How to Bet on College Basketball Futures

College Basketball Futures and the Benefits of offering Them

More betting during March Madness occurs than at any other time of the betting year! If you are not prepared for this madness, then prepare yourself now. No matter how many clients you have or how small your bookie operation is, March is the best time to make the most money. March is always a crazy month for bookies and if it’s not crazy for you, then you must position yourself to make it crazy. You want crazy, you want a life so entirely busy that you have no idea what to do with all of the betting action. You will make a fortune off the juice and cross-action is your bread and butter. You need everybody who thinks they are somebody, gambling. The remarkable think about March Madness is the idea that normal, everyday people think they can beat the sportsbooks, we have news for you, they can’t beat you and they won’t! Find a great PayPerHead and take your bookie business to the next level with a software management system that works and better yet, that’s affordable.

Future Bets:

 Future bets on college basketball are always worth your time, in moderation. We will explain “moderation” in a moment but first, let’s take a look at why you should offer futures to begin with.

Future bets are a part of the online gaming culture. Players have come to know this, and they expect it. Certainly not every player that you have will play future bets, however, many more will play that wouldn’t have otherwise, just based on the fact that you are offering this wagering option.

Future bets are guaranteed income (in the short term) this is revenue in your pocket that you need. You must take future bets; they can be a boon to backup any losses you may have. It’s rare that players hit future bets, now, we would be lying to say that they never hit, they absolutely do, and you must be prepared to pay if they do hit.

There are a couple of ways to approach future bets and when we mentioned the word “moderation” earlier, let’s explain. We all know that there are no rules to this bookie game. There is no gaming commission breathing down your shoulder and nobody telling you what to do with your money, however, there are ethics and if you want a great reputation, then you had better be a bookie that’s ethical at all times. What would be the ideal thing with any future revenue… –  escrow. You should be placing futures bets into escrow and paying into that future escrow account on a weekly basis. What you would be paying is the “future winning potential” plus the risk amount.

Example: A client places a future bet on the Duke Blue Devils to win the NCAA Tournament and become national champions. The odds are 8/1. Let’s say they bet $100. This means the payout would be $900. You should put $900 in escrow, or at least pay weekly into the escrow account in order to have the money if you need it. Now, here is the thing… March Madness is right around the corner so much of this advice is great for next season. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take future bets the rest of the way this season, it simply means you must know how much you can afford to lose.

There is an alternative: Have a policy that states a payment plan should the client hit the future bet. Have a “settle up plan”. This is a backup plan and you never know when you may need it. It’s really nice to bring in a ton of revenue on future bets but nothing is worse than having to pay them. Have a plan

Get online. Take your business online with a pay per head and stop going this alone. The PPH provider sets everything up for you, including future bets. You may not have the best idea as to how to set the odds for future bets, the PPH set them for you and you decide what your limits will be. Call the PPH today.

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