What Sports you Should be Looking At…

Are you offering sports betting to your best clients that want to gamble 24/7? If you are not, then you need to be right now! Listen, you must compensate for 2020. That was an unmitigated disaster and there is no excuse for 2021 to not be different. You can earn a great income this year, but you must act now and get in the game with a pay per head. The PPH (as it’s called) sets you up with an online gaming site and they build it for free. You get a sportsbook, a racebook, and a virtual casino. You get everything in a neat package, and you don’t have to know site building, web hosting, coding, or programming. All you need to know is how to fire up your mobile device, your laptop, or your desktop computer. The PPH is operated on an easy to use app. 

  • The NFL is a MUST for obvious reasons. If you have been around the world of sports betting for five minutes, then you know what a popular sport the NFL is to bet on. The best news in all of this, the NFL is difficult for gamblers to beat. They think they can beat it but they don’t! The NFL is tricky and in fact, it may be the very reason you are now a bookie and not a gambler! If you set sharp odds and appeal to the “sharp” player, you will win a windfall of money. The “sharp” player is not sharp, they think they are but, in the end, the house (you) always comes out ahead. The lines and odds are what’s most important in this equation so be sure that you are dealing with a pay per head that offers the best.
  • NCAA basketball is the best bet on sports of any. If you are not offering it then you MUST start today. March Madness is the most bet-on-month of betting action, all year long. There are 350 Division I teams that mix it up every week from November to April and you don’t want to miss a second. You will earn a fortune. 
  • NCAA Football is the next best sport for earning a fortune. There was once a day when this sport was predictable and fairly easy to beat. The gamblers had this sport figured out and it wasn’t that hard. The rule of thumb was to bet the big spread because they always covered and stayed away from close games. This is no longer the case, with few exceptions, NCAA football is unpredictable, and you will earn a pile of money. 
  • The NBA is one of the most difficult sports to bet on and win on any level. The spreads are difficult, the totals are difficult, and parlays are next to impossible. Teasers are even worse for the gambler. You want the NBA, and you want to offer every betting option. This will earn you more money than you ever thought possible. 
  • MLB, bettors think they have a “system”, ha, they don’t. They will pick a handful of teams and ride the best pitchers all-season or ride the first 5-innings all season. Over time, you will win. You may see some short term losses, but the house will always be the winner. Baseball appeals to many players from all across the USA, making the sport a ‘must-have’ for any serious bookie. 
  • Soccer, offer it, even if you don’t like it. You will earn big money. Soccer lines are difficult to beat and there is a three-way line that gives the house an added advantage. You will also be appealing to a much broader base of clients. You must offer soccer. 
  • The NHL is the last but not the least sport we will talk about. This sport is a beast to beat! This is a sport that also offers a three-way line, and the games are highly unpredictable. You will win in the NHL; this is a guarantee. 

Find a great PPH and ask them for a FREE gaming website. Tell them you want a sportsbook, facebook, and a casino for no added cost. You can expect to pay around $7 per head. You can be operational in a day or two. Make the call. 

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