What You Should Know about Softwares

One of the best ways for a bookmaker to expand their business is to use Betting Software for Bookies. Manually keeping track of customers, their wagers and payment status has a built in limitation because of the time it takes.

Setting up spreadsheets and trying to take bets by phone requires a lot of time and a bookie can only handle a limited number of customers. By utilizing Pay Per Head (PPH) Betting Software for Bookies, they can take more wagers and provide their customers a state of the art online user interface.

PPH software has a number of components. The first is the sportsbook that allows players to place wagers on a large array of sports. They also have access to a wide variety of betting types, including futures, spreads, money lines, over/under, parlays, reverse betting and others.

Live game betting as well as casino games and horse racing are also supported, depending on the risk threshold of bookie. Lines and odds are set by the software provider and the bookie pays a fee per customer for each billing cycle, generally a week. The fee is only charged for customers that actually place a wager during the period.

Players can check lines and place wagers online without having to contact the bookie, who can spend their time developing new customers and managing current ones. The number of wagers they can take is no longer limited by the time they have available to personally book the bets.

With the advent of corporate online sportsbooks that are allowed by state legislation, bookies need to be able to compete with these sites. By using Betting Software for Bookies, they can make their operation look just like that provided by larger businesses.

The backend functionality of the software is what is critical for bookies. The software gives the bookie the ability to manage each customer’s individual account. They can set betting limits, customize lines, monitor activity and see the profitability of their accounts.

Customizing lines is a great function since it gives the bookie the opportunity to tailor the odds to the betting habits of players. Some customers have allegiances and have a tendency to wager with their hearts and not necessarily their heads. The bookie can adjust lines in their own favor or change odds to reduce the risk of having imbalanced events.

They can also restrict some customers’ access to certain sports or betting types. As they get familiar with Betting Software for Bookies, the bookmaker can also use the reporting function to see what wagers and sports are more profitable. They can spend their time marketing those particular bets to their customers, even offering bonuses to incent their use.

The data that is generated by the software gives the bookie the information they need to successfully operate their business. Since the fee per customer is fixed, the bookie knows what their cost structure is to provide up to date wagering options for their customers. As their business grows, the fee generally decreases.

For smaller operators, the fee is usually around $15 per head, decreasing to as low as $7 for larger businesses. Since the fee is per customer, not based on wagering activity, it’s in the bookie’s best interest to get their players to be more active.

The time that was spent filling in spreadsheets and tracking bets can instead be used on customer relations and business development. With Betting Software for Bookies providing the knowledge of what sports and wagering types are more profitable, the bookie can fine tune their business practices to increase profits.

The software also keeps track of IP addresses and the dates and times of all wagers made. If the bookie is so inclined, they can use that vital information to tailor their activities to those of their customers. They can contact particular customers if they don’t wager at a time that is customary for that account.

A sudden increase in activity can also be a red flag, potentially introducing more risk for the bookie. With so much functionality, there is no reason for bookmakers to use any sportsbook tools other than Betting Software for Bookies. The PPH model is ideal for both customers and their bookies.

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