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Chase Diamond

Platinum Club 57-30 66% in 2015. After a big day yesterday and 7-0 last 2 days grab Chase's Executive 3 pack and sweep today.
Chase Diamond began handicapping professionally in 1996 back then it was a email base business and being fresh out of school it was more part time then it was full time. But times have changed literally from the time he wakes up at 630 am until he closes down shop at 11pm he works on handicapping around the clock.Chase started out working for others behind the scenes at many offshore books and then with a few major websites. He then decided to start his own sports investment service. He has become one of the top sports handicappers on the internet winning many major top ten handicapping awards. In 2012 he won MLB handicapper of the year posting a 205-150 record for a 58% win percentage and a profit for clients of over $14,170 dollars. In 2013 Baseball Chase is did more of the same with a record of 288-225 57% and a profit of over $11,850 dollars he’s looking to repeat his award. In 2011 in college football we posted a 75-55 58% win record for the season. In 2012 in college football he posted a profit of the year award bringing in more than $6,600 for clients. 2012-2013 Season in the NBA was very profitable for Chase Diamond clients as he went 129-103 56% for a profit of over 15,590 dollars.NFL numbers for 2013 season 66-43 60% +16,120 dollars #3 Ranked NFL Handicapper. We closed out the 2013-14 NBA Season with a record of 156-115 58% +24,590.Handicapping sporting events today takes a huge time commitment and unwavering dedication to success. Chase determines the viability of teams by studying game action, box scores, personnel, coaches,stats,trends,past history, game conditions and weaknesses to create the most comprehensive prediction of that game’s outcome. Chase loves to zero in on just the right underdog, and dislikes being on heavy public favorite teams.Sports handicapping is a formula of putting together as many winning trends and edges as possible to allow for the best chance of winning in this industry. Chase came up with a personal slogan for his clients that’s simple: “Trust in Chase Diamond”- and it couldn’t hold anymore truth because thousands of clients trust in Chase every day to bring them home a nice profit.Games are rated on the scale below and I recommend betting 100 dollars per unit for big bettors and 10 dollars per unit for the smaller guys. 20* Top Play 15* Very Strong Play 10* Big Lean. Below are some of my more recent sports handicapping records.

Friday, August 28, 2015
Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) - 8:00 PM EDT Premium Pick
Pick: Point Spread: -5.0/-111     Kansas City Chiefs     Pick Title: Chase's 15* NFLX PERFECT PLAY Win
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San Diego Padres vs. Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) - 7:05 PM EDT Premium Pick
Pick: Money Line: 111     Philadelphia Phillies     Pick Title: Chase's 15* MLB HIDDEN GEM Win
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Los Angeles Angels vs. Cleveland Indians (MLB) - 7:10 PM EDT Premium Pick
Pick: Money Line: -148     Cleveland Indians     Pick Title: Chase's 20* MLB INNER CIRCLE Win
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Seattle Mariners vs. Chicago White Sox (MLB) - 8:10 PM EDT Premium Pick
Pick: Money Line: -113     Seattle Mariners     Pick Title: Chase's 20* MLB ULTIMATE LOCK Win
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Last 7 Days' Results
•  All Leagues 15-11 (58% for +$322)
•  MLB 2015 11-8 (58% for +$283)

Last 30 Days' Results
•  All Leagues 72-48 (60% for +$2249)
•  MLB 2015 64-40 (62% for +$2377)
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Premium Picks
Chase's 20* NFLX Offshore Insider 8/29
***65% ATS SYSTEM WINNER***Chase Diamond is on FIRE hitting 7 straight plays. Chase has been lights out last 30 NFLX plays going 18-12 60% and on 20* plays Chase is 90-58 61%. Grab this 100% guaranteed winner from Chase's offshore source and backed by big time ATS info. - $59.99

***SAVE MONEY BUY BULK***Chase Diamond has 3 20* plays today that look like easy cash for investors. Chase is 84-49 63% in his last 133 20* plays +24,180 dollars and he has won 7 straight games and this pack is 100% guaranteed to profit but bring your broom as Chase Diamond is ready to sweep again. - $99.99

***10 DOLLARS OFF NORMAL PRICE***Chase has won 7 straight and is on fire after a 4-0 day yesterday. Chase is 84-49 63% on his last 133 20* MLB selections +24,180 dollars. Grab tonight's 100% guaranteed winner for tonight's game. - $49.99

***BIG TIME INFO PLAY***Chase Diamond is ready to kick off College Football with a huge easy watch and win game. Chase has reached out to both offshore and Vegas sources and has the winner in the South Carolina at UNC game. Chase finished out the bowl season on a 19-7 73% run for +10,810 dollars. 100% guaranteed winner here. - $59.99

Chase's 20* CFB PLATINUM CLUB (9/5)
***BIG TIME EARLY INFO PLAY***Chase Diamond has a play in College Football that must be jumped on early this line has already moved several points but their still is a ton of value on one side. 50-27 65% in 2015 on Platinum Club plays and this one is from my TOP Vegas Source and is 100% guaranteed. - $99.99

Chase's 20* NFL Bookie Burner 9/10
***10 DOLLARS OFF NORMAL PRICE***Chase Diamond has the winner in the Steelers at Patriots. Chase Diamond has hit the season opener 3 years straight last year winning with Seattle. 2013 It was us cashing with Denver. Chase is a mind blowing 116-82 59% on NFL side plays. Grab this 100% guaranteed winner at 10 bucks off and start your season right! - $49.99

Chase's 20* NFL PLATINUM CLUB 9/13
***BIG TIME INFO PLAY***Chase Diamond is ready to open up the NFL season with a big win from his TOP SOURCE in Vegas this guy is lights out every season get his first play of the year. so far in 2015 he is 50-27 65% in 77 Platinum Club plays grab this 100% winner for big bankrolls only. - $125.00

***BIG TIME SHARP INFO***Chase Diamond has the winning side in the Giants at Cowboys Week one in PRIME TIME. Chase Diamond is 118-85 58% in his last 203 NFL side plays +20,760 dollars. Get this 100% guaranteed play in early from one of the best NFL handicappers in the world. - $59.99

7 Days of Chase Diamonds Plays
Get 7 days of one of the best handicappers in the Nation. Chase Diamond is 771-610 last 1381 MLB selections +55,560 and 57-34 63% last 91 20* plays. NFL he is a blazing 116-82 59% +22,190 dollars and CFB he finished the season on a 19-7 73% run. - $249.99

(REDUCED 600 DOLLARS) Chase Diamond has proven results and has posted amazing winning numbers over the last 4 years all verified. In 2011 Chase Diamond went 249-215 +7,628 dollars. In 2012 Chase Diamond went 205-150 58% +14,170 dollars. In 2013 Chase did it again going 288-225 57% +11,850 dollars and Last season he was the #3 MLB handicapper on the entire network going 321-246 57% +37,350 dollars cashing on a ton of dogs. Get with a proven MLB winner that does 3 plays daily. With over 62 thousand in profit last 3 years you can't miss Chase Diamond Baseball. - $299.99

Get 30 days of one of the best handicappers in the Nation. Chase Diamond is 771-610 last 1381 MLB selections +55,560 and 57-34 63% last 91 20* plays. NFL he is a blazing 116-82 59% +22,190 dollars and CFB he finished the season on a 19-7 73% run. - $399.99

Chase Diamond is the man when it comes to NFL side plays he is 116-82 59% last 198 NFL side plays. Grab a season pass and win all season long thru the playoffs with Chase Diamond 100% guaranteed. - $699.99

Chase Diamond EXCELS on NFL side plays going 116-82 59% +22,190 dollars in his last 198. Chase finished last CFB season RED HOT going 19-7 73% in his last 26 selections. Grab the season pass and get every play. - $999.99


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Free Picks
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers (NFL) - Aug 29, 2015 8:00 PM EDT
Play: Point Spread: -5.5/-115     Philadelphia Eagles     Pick Title: Chase's 10* NFLX Perfect Storm
This preseason NFL game has the Eagles at the Packers. Now normally I would stay away from such a heavily played public game but with Aaron Rodgers out and the 4 QB's the Eagles have all being better then what will start for the Packers it's hard not to back the Eagles as this game has blowout written all over it. Packers are going with these 3 QB'S in Scott Tolzien,Matt Blanchard and rookie Brett Hundley. This game should be a easy win as Bradford should play the first half along with the other Eagles starters. Take the Eagles minus the points for a nice 10* winner.(Be sure to Check out my NFL and CFB Total Football pass get every play from Chase Diamond. Chase has hit 59% of his NFL side plays over the last 198 selections)
Chase Diamond Release Times
All plays posted by 11am. Monday through Saturday Sunday by 10 a.m.
Chase Diamond Rating System
20* Top Play 15* Strong Play 10* Solid Lean
Chase Diamond Money Management
I ask all of my clients to bet 100.00 per 1* for large bankrolls and 50.00 for the smaller account.

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