation System [pg. 5 ...  read more
There's Money to be made in Playoff Hockey
World Wide Sports May 25, 2015  
During the NHL playoffs, upsets abound, where the lower seeded teams are consistently able to ride their red hot goaltenders to the promise land. Streaks like this have been particularly true over the past few years. Example, 2012 the 8th-seeded Los Angeles Kings defeated the 6th-seeded New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals. The 7th-seeded Philadelphia Flyers reached the Finals before losing ...  read more
Betting Baseball Dogs
TJ Masterline May 25, 2015  
Many square gambers tend to play the favorites more often than they bet on an underdog in baseball. The average baseball gambler sees the team that is supposed to win and looks at the other team as the one who is supposed to lose. Losing is no fun so it’s tough for some players to realize it can be profitable to lose more games than you win as long as your return on each bet is greater than your ...  read more
12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie
World Wide Sports May 25, 2015  
Over the next several days I will publish a few excerpts from Tony Stoffo's e-book titled

"12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie"
'Proven Money-Management Programs For the Professional Sports Bettor'

Formally titled
“Money Management for the Year Round Professional Sports Handicapper”

...  read more
Tennessee Vols 2015 College Football Prediction:
Brandon Shively May 25, 2015  
The Vols ended the 2014 season on a high note and things are looking promising for 2015. One of the Vols concerns last season was their inexperienced offensive line. This season, the whole O-Line returns intact as they now have 64 career starts returning. The O-Line really tightened up the last 6 games of last season only giving up 13 sacks with Dobbs as the quarterback and I'm looking for more pl ...  read more
Tracking the OPS as Starting Pitcher Indicator
Joe Gavazzi May 19, 2015  
Tracking the OPS as Starting Pitcher Indicator By Joe Gavazzi, Winning Sports Advice Monday, May 18, 2015 Last week I authored an article entitled “Using the OPS as Ultimate Arbiter.” In it, I proved that teams who had among the BEST OPS batting AND pitching OPS had among the best records in baseball. The opposite proved to be true that the teams who had the WORST OPS in batting and pitching ...  read more
The 140th Preakness Stakes - Predictions and Plays
World Wide Sports May 16, 2015  
#..HORSE...............ML DODDS......JOCKEY............WT.......TRAINER........FINISHED

4...Danzig Moon...........15-1........J. Leparoux......126.........M. Casse..........6TH
Ran a solid fifth in Derby after he was bounced around like a pin ball in early stages. If speed duel develops, has the late kick to upset at nice odds. Like he did at Churchill, has been working great in a. ...  read more
Kevin Thomas May 12, 2015  
They're already talking about ripping off the public again, MAYWEATHER-PACQUIAO TWO, one year from now. This fight destroyed every boxing sales record ever. Now they are saying Pacquiao is under suspicion for fighting with an injury, shoulder. This sounds like a re-match in the making. Problem is this will be another year away. This first match-up should have taken place five years ago, but ...  read more
Rob Vinciletti NHL Playoffs Game 7 Rangers vs Capitals: History in the Making
Rob Vinciletti May 12, 2015  
In this Piece we will take a look at some of the Powerful All time Statistical indicators in the NHL Playoff Series deciding game 7 between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals at Madison Square Garden. On Wednesday the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals will square off one last time to decide their Quarter Finals Playoff Series. There are plenty of Story lines and statistical Mo ...  read more
Lou Lacerda May 12, 2015  
The punishment to Tom Brady may seem harsh, but he broke the rules and got caught. Tons of NFL superstars cheat and a lot get caught. Steriods and Peds, 1st offense 4 game suspension. Tom didn't take steroids, but he had the balls deflated and no one knows how long this may have been going on. Then he lied about about it.
**The Patriots led the league in non-fumbles.

...  read more
Using the OPS as Ultimate Arbiter for 2015 MLB
Joe Gavazzi May 12, 2015  
Using the OPS as Ultimate Arbiter By Joe Gavazzi, Winning Sports Advice Monday, May 11, 2015

Baseball has often been described as a “game of inches.” That statement is true of all sports to a degree. But in baseball, the statement seems particularly relevant. It is a matter of inches whether a pitched ball is within the strike zone. Ground balls through the infield often evade an outstret ...  read more

How Weather Affects Baseball Totals Betting
TJ Masterline May 9, 2015  
When betting on the total in a major league baseball game one of the biggest misunderstood factors used to handicap whether the game will go over or stay under the total is the weather itself. Everyone has seen the way the wind blowing out at Wrigley Field can turn a normal game into a homerun derby. Many people think the thin air in Coors Field is automatically good for an extra two runs per nigh ...  read more
Baseball Hot and Cold Starts
Jim Feist May 4, 2015  
by Jim Feist More than any other sport, baseball is a game of patience. It's not how you start, but where you finish, and with a 162-game regular season, there is a LOT of baseball left. Did your team get off to a bad start? Well don't panic. There is plenty of time to make adjustments and turn things around. Did your team get off to a hot start? Don't start making World Series reservations jus ...  read more
Chris Paul and the NBA Playoffs
Tony Karpinski May 4, 2015  
Currently, the Clippers PG is playing some of the best ball of his career. CP3 is still one of the 2-3 best pure passers in the NBA, and when he goes into scoring mode, he is awesome, one of the best 3-4 putting the ball in the hoop. And without question, the best on the ball defensive point guards in the league. Proven with his 2.3 steals/game in his career and his deadly outside shooting this se ...  read more
Kentucky Derby Preview
AC Dinero May 4, 2015  
Kentucky Derby This year’s Derby sets up like most of the others. There should be 9 horses looking to be a length or two off the lead. Of course, it is highly unlikely there could be that many bunched together at the half mile post. Hopefully, I’ll identify those that will have trouble getting in front and, in all likelihood, fade at the end. There isn’t a true speed horse in this race, and t ...  read more
Kentucky Derby Predictions and Plays
World Wide Sports May 2, 2015  
PP..Horse..........Jockey............Trainer........Morning Line Odds

5 Danzig Moon - Julien Leparoux - Mark Casse - 30/1 -5TH

10 Firing Line - Gary Stevens - Simon Callaghan - 12/1 - PLACED

18 American Pharoah - Victor Espinoza - Bob Baffert - 5/2 - WON

8 Dortmund - Martin Garcia - Bob Baffert - 3/1 - SHOWED

15 Frosted - Joel Rosario - Kiaran ...  read more
2015 Kentucky Derby Preview and Pick
Tony Karpinski Apr 28, 2015  
The famous race for the roses on Saturday is one of the most favored traditions in American sports. The Kentucky Derby, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, is a huge game changer for 3 year olds racing on a 1.25 mile dirt track. It has been held proudly since 1875, and is the first leg of the Triple Crown, followed up by the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. It looks like Bob Baffert is the man t ...  read more
Defense and Totals in the NBA Playoffs
Jim Feist Apr 26, 2015  
by Jim Feist The NBA playoffs are rolling along, which is a good time to revisit an old sports adage: Defense wins championships. Last June in the NBA Finals San Antonio held Miami under 100 points in all five games, including 86 and 87 points in the final two contests. Miami scored 18 points in the first quarter of Game 4, then 11 and 18 in the middle quarters of the finale. Look at some ...  read more
Friday April 24th NBA Playoff Pick
Mike Anthony Apr 23, 2015  
Toronto suddenly has forgot how to rebound the ball as they dropped their first 2 home games in the playoffs. They have played sloppy ball so far. Louis Williams is a better player than how he has been playing, and has to get himself back to his game. Washington behind Bradley Beal and John Wall, with his ability to get other players involved, has been hard to stop. Keeping them moving the ball ...  read more
Tony Karpinski Apr 21, 2015  
As the excitement builds for this years NFL draft, we all watch our teams and await to see who will be donning the team colors of our teams. The draft is held in the legendary city of Chicago, this year, the countdown is on. We are going to take a good look at the VTD predictions for this years 2015 NFL draft as to who your team will, or should, be taking.

1 Tampa Bay - Jameis Winston, QB, F ...  read more

NBA Playoffs: The Best of the West
Jim Feist Apr 20, 2015  
by Jim Feist Start your engines! The NBA playoffs have started, time for endless full court action every night as the league crowns another champion. Let's take a look at the best of the West, the conference that has won 11 of the last 16 NBA titles.

Warriors: The team no one wants to play! Golden State’s front office took some heat the last few years for trading for Andruw Bogut (“w ...  read more

Lower Seeds can be Gold in NHL Playoffs
Mike Lundin Apr 18, 2015  
The NHL playoffs are the hardest sport in the handicapping business to handicap. There are two seasons in NHL every year. The regular season and the uptick run for the Stanley Cup. And yes, upsets are abound where the lower seeded teams are consistently able to ride their red hot goaltenders to the promise land and reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Streaks like this had been pa ...  read more
NBA Playoffs: 1st Round Series Predictions
Baltimore South Crew Apr 17, 2015  

With the NBA playoffs set to start tomorrow, let's take a look at who the Crew thinks will win each series...


Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets - If the Nets can guard the three point line effectively and dominate on the glass, they have a shot at an upset...but they won't. The Hawks will advance. Atlanta Hawks win the series 4-2.

...  read more
Are you a Square or a Star
AC Dinero Apr 15, 2015  
In my article on why 95% of bettors lose, I referenced “Squares” vs “Stars”. These are terms that Vegas will use to identify a certain type of bettor. As you may have guessed, they don’t think much of squares and respect stars. The first part of this article will list the characteristics of a square, and the second part, a star. If you find you identify with the squares, pay very close attenti ...  read more
NBA Stretch Run: The Best of the East
Jim Feist Apr 15, 2015  
It's been a long haul, this NBA regular season, but the playoffs are just around the corner. So who wins the NBA title? We all know the favorites don't waltz to the NBA Finals. Last year San Antonio had to go 7 games with Dallas in the first round, then six with Oklahoma City. Two years ago Miami needed to go seven games with up-and-coming Indiana to get there, then had to pull off a mirac ...  read more
Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians
World Wide Sports Apr 10, 2015  
The Indians opened the season by taking two of three in Houston, coming within two outs of a combined no-hitter in Thursday's 5-1 win. McAllister (4-7, 5.23 ERA) gets the start for Cleveland. The Tigers haven't needed much help from the bullpen so far. David Price went 8 2-3 innings in an opening-day shutout of Minnesota, Anibal Sanchez went 6 2-3 in an 11-0 victory Wednesday and Shane Greene allo ...  read more
Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks
Mike Anthony Apr 10, 2015  
Dallas behind Rajon Rondo, continues on with very good ball control. They light up the scoreboards with their high scoring offense. Center, Tyson Chandler and his body banging will be important in this game. Denver has definately struggled on the rebounding game. Their only real threat off the glass has been Kenneth Faried and his 9 bounds has been vital. The consistant lack of other bodies, hurt ...  read more
Free MLB Total in the Tigers versus Indians game
Tony Acosta Apr 10, 2015  
The Tigers haven't needed much help from the bullpen so far. David Price went 8 2-3 innings in an opening-day shutout of Minnesota, Anibal Sanchez went 6 2-3 in an 11-0 victory Wednesday and Shane Greene allowed an unearned run over eight Thursday in a 7-1 win. Detroit hopes Alfredo Simon (15-10, 3.44) can continue their streak of strong starts. An All-Star last season with Cincinnati, Simon was t ...  read more
Is Andy Dalton really a franchise QB
Mike Anthony Apr 8, 2015  
Andy Dalton has stated he was the face of the Bengals franchise. Now while this is a team with 40 wins over the last 4 seasons, and this last year looked strong at times, is it really because of him? Dalton has had a good career thus far, 14,758 YDs and 99 TDs. But looking at a team with a true superstar like WR A.J. Green, I cannot in genuine say Dalton is the teams franchise. Yet, still, t ...  read more
Early preview of Wisconsin vs Duke
World Wide Sports Apr 5, 2015  
Monday's NCAA Championship game is all set after Duke easily handled Michigan State 81 to 61 and Wisconsin upset Kentucky 71-64 on Saturday. Vegas oddsmakers opened the game as a Pick with the Total at 140. What's at stakes is Wisconsin scoring its first title since 1941 and Mike Krzyzewski getting his fifth title. Duke traveled to Kohl Center and beat Wisconsin by 10 on their on court. Wisconsin ...  read more
Rob Vinciletti: 2015 National League East Preview + fantasy league sleepers
Rob Vinciletti Apr 5, 2015  
Washington: The Nationals have arguably the best starting 5 in Baseball this season. They have legit aces in Strasburg and Scherzer. They also have crafty Lefty Gio Gonzalez and J. Zimmerman as well as D. Fister. Their bullpen though could pose a problem as Drew Storen must prove he can be a real deal closer after taking over from Rafael Soriano late last season. Tyler Clippard has departed in a t ...  read more
Preview of Michigan State verses Duke - Saturday, March 4, 2015
Tony Acosta Apr 4, 2015  
Michigan State is led by Travis Trice (15.3 points, 3.2 rebounds, 5.1 assists) and Danzel Valentine (14.3 points, 6.2 rebounds, 4.4 assists). The Spartans are averaging 71.4 points on 46.7% shooting and average 7.6 three-pointers per game with an assist/turnover ratio of 1.49 . Michigan State is holding their opponents to an average of 63.2 points on 39.3% shooting. The Spartans pull down 37.5 to ...  read more
Sean's MLB Win Total Thoughts
Sean Higgs Apr 4, 2015  
Another season of baseball is upon us. Here are my thoughts on the win/loss projections.

AL East

Baltimore Orioles - OVER 82.5 - These guys surprised some last year. I know they lost a big bat in Cruz, but they have enough to win here. I think they could win the East. The pitching not sexy, but very solid. Try not to fall in love with names. Look at results. Steve Pearce could be a da ...  read more

Baseball Betting for Sharps
TJ Masterline Apr 4, 2015  
With March Madness winding down and the first week of the 2015 MLB season underway, it’s time to turn our attention to arguably the most profitable sport for sharp sports bettors, Major League Baseball. It’s important to first outline how baseball betting differs from basketball and football. 1. MLB is a money line sport Because baseball is a low scoring game, the majority of money bet on MLB is ...  read more
Can Kentucky stay undefeated? Preview of tonight's Wisconsin matchup.
Jimmy Adams Apr 4, 2015  
Wisconsin excels in all aspects of the game. Wisconsin will try to control the tempo of this game, similar to what Notre Dame did, and hope that the supporting cast around Kaminsky and Dekker will be able to step up on both ends of the floor in this one. Kentucky will force the Badgers to try and score inside where they will have Cauley-Stein and Towns waiting. Kentucky is a team loaded with futu ...  read more
Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets Preview - March 3, 2015
Tony Stoffo Apr 2, 2015  
Toronto is averaging 104.2 points on 45.5 percent shooting and are allowing 101.1 points on 46.1 percent shooting. The Raptors are shooting 48.3 percent in their last five games and have won five of their last seven games when scoring 100-plus points. Brooklyn is averaging 97.7 points on 45.1 percent shooting and are allowing 100.6 points on 45.2 percent shooting. The Nets are shooting 47.5 percen ...  read more
Handicapping The NBA Injury Report - Thursday 4-2-15
Rocketman Sports Apr 2, 2015  
HANDICAPPING THE NBA INJURY REPORT - Thursday 4-2-15 Every day I look at the NBA injury report. I start off with the first team and see who is listed on the report. These are the average number of points these teams will be without tonight. HERE IS MY TABLE FOR CALCULATING INJURIES: OUT: Take players average points per game and multiply by 1 DOUBTFUL: Take players average points per game ...  read more
Handicapping The NBA Injury Report Wednesday 4-1-15
Rocketman Sports Apr 1, 2015  
HANDICAPPING THE NBA INJURY REPORT - Wednesday 4-1-15 Every day I look at the NBA injury report. I start off with the first team and see who is listed on the report. These are the average number of points these teams will be without tonight. HERE IS MY TABLE FOR CALCULATING INJURIES: OUT: Take players average points per game and multiply by 1 DOUBTFUL: Take players average points per game ...  read more
5 Reasons Why 95% of Bettors lose
AC Dinero Apr 1, 2015  
Have you ever wondered why some bookmakers can retire in their 30’s or how others can make a living betting entirely on sports? This article will address the first. In a subsequent article, I’ll address the latter in stars vs squares. The following is a list that states what most losers do when betting on sports.

1. Betting favorites and overs: the odds-maker knows the public bet these and ...  read more

Handicapping The NBA Injury Report Monday 3-30-15
Rocketman Sports Mar 30, 2015  
HANDICAPPING THE NBA INJURY REPORT - Monday 3-30-15 Every day I look at the NBA injury report. I start off with the first team and see who is listed on the report. These are the average number of points these teams will be without tonight. HERE IS MY TABLE FOR CALCULATING INJURIES: OUT: Take players average points per game and multiply by 1 DOUBTFUL: Take players average points per game a ...  read more
The Final Four!
Jim Feist Mar 30, 2015  
by Jim Feist It is a great week for sports fans with the start of baseball, the NBA stretch run, the Final Four and the culmination of the college basketball season next Monday at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana for the national championship. It's clear that it's not the teams the start the season hot, but the ones that get hot when it really matters -- March and April! Many thin ...  read more
Tourney Matchup Tips
Jim Feist Mar 23, 2015  
by Jim Feist It's the final stretch of a long college basketball season. There are better teams, tougher matchups, and defensive intensity. It's a good time of the season to look backward -- to look back, that is, to conference regular season tourney play and early season matches against different conferences. That's because it can be tougher to analyze matchups during the Big Dance, with team ...  read more
Wednesday 3/18/2015 NHL Free Pick: Blackhawks vs. Rangers "UNDER"
Baltimore South Crew Mar 18, 2015  

The Blackhawks and Rangers will face off tonight at 8:00PM EST on NBCSN in a series that has favored the UNDER.

Oddsmakers opened up with the Rangers as -140 money line favorites while the Blackhawks opened as +120 money line road underdogs. The total is currently sitting at 5 goals.

If you are looking to make a play on this game tonight, we suggest you look towards playing ...  read more

March Hoops: Beware of the No-Name Teams
Jim Feist Mar 16, 2015  
by Jim Feist It's that time of year again: Basketball games night and day, day and night and after a few hours of sleep, we wake up the next day and go through it all over again. College tournament play is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for sports fans and bettors, with a seemingly endless stream of action and excitement. Big name schools often end up playing for the ...  read more
Handicapping March Madness
AC Dinero Mar 15, 2015  
March is the time of year that sees many new bettors flock to the world of college basketball, whether it’s the frenzy of opportunities in the conference tournaments or just the thrill of filling out a field of 64 bracket. The conference tournaments are a team’s last chance to get in, or just to improve their seeding (which doesn’t mean all that much anyway). But teams can also be set up for a l ...  read more
Valspar Championship Preview and Picks
Jimmy Boyd Mar 10, 2015  
For the first time since the 2012 PGA Championship, all top 50 players in the world were in attendance last week at the WGC-Cadillac Championship and Dustin Johnson pulled off the victory. The tour now heads to the Westin Innisbrook-Copperhead Course in Palm Harbor, Florida for the Valspar Championship, formerly known as the Tampa Bay Championship, and the Transitions Championship before that. The ...  read more
College Basketball’s Diminishing Edge: Senior Leadership
Jim Feist Mar 9, 2015  
by Jim Feist It's time! Time for college basketball teams to begin conference tourney play, also known as separating the contenders from the pretenders. It's important to understand and closely examine the schedule of college hoop teams. Some teams start off the season playing a bunch of cream puffs, while others face a mixture of good and bad teams. What has taken shape the last few months ...  read more
Jeff's (JH-Sportsline) 2015 MLB Predictions and Awards
Jeff Hochman Mar 5, 2015  

1) Baltimore Orioles (92-70)

2) NY Yankees (91-71) WILD CARD

3) Toronto Blue Jays (83-79)

4) Boston Red Sox (74-88)

5) Tampa Bay Rays (70-92)

AL Central

1) Kansas City Royals (93-69)

...  read more
WGC-Cadillac Championship Preview and Picks
Tony Acosta Mar 3, 2015  
Padraig Harrington defeated Daniel Berger in a playoff at the Honda Classic that ended up being a Monday finish due to weather to claim his first win since 2008. The tour continues on the Florida swing, heading to Doral this week for the WGC-Cadillac Championship. This is the second straight event that features a star-studded field with close to the entire top 50 in the world playing. With the Mat ...  read more
NHL Preview and Pick: Islanders vs Stars
Tony Corleone Mar 3, 2015  
The New York Islanders travel to Dallas on Tuesday night to take on the Stars. The Islanders need to keep pace in the Metropolitan Division race as they currently trail the Rangers for 1st place with 84 points a piece but the Islanders have 2 more games played. Dallas made no moves at the trade deadline to improve, instead went the other direction as they traded away Erik Cole to Detroit for a ...  read more
How to Measure the Success of a Handicapper
AC Dinero Mar 1, 2015  
One major challenge for sports bettors looking for handicappers is how can they determine if the capper is any good? Most bettors look at two things; winning percentage and units earned, i.e.; profit. Both of these are very important, but can be misleading on the surface. But what if a high winning percentage doesn't translate into profits, meaning what if a handicapper loses a disproportionate nu ...  read more
Jeff's Top 5 MLB Left-handed Starters age 27 or younger (2015 season)
Jeff Hochman Feb 28, 2015  
The elite left-handed starters have a big advantage just for the simple fact that most players see a lot more right-handed pitching. Also, batting practice is mostly thrown by righties. Look for teams that have not faced a Quality left-handed starter for some time ( five games or more) and you will have a nice winning investment. Here are my Top 5 left-handed starting pitchers age 27 or younger go ...  read more
College Hoops: What are the Weaknesses of the Top Title Contenders?
Kyle Hunter Feb 24, 2015  
The calendar is about to turn to March. You know what that means, March Madness is almost here. College basketball is on center stage right now, and as someone who loves college basketball it truly is a great time of the year. Now is the time of the year where everyone starts trying to figure out who can cut down the nets. I wanted to take a look at the weaknesses of several of the top title conte ...  read more
Wednesday NHL Free Pick: Red Wings vs. Blackhawks "UNDER"
Baltimore South Crew Feb 18, 2015  

The Red Wings and Blackhawks will face off tonight at 7:30PM EST on NBCSN in a series that has favored the UNDER.

Oddsmakers opened up with the Blackhawks as -165 money line home favorites, and have moved them throughout the day to -170. On the other hand, the Red Wings opened as +140 road underdogs, and have since moved to +150. The total, meanwhile, is currently sitting at 5 goals ...  read more

Upcoming NCAAB Games to Potentially 'Fade' Gonzaga and Utah
Brandon Shively Feb 18, 2015  
1) Gonzaga---While Gonzaga looks to claim a No.1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, I want to look at upcoming games at Saint Mary's and a season finale vs. BYU as these appear to be the only potential test for Gonzaga before playing in the West Coast Conference Tourney. A) Gonzaga@ Saint Mary (2/21)----Gonzaga will travel on the road to play Saint Mary's. This will be a huge revenge game for the G ...  read more
College Hoops: Best of the SEC
Jim Feist Feb 17, 2015  
by Jim Feist The SEC has a bunch of teams loaded with talent, depth and athleticism. Kentucky won national championships in 1998 and 2012, Florida knocked on the door in 2000 getting to the title game against Michigan State, then won it all with back-to-back titles. Here's a look at some of college basketball's best teams in the SEC. Kentucky: The Wildcats have another powerhouse young te ...  read more
Is the line the most important factor in handicapping?
AC Dinero Feb 16, 2015  
Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of handicapping a game involves analyzing the line. It’s the first thing you see right after the matchups are announced. But many bettors leave it at that. Unless the line moves a lot, most bettors won’t consider it when making their selections. Some won’t even do that. They will just move on to the fundamental/situational analysis of the process. Perhaps th ...  read more
How to Choose an Online Sportsbook
TJ Masterline Feb 15, 2015  
Sports bettors today have their choice of hundreds of different online sportsbooks to select from. Naturally, some are very good, while others should be avoided at all costs. With so many sportsbooks out there, a bettor should some time and find the one that suits them the best, based on their preference of play. When looking for an online sportsbook there are give primary details a prospective c ...  read more
What Kevin Love gives LeBron James
Tony Karpinski Feb 12, 2015  
This season 4 time MVP LeBron James is getting to play alongside one of the best knock down shooters in the game, Kevin Love. A different kind of big man with some really interesting skills that far exceed Bosh in a number of ways, it's not too shabby of a trade off if you ask me.

KLove brought a lot to the table alongside LeBron, that Bosh didn't bring in Miami. Now, granted Bosh had to cha ...  read more

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Preview
Doc's Sports Feb 11, 2015  
We were able to cash with Jason Day last week at the Farmers as he won in a playoff. The PGA Tour remains in California this week for the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Pebble Beach Golf Links is one of three host courses for the event along with Spyglass Hill and Monterey Peninsula Country Club Shore Course. A traditional playing cut of the top 60 and ties will be made after 54 holes on Satur ...  read more
NHL Trend Report: Feb. 9
Ray Monohan Feb 9, 2015  
The NHL handicapping season is in full swing, and hockey bettors are looking anywhere they can to find edges in an effort to one-up the bookmakers. Many players in the league have established track records and it’s by looking at their history that we can begin to find holes in the oddsmakers’ lines. Here is a look at some stats and trends worth keeping an eye on when breaking down the board thi ...  read more
The most dominant dynasty in sports
Mike Anthony Feb 4, 2015  
Let's first have a short discussion of what I consider to be a dynasty. Wins, titles, era and even intangibles all come into affect when deciding what a dynasty is.

There obviously is the hard earned fact that the dominant teams gives everyone else in the league the drive to take down the giant.

Or they bring the hate from fans that they stand above other teams for a set period of ti ...  read more

Farmers Insurance Open Preview and Picks
Michael Alexander Feb 4, 2015  
The PGA Tour returns to California with the Farmers Insurance Open from historic Torrey Pines in La Jolla. Last week, Brooks Koepka was able to hold off Bubba Watson, Ryan Palmer and Hideki Matsuyama to win the Waste Management Phoenix Open by one shot for his first tour victory. This week, 156 golfers will be eyeing the $6,300,000 purse in what is the biggest and most star studded field of the yo ...  read more
Handicapping The NBA Injury Report - Tuesday 2-3-15
Rocketman Sports Feb 3, 2015  
HANDICAPPING THE NBA INJURY REPORT - Tuesday 2-3-15 Every day I look at the NBA injury report. I start off with the first team and see who is listed on the report. These are the average number of points these teams will be without tonight. HERE IS MY TABLE FOR CALCULATING INJURIES: OUT: Take players average points per game and multiply by 1 DOUBTFUL: Take players average points per game a ...  read more
How to incorporate recruiting into your college football handicapping
AC Dinero Feb 2, 2015  
Recruiting is the lifeblood of every college football program, similar to what the draft is for NFL teams. Signing day has become a major production, just as the NFL draft has. Recruiting takes up the majority of a college football coach’s time. How many times have you heard about bowl games (extending them) and the CFB eating up into recruiting time for coaches? All you have to do is ask thei ...  read more
Kyle Hunter's 3 Free Super Bowl Prop Bet Picks
Kyle Hunter Feb 1, 2015  
1. Tom Brady longest completion under 37.5 yards In his Super Bowl career, Tom Brady has 127 completions. Exactly one of them has gone for more than 37.5 yards. Only two of them have gone for more than 30 yards. It’s highly unlikely that Brady is able to pick up chunk yardage against the Seahawks defense, which is arguably the top tackling defense in the NFL. The Patriots throw a lot of quick pa ...  read more
Super Bowl XLIX - Déjà Vu Act XVII
Tony Acosta Jan 30, 2015  
The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots have played 16 times before and are deadlocked at 8-8. This matchup will be without a doubt be the biggest and most meaningful of the 17. The Seahawks are the defending Super Bowl champions and are ironically looking to become the first back-to-back winners since these Patriots won two straight in 2003 and 2004. The New England duo of head c ...  read more

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