Reports for Agents

Many pay per head (PPH) agents strive to broaden their client base and venture into international gambling markets. They frequently provide bookmakers various PPH reports.

A sportsbook operator needs to understand these reports to grow their businesses. The following are all agent reports you should know about.

1. Weekly Balance Report

Experienced bookie operators recommend different understanding features that are in a PPH company’s Agent Reports page. The Weekly Balance report is among the key reports you should receive. It shows each gambler’s weekly and daily stakes and if you are making a loss or profit.

Check the Weekly Balance report below the Common Column, at the left side of your screen. Click on Weekly Balance, and you can select any week whose figures you want to review. Besides, you can sort them based on all or active accounts, casino, horseplayers, and sports punters, or by distributor and agent.

Many bookmaking agents choose the current week, filter by agent, all transactions, or active players. Two weekly balance reports will appear when you choose your “view mode.” The one at the top of your screen is a Grand Total report.

The report combines all gambler’s daily figures and simplifies a week’s figure in one number showing the daily and weekly player count total. The Grand Total report combines all figures in one package for distributors with several subagents.

The report displays a dollar value for each day. A black value represents a positive number, and it indicates the number of money pundits has won on a specific day. A red value indicates a negative number, and it shows the total sum that gamblers have lost in a day.

A This Week Column displays the combined dollar value in red or black of what all players have won or lost in a week. You will see an At-Risk column near it showing the total dollar value of all pending wagers.

The Ptms Column displays adjustments or payments that you made during the week. A Balance Column shows a player’s balance in a week if they have stated that they will reset it. The column will show all account’s total running balance if your punters will roll their weekly balance, thus indicating the overall rollover balance figure.

The Weekly Balance section has another report with the same usage and columns as a Grand Total report. Yet, this report shows a list of each active player in an agent account.

Or, it alphabetically arranges individual gambler’s weekly and daily figures if you have many subagents. The report will have a distinct number for each player account.

Unlike the Grand Total report, you can tap the dollar figure for any day on the second Weekly report. It will show the stakes that each player placed on a particular day.

2. Player Reports

They help bookies identify regular players who place huge stakes. You might not achieve your weekly financial goal if these players don’t bet.

3.0 Live Betting Report

Online sportsbooks need to frequently review live gambling reports. Some pay per head companies offer them in premium packages as live betting is a key source of revenue for many betting firms.

4.0 Wagers Report

The report has several business units. Some PPH providers offer wagers reports that you can delete bets. Operators can make informed financial decisions once they study the business units.

5.0 Individual Sporting Events Report

The sporting event can be the National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals, the FIFA World Cup, or Super Bowl. It is wise to predict the results, review the hold percentage and previous activity reports.

Many entrepreneurs review different business reports to determine their cash flow, current financial position, and sale. Different pay per head reports help betting companies decide which players they will keep and the ones they will let go. You can find them in your pay per head site’s account.