How to Pick a Baseball Handicapper

There is a lot to think about when deciding where to get your sports picks. We look at how to pick a baseball handicapper.

Key Points

– Transparency is the key to picking a baseball handicapper.

– Social media can help you pick a baseball handicapper.

How to Pick a Baseball Handicapper

People today are more connected than ever before thanks to the growth of social media. You can use social media to connect with virtually anyone. Looking to reshape your body? Want to know more about crypto? Or, maybe you just want to know how to bet on baseball and win money.

The bottom line is that you can find someone online for just about anything. The bad thing about that is that there are a lot of less than desirable people out there who will try and scam you. 

There is no question that buying sports picks will win you money. However, it takes a sharp eye to know how to choose a reliable baseball handicapper. Here, we outline the best and worst methods for figuring out which sports handicappers are worthy of your money. 

Transparency Is Key When Picking a Baseball Handicapper

This is an easy one. Don’t give a sports handicapper your money if you can’t find a thorough public record of their wins and losses. Genuine handicappers will be more than happy to tout their track record as a whole rather than just their victories. 

If a handicapper withholds this information, they are likely hiding something. If they are hiding something, they are more than likely a scammer. If you can’t verify a capper’s record, stay away.

The best cappers in the business have nothing to hide. The best win roughly 55 to 60 percent of the time. They have some crazy winning streaks, but whether it’s betting the NBA playoffs or a whole season of baseball, the winning percentage is usually in the high 50s.

Don’t Fall for the Hype

Unfortunately, more sports bettors than you might think fall into this trap. After all, pictures of someone riding in a bright red Ferrari while holding bundles of cash are much sexier than a paragraph boasting a 55 percent winning percentage. 

Wealth is not a reliable indicator of a person’s skill at sports betting. The only thing a flashy lifestyle indicates is a need for attention. Don’t fall for the fancy cars and claims of outrageous winning percentages. 

Don’t skimp on your sportsbook either. Make sure you have a top online sportsbook that offers everything a bettor wants plus quick payouts and live betting.

Check Them Out on Social Media

Too many scammers in this industry will use social media to prop themselves up. Remember, people put their best foot forward online. They want to put off an impression of how great they are and how great their business is. 

There is certainly nothing wrong with doing that, but it can cloud one’s judgment. You should check out a capper on social media. When you do so, be sure to look at various posts and read the comments. You can learn a great deal about a baseball handicapper just by reading what others have written about them online.

Keep in mind that a few bad reviews or posts online among many positive ones may not be a sign for alarm. Think of the biggest, most successful businesses. They likely have some negative comments from customers. You can’t please everyone all the time.


Avoid a Baseball Handicapper That Only Plays Big Games

It’s challenging to wager exclusively on sides (the moneyline or spread), especially for major sports like the NFL and the NBA. Sportsbooks receive the most action on these lines, so oddsmakers spend a lot of time studying them. Because of this, it is difficult to find value and even more difficult to win a lot of bets.

Because of this, the majority of successful sports handicappers diversify. The best in the business search for value and find it in playing different teams, different sports, and different bet types. 

Bettors can search for all their needs with an elite-level online betting portal. Find scores, odds, stats, and more to help your MLB handicapping efforts. You can use a capper too.

In baseball, for example, a strong handicapper will play the First Five Innings when an ace pitcher takes the mound. For a good capper, the hunt for best bets takes time. Find one that plays more than just one sport or one type of bet.

Select a Baseball Handicapper Based on Profile

The product that handicappers are selling is their picks. A handicapper should be willing to have his or her real name attached to that product. 

It makes a baseball handicapper seem more reliable to provide some level of personal information – a picture, their hometown, location, education, etc. Some personal information as well as knowing the capper can help you in learning how to bet MLB run lines is valuable.

When you entrust a money manager with your savings, you are offered tons of information about that person and his or her organization. Nobody in their right mind would give money to someone who wouldn’t even reveal a minimal amount of their identity. 

Naturally, we don’t expect handicappers to always use their full legal name or disclose their cell phone number for privacy reasons, but you have a right to some level of transparency. 

Don’t Enroll in a Coaching Service

In addition to selling picks, some sports handicappers also offer their services as “gambling coaches.” To put it bluntly, don’t utilize one of these services. 

The best advice you’ll get is to put in a lot of effort, research betting strategies, learn more about particular sports, and then use this newly discovered methodology to your sports wagers. Nothing new will be taught to you that you don’t already know or can find for free. 

You can learn things like the Maria staking strategy by reading about it online. You don’t need a coach.

The only way to improve as a bettor is to put in the effort in honing your skills. A gambling coach is short for “money grab.”