Doing Things the Right Way

Most countries have gambling commissions and strict betting laws that govern all forms of gambling. They need bookies to apply for licenses before they start signing punters and to have sophisticated software that will protect their data and money.

Sometimes, gambling commissions track illegal bookies and close them. Read on to learn more about how to do things the right way as a bookie.

How to Sue a Bookie

Can a bookie go to jail? Many amateurs often ask this question after they make their first deposit and start betting.

You are likely to contact a bookmaker’s customer support first if they take unfair action. The representatives need to explain why they made a particular decision.

They might ask for extra documents to verify your identity before they release funds. This is a common requirement in many online bookies. For example, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission passed new laws in 2019 which need operators to verify clients when they sign up at their betting platforms.

If the customer support’s explanation hasn’t pleased you, you can approach the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) or the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). ASA hears advertisement complaints, while IBAS is an adjudicator that solves conflicts between betting operators and customers. The adjudication service is made up of experts who understand the betting industry and gambling laws.

The Gambling Commission helps clients who sportsbooks operators oppress when they breach their betting licenses’ terms. Its team of experts scrutinizes the terms and conditions that the bookmaker lists to ascertain that they are following the law. The ruling that the commission makes binds all parties.

IBAS registers new operators, and it aims at preventing both parties from entering into costly and lengthy legal proceedings. At times, IBAS rules betting cases worth over $10,000.

Cases that are higher than this figure will be presented to a court if a client and operator lack dispute settlement. Operators pay an annual registration fee to IBAS while players can access its services for free.

Having a Legal Standing

Some law firms handle gambling cases. Check if you can sue an operator before you approach a lawyer. So, you need to read the operator’s terms and conditions thoroughly.

Surprisingly, most clients who sued bookmakers in the past lost their cases. You need to have a strong case to get compensation. Also, you need to prove the operator has inapplicable or unreasonable terms.

An attorney can offer a fixed price to hear your case to provide several recommendations and options on what to do next. They can provide no-win no-fee funding though it isn’t guaranteed. Here is a gambling case that a client took to court:

A Gambler Sues Betfred for Refusing Payment

Andrew Green checked a game at Betfred and believed that he had won a huge payout. He won £1.7 million after playing the Magic Seven game and went to celebrate at a local pub. The betting site informed Green after five days that he wouldn’t receive the money as it had a “software malfunction” that caused the huge erroneous payout.

The bookie offered Green a £60,000 settlement and didn’t compel him to sign the nondisclosure agreement. The player declined the offer and went to the High Court.

Green claimed that Betfred bullied him and stated that he wouldn’t give up. He gradually increased his account balance from £3 to £600,000.

He won the jackpot and spent £2,500 on drinks. The case began on April 25, 2019.

It became popular, and “The One Show” aired it. Green received £10,000 from an unknown benefactor, and he used the money to re-sue Betfred in May 2019.

Casinos and sportsbooks provide many betting markets. But, some operators delay settling bets and withhold players’ winnings. A gambler can sue a bookie to their regional commission if someone hacked their betting account or if their account balance is mysteriously reduced.