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Doug Knudson

NFL 20-8 (72% for +$8,050) Last 28

#1 NBA 2021 +$24,305

NBA 75-52-3 (60% for +$18,170) Last 130

MLB 60-32-1 (66% for +$3893) Last 93

Making my 1st bet in 4th grade on the Minnesota Vikings in the Superbowl and looking at a 1953 Trophy every day in my office that my Grandfather won in LA winnings a YMCA Football Picking Contest - Sports betting in my blood is an understatement! As long as I can remember, I've always been interested in sports statistics and what worked and what didn't in predicting winners!

In grade school - I remember staying up all night figuring what situations worked and didn't in predicting ATS winners - riding the bus to downtown Portland on Friday Nights to bars to hand in my parlay cards for the weekend - got the name Jimmy the Greek Jr. for the success of hitting 4-team parlay cards - again all before High School!

The researching and reading books on Sports Betting (first books - Wayne Root and Lem Banker) never stopped. High School, started to develop my own Power Ratings for each team in the NFL and College football. I was discovering exactly what factors worked best for developing my Power Ratings then started to translate those Power Ratings to basketball teams.

Off to college - I went to school in the Bay Area Majoring in Business - Emphasizing in Statistics and Probability. Started to add several factors to my personal power rating I made for each team and then started to develop Math Models (along with the help of my professor) which vastly improved the probabilities percentage. The main reason you want to rely on numbers is to avoid being emotional, using instincts and recency bias which lead sports handicappers to overreactions!

Junior year in college - I started up a handicapping service and went public to try out my selections using the math models I developed - being Monitored by The Sports Monitor - from OK, I earned several Top 10 rankings including a few #1's - all against some of the Biggest Names in the Industry.

Off to Vegas (1992) - I continued to run my Sports Service which was gaining steam and increasing my clientele membership each and every month - I was part of some of the biggest Handicapper "Stables" in the country. Was also fortunate to be invited to do guest spots on sports betting radio shows - which led to more exposure here in Vegas.

Asked to use my talents on the other side of the counter - I was offered a position at a prominent Sports Book on the Strip and soon became involved helping create and moving sports betting odds. Using my love and background with the mixture of Statistics, Probabilities and Sports - I found a New Love. Conflict of interest arose along with deciding to devote full time to my new career - I decided to put my Sports Service on hold. During the Two+ decades of working for the Biggest Sports Books and Bookmakers in the industry - I have also gotten to know several successful Professional Sports Bettors along the way and was able to pick their brains. There was ONE common factor they all used - their Own Numbers!! Some couldn't name a player on most college basketball teams they bet on - but labeled each team with a solid number and came up with very powerful lines to compare with, which helped them make a comfortable living while keeping their emotions in check.

Then the Pandemic Hit - after grinding numbers for the Sports Betting Industry for 29 years - I decided to step aside and spend more time with the family and get back to the love of Handicapping Sporting events. With the unparalleled experience I've gained on both sides of the counter - studying and tweaking my math models with weighting the factors that matter most - I decided to go public once more and share the wealth!

Recently in 2016, I decided to use my ever-improving math models in the popular Covers "Ultimate Race" contest. My Models were Incredibly Successful - helping me finish in 1st Place - beating out over 7k entrants!!

•  All Football 26-12 (69% for +$7780) Last 38 - All Picks
•  NCAAF 17-9 (66% for +$4955) Last 26 - All Picks
•  MLB 66-36-1 (65% for +$3724) Last 103 - All Picks
•  NBA 131-94-6 (59% for +$28095) Last 231 - All Picks
•  NFL 21-10 (68% for +$7175) Last 31 - All Picks
•  NBA 75-52-3 (60% for +$18170) Last 130 - All Picks

Monday, September 27, 2021
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) - 8:15 PM EDT Premium Pick
Pick: Point Spread: 3.5/-110     Philadelphia Eagles   Rating: 7* Score Not Available
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•  All Leagues 19-9 (68% for +$4656)
•  NCAAF 2021 10-3 (77% for +$4500)
•  NFL 2021 3-2 (60% for +$325)

Last 30 Days' Results
•  All Leagues 48-31-2 (61% for +$6020)
•  NCAAF 2021 19-14-1 (58% for +$3755)
•  NFL 2021 9-3 (75% for +$2825)
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Tricky NFL Week 17 - Who's Playing Cheat Sheet!!
Jan 3, 2021

Cardinals - QB Murray - Playing Hurt

Rams - QB - Goff - Out

Wash - QB - Smith - Playing Hurt

Dolphins- QB - Fitzpatrick - Out

Bills - WR - Beasley - Out - WR - Brown - Playing

Browns - Top 4 WR - Playing - (All Out last week)

Saints - RB - Kamara - Out

Eagles - DT - Cox - Playing Hurt

Texans- QB - Watson - Playing Hurt

Chiefs - QB - Mahomes - Out ...  read more


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