Is there a difference between European and North American Bookies?

North American Bookies use the American odds system 99% of the time. European bookies use the decimal system 99% of the time. This is the glaring difference that you will notice. There are other and more subtle differences such as what sports are featured and what kinds of contests and deposit bonuses are offered. What you want to do as a local bookie is find a balance. In other words, you need to be all things to all people, all of the time. The question is, are you set up for this, are you in an operational mode that will set you up for success no matter what kind of player it is that comes across your website? Are you online? If not, then you MUST get online today. 

  • You can be online today, and you must get online as quickly as possible. We are quickly approaching March; this means college basketball’s March Madness. You don’t want to miss a second of the action. No other sport is bet on more than college basketball, not the NFL, not NCAA Football, nothing, no other sport tops the revenue charts like college basketball. If you want to win a windfall of money, then get in now.
  • If you want to appeal to the masses, then you must be online. If you want to keep the clients you already have, then you must 100% be online. Your clients want to bet on their time, not on yours. They want to bet at 3:00 am or at 11:00 pm, they want to bet when you want to be in bed! Now, with a pay per head, you can offer them 24/7 gaming.

Get a Free Gaming Website Today!

  • YES, you can indeed get a custom-built gaming website for free. The premier PPH providers will build your site and you have to do nothing. You don’t need to be a site builder, a programmer, or know code. You don’t have to do a thing other than finding or bring your players and sign them up to a personal account with you, on your new website. 
  • You will get a fantastic, state of the art sportsbook that features a smooth interface that allows for easy gambling and a huge wagering menu that features every sport under the sun. Your wagering menu offers every way possible to bet on those sports and you don’t lift a finger. All you do is fire up your mobile device, laptop, or desktop and operate your bookmaking software with the use of an app. 
  • The PPH sets all of the day’s sports action for you, they set the lines and odds and they offer all of the many betting options on a user-friendly wagering platform. They also accept all wagers either online when your client logs into his account, or they can call an 800-number and place their bets over the phone. Should they have any trouble, they can call you of course and you can place the bet for them, or they can call a 24/7 customer service hotline and fix the issue this way. 
  • The PPH does not charge you a penny to build your website and you get the sportsbook, a fantastic racebook that features more than 75-tracks. All of the math and odds calculations are done for you, you don’t have to know a thing about horses or the math! You also get a Las Vegas-style casino that features more than 100-games, the latest and hottest slots, all the player’s favorite table games, and even live dealers. 

With a pay per head, you not only get a free website, but you also get freedom! You can stop working and start planning, star managing .You must manage your players well and you must manage your money. Anybody can start an online gaming site with any budget, but what you must do is manage the gaming site and your players. Local bookies can’t manage anything on any level without help. The best PPH providers are now offering this service for around $7 per head, per week, for active players. You get everything for pennies on the dollar. Now is the time to get in for college basketball and you will see huge profits.  

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