Winning Strategies for Betting on Major League Baseball

Perhaps more so than any other sport, Major League Baseball is a potential goldmine for betters. Think about it, there are up to 15 games every single day for months at a time. That’s a lot of potential winning on a daily basis if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t consider yourself a baseball expert, here are some strategies for betting on baseball that can help you understand how to start making winning bets on the diamond.

Go Early with Underdogs

As with any sport, betting on the money line of an underdog results in the best possible return on investment if they pull off the win. The great thing about baseball is that even the bad teams win at least 60 times during the season, so it’s possible to win with underdogs any day of the week. Specifically, the best time to take a chance on underdogs is early in the season.

There is a lot of player movement during the baseball offseason. Plus, some young players come out of nowhere and become difference-makers while other players struggle to live up to their numbers from the previous season. In other words, it can take a month or two for oddsmakers to figure out what teams are contenders and what teams are pretenders. That makes betting underdogs more likely to pick up a surprise win early in the season, giving you a nice payout.

Underdogs Going For Two in a Row

Whenever a team is an underdog the day after it won a game, you’ll want to take a close look at that matchup. This is particularly true of teams that have a losing record. Amateur betters probably won’t trust a bad team to win two games in a row, so they’ll go heavy on the favorite and inflate the money line for the underdog. That means when the underdog wins two in a row, which isn’t all that crazy in baseball, you get a nice payout.

You’ll also want to look for underdogs that won the previous day while scoring three runs or less. First, that team proved that they can win without scoring a lot. Second, that team is more likely to have an offensive outburst the following day rather than two poor offensive performances in a row. You may not win every game in this situation, but if you stick to this strategy, the high money lines on underdogs will improve your bottom line.

Coming Home

In baseball, much like other sports, seeing a home underdog is usually an opportunity to score a win if you get the right matchup. One specific situation to look out for is a team being a home dog after spending more than a week on the road. The players are usually happy to be home with their families after a road trip. They also get a nice boost from the home crowd, which gives them another lift and makes them want to play a little harder.

That might sound a little anecdotal, but the numbers back up this strategy if you stick to it over a substantial period of time. Even teams that have losing records tend to do well upon returning home following an extended road trip. Naturally, these are the teams most likely to be home underdogs and provide a healthy return on investment when they pick up an unexpected win.

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