What Popular International Sporting events and venues should you be Offering

You should be saying yes to international sporting events, you must be saying yes if you want to earn a fantastic income. Profits for international soccer and tennis are huge. We certainly think there are other sports as well, such as international baseball and basketball, however, soccer and tennis are the two big ones that you simply can’t pass on. Soccer is a sport that has literally hundreds of leagues and these leagues are playing 365 days a year. Number one, players love to bet soccer because they think they can beat you, they can’t! Number two, gamblers get bored with the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL. They want more and if you offer it, they will bet. Don’t miss the opportunity that international soccer offers.  

 You may be a small (local) bookie and you are already busy, we get it, we understand your dilemma. A bookies life is busy and it’s certainly not easy. What you must do is find an alternative to the busywork. You know – all of the things that you must do as a bookie on a daily basis. They are countless, you have so many chores that it gets ridiculous.

What are a bookie’s tasks?

· Organize a sportsbook that offers the daily sporting events that your players want to bet on. You must set the event in a way that your clients can read the offer/event and know what the odds and lines are. However you choose to do this is your business, but it must be done. Now, if you have one client that bets with you, then you can probably tell him or better yet, he will call you and tell you what he wants to bet on that day, and you will tell him the line. Should you have a handful of players and even more, then you are going crazy trying to keep up with the daily demands.

· You must set the daily lines and odds and you need to set them early in the day. Are you an experienced line mover and oddsmaker? Chances are, you are not. How do you set the lines and odds? Are you just “winging” it? This is a dangerous thing to do and it can cost you big.

· Accept wagers, grade wagers and adjust account the moment a wager is graded. You must grade wagers within a few minutes of the event end so that your client can either re-bet or make a deposit. If they beat you, then you want them betting again as soon as possible. If they lose, you want them to deposit as soon as possible. Think about the volume of bets you receive and especially during the busy times; grading bet slip is an absolute hassle. In fact, there are many game day that you may be grading bet slip until the early hours of the morning, oh but remember, you must set the lines and odds!

· What about budgeting and money? This is one of the most important aspects of any bookies life. If you are not following a strict budget, setting limits and knowing exactly where every player is at all times, then you are losing money. You must keep tabs on your winners and losers. You want to keep the losers, but you can’t have them losing all of the time or they will find another bookie. On the other hand, you can’t get your teeth kicked in every day by the winners or you will quickly go broke.

· There are literally a million and one things that you must do on a daily basis as a bookie but there is a great solution, the pay per head.

Look, you don’t have time to investigate what sports you want to offer and what lines to set on a daily basis. You should be offering international sporting events such as soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, and others, but can you? Probably not. You can with a pay per head. The PPH does everything for you. They get you online within a day and you pay around $7 per head, per week.