A good customer service can make a difference

With the advent of state approved sports betting, the industry has become very corporate, with large casino companies dominating the online sportsbook offerings. As more states approve the practice of wagering on sports, they are turning to the same sportsbook operators who can’t possibly provide the same level of service as a local sports betting agent is capable of.

Over 20 states are in the process of implementing some form of legal sports betting, whether it’s online websites, physical casino locations or some combination of both. Operators such as Caesar’s Entertainment, BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings and other large providers dominate the landscape.

In those states that have not yet approved the practice of sports betting, their residents don’t have the option of using those websites for placing wagers. In most cases they can use them to check lines or odds, but can’t make a bet unless they can provide geolocation validated proof that they are within the borders of an approved state.

The best option for those prospective bettors is to use a local sports betting agent to make wagers. With the popularity of sports betting on the rise and sports leagues embracing gambling as an acceptable activity, the stigma associated with it has dramatically diminished.

Even local bookies need to up their game to be more competitive with what their customers can see online, even if they can’t yet place wagers through those websites. They can’t really manage a scale business, which is the best way to make money, using solely manual processes. A call bookie needs tools to be able to grow their operation while still being able to provide a high level of customer service.

Utilizing a Pay Per Head (PPH) betting software service is just about the only way for a local bookie to be able to provide their customers a state of the art, 24/7 wagering experience while still being able to affordably give the personalized service necessary to grow and survive in the business.

A PPH service gives the bookie’s clients access to a front end online sportsbook while providing the bookie a back end platform for managing their customer accounts and tracking all wagering activity. It allows for total customization of each customer’s unique settings. The bookie can adjust lines for events and offer clients bonuses and incentives for particular wagers.

The system keeps track of all financial transactions, giving the bookie all of the information they need to perform personalized customer service activities that will clearly differentiate them from the large impersonal operations and the old fashioned, manual driven bookies.

The cost is easily managed, since all the bookie pays is a flat fee for each client that uses the platform to place a wager during the week. It doesn’t matter how many bets a client makes, the fee is the same. That means the more action a bookie can get from a client, the more profitable they become. With fees generally about $10 per customer, depending on the number, it doesn’t take but one big bet to cover the cost.

The advantage of a PPH platform for a local sports betting agent is that unlike the large impersonal sportsbooks that use technology to distance themselves from their clients, the call bookie can use it to have the time to increase their level of service. Instead of spending time communicating lines and taking bets, they can use those valuable hours to develop business through personal contact.

As in most industries, a business is generally defined by the level of customer service they provide. A better way to place wagers combined with more time to work directly with clients is a winning combination. The place to go on the internet to take advantage of the best PPH service is www.RealBookies.com

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