What makes a betting software great

Sports betting has increased dramatically in popularity and availability over the past several years. Much of the rise can be attributed to the 2018 United States Supreme Court ruling that paved the way for states to legalize sports wagering. So far over twenty of them are in some stage of implementing online and/or casino based sportsbooks.

Many have fully implemented the practice, usually with multiple providers participating in delivering sports wagering availability to bettors. To use a state approved and regulated sportsbook, the user must be either in the physical location or within the borders of the state. That means there is still a large part of the United States that does not have access to legal sportsbooks.

For those that have the availability of sportsbooks, they usually see online offerings that use state of the art technology to deliver a great wagering experience. The same operators that have Las Vegas locations have migrated to the internet. Caesars Entertainment, with their acquisition of William Hill, and MGM’s BetMGM continue to increase their online presence.

However, there is a huge population of prospective sport bettors that have to find other ways to place wagers. Even though sports betting has become more mainstream, with leagues and networks embracing the industry, making a bet is still a long way from becoming ubiquitous. For someone not in a state that allows sports betting, their choices are more limited.

They can go to the offshore operated website avenue, but there are a lot of disadvantages to using those online sportsbooks. Funding of accounts can oftentimes be difficult and getting paid out on positive account balances can be very frustrating, if not impossible. Customer service can also be spotty if it even exists at all.

All of these circumstances actually are an opportunity for independent sports betting agents. The same technology that the major operators use for their online sportsbooks are available to local bookies. It gives them the ability to add a great betting software to their already stellar personal service that they provide to their clients.

The best betting software for bookies to utilize is a Pay Per Head (PPH) service that charges a fee for each client that makes a wager during a given billing cycle, usually a week. It is a great model for sports betting agents to employ because it’s easy to understand and plan for from an expense perspective.

Bookies should be looking for a betting software that offers wagering on all major sports, including the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, Major League and other international baseball, college sports, soccer, MMA/UFC, boxing, golf, tennis and others. With such a variety of sports available, the bookie can see plenty of wagering action 12 months of the year.

All popular wagering types should also be offered, including futures, spreads, money lines, over/under, parlays and proposition bets. What really separates the quality PPH betting software from others is the addition of live betting. Being able to give their clients the option of in-game wagering drastically increases the potential for profit building action.

Mobile wagering, in this device driven environment, is a must for any PPH sports betting software. It gives clients 24/7 access to placing bets on any sporting event from any location. The added functionality can help a sports betting agent differentiate themselves from their competitors or at the very least show that they can keep up with the major providers.

There aren’t a lot of choices for great PPH sports betting software, but a great place to look is at www.RealBookies.com. By taking advantage of the latest in technology, a bookie can put themselves in a position to benefit from the increase in popularity of sports wagering.

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