3 Must Know Ways to Get FREE Money from Your Sports Book

For sports bettors, right now is one of the busiest times of the year and if you are not taking advantage of the great deals floating out there then you must do so now or be the loser in the end. There are fantastic contests, referrals and reload bonuses being offered up in droves. Get in now, get in while you can. The bookies have been hit hard this year and there is one reason for this; the NFL! The NFL has been a bettors dream this year. The bookmakers have lost money and lost it by the dumpster load. All that one needs to do is take a look back week for week in the NFL regular season and you will realize how many underdogs beat the spread. The bookies have been nuts about this and they will tell you, for justifiable cause.

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What are the bookies doing, they are trying to get your business now, more than ever. The best bookies out there are offering great deals to reload, and huge NFL player bonus for the playoffs. You may think that you are not a bonus player. You may seldom take a bonus but don’t be fooled, you can win a small fortune by playing a bonus. A 100% bonus usually come with a 10 time rollover so be sure to ask your favorite bookie for all of the details. You may even talk them into a 150% bonus and that usually comes with a 15 time rollover, however, online Sportsbooks want you and they are willing to offer up special deals, even on the 150%. Check it out and jump on a great bonus.

The contests are just as good. Many of the free sports betting contests that were offered during the regular season are being extended for the playoffs and the even better contest are the ones that require a nominal reload on your account. Don’t take these great contests’ for granted, they are well worth your time and when it’s all said and done you can win some fantastic money. The NBA and NHL are in full swing so, if you enjoy playing these sports as well as football, then now is the time to find a great contest and start winning free money every single week.

The NHL is an often forgotten sport, and that’s a tragedy! Don’t forget about the NHL and the money it can make for you. The home dogs are winning close to 70% of the time this season and that’s an unheard of number. Jump in, find a great NHL bonus and a contest or two and start stockpiling for the soon coming baseball season.

Don’t forget about referrals. Referring your friends to a sportsbook is a great way to make a pile of extra cash and the better bookies out there are offering a 10%, 15%, and even a 20% bonus to you for referring your friends. Find three friends that like to bet on sports and refer them. You can win a bundle this way. Why not make some money off your best buddy?

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Now is the time, the bookies are coming off of a sound thrashing after the NFL regular season and college football. Find those great deals on contests’, referrals, and reload bonuses. You won’t be sorry and you are the one who will walk away the winner. Call the bookie today and load up for a fantastic weekend and for the rest of the NFL playoffs, the NHL, NCAA basketball, and the NBA.

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