The evolution of gambling between Europe and America

Sports bettors in America have always had the tendency to focus on local sports and leagues, and with enough reason, we must say; some of the best athletes in the world compete in American sports. The way each season is setup, the high-quality sport venues, the level of greatness we can witness in each NFL, NBA or MLB season, is undeniable. However, we know this system is not perfect, and we all know the impact that high or low season can have in a sportsbook. With the arrival of new technologies and our high levels of connectivity with the rest of the world, we have come to know and realize that sports betting markets in Europe are huge as well, and that there are certain things we can learn or adapt from them, that can help us have an even better experience overall.

We’ve been hearing the term “globalization” for many years now, and we’ve been learning what it means and how to live with it. Sports betting is not far from it, as bettors are always looking for more things to bet on, more sports, more leagues, more excitement and adrenaline. And this applies for both sides, of course, we now see NFL games being played in London, NBA games taking place in different cities in Europe and even Asia, and we also see important soccer games like Real Madrid vs Barcelona being played in Miami, for example.

All of this has brought obvious changes and adaptations to sports betting, and it’s important that you are aware of them, and that you’re able to adapt and evolve with the industry, so that your players will always find what they’re looking for, when they log-in to your sportsbook.

Price per Head brings you closer to European markets

Diversification is key now a days, for any sportsbook in the world and, as we were saying before, European markets can work great, when it comes to getting rid of low season and high season. The biggest European events are soccer leagues and tournaments, and they’re usually played between August and June, while international tournaments take place in July. This means year-round sports betting, when we mix American and European markets, and dealt the right way, this means tons of money for bookies in general.

Price per Head experts like will help you offer these markets, with the best line and risk management. Some of the sharpest line managers in the business are right here with us, and are ready to take care of your operation, allowing you to expand your options and keep your players active all year long. Not only that, but you will also be able to deal props, future bets and live wagering on all the best games and leagues, and you know that this means volume and money coming in.

Gambling in America and in Europe is not that different after all, players are only looking for entertainment, for a place where they can feel safe and have a pleasant betting experience any time they want. Are you ready to give this to your customers? Contact right now for a top pph service and let’s get going!

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