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Don Wallace

My numbers speak for themselves. I never LOSE! Every year, I am 55 to 65 games over 500. Don't believe me, then just follow me for a few months.
The Las Vegas Review Journal once referred to Don Wallace as "the next big thing" in our industry. Throughout his 27 years as a professional handicapper in New Orleans, he served as a consultant to some of the biggest sports bettors on the Gulf Coast. Dons streetsmart handicapping style can best be described as a true contrarian. He takes a very detailed and comprehensive approach to isolating on the LIVE DOG. Teams in the underdog role that he believes have a viable chance of winning outright. Moreover, Don is a highly selective, low volume player that uses his unique mathematical models and power ratings to identify in- season statistical performance patterns to provide only the sharpest plays on the board. His power ratings are based on a proprietary algorithm. Throughout the years, Don has cultivated an unparalleled network of contacts (on both sides of the counter) from Vegas to offshore. After a 10 year hiatus and several weeks of talks, we are happy to announce that all of Don's plays can be found here exclusively on vegastopdogs.com. We welcome him and all of his clients back. 2023 SUMMARY: It is imperative that my potential clients read this. My wagering season is over until football season. My objective every year is to be 55 to 65 games over 500 in the 4 sports that I bet. NFL, MLB, NBA and College Football. This year I finished +66 games over 500. In the NFL, I was 53-37 ATS, 59% +16 games. MLB, I was 66-49 59% +17. NBA, I was 66-48 ATS 58% +18 games. Finally, in college football, I was 46-31 ATS %60 +15. My objective is to be 15 games over 500 in each sport. Sometimes there are some flex points that dictate a few extra plays, but for the most part, this is where I draw the line. Because of this, I am strongly considering doing away with my weekly and monthly subscriptions. I ran into some problems this year with those who purchased those subscriptions. In December of 2022, some of the people who purchased weekly and monthly subscriptions were livid that I was only releasing plays in the NBA and not college or pro football. I had already reached my quotas in football. My approach is very similar to playing the stock market. Once I have made my money, I am going to get out before any "regression" occurs. My objective is to make my clients money, not entertain you with games to wager on. If you are serious about winning, or doubling your bankroll for the year, then get on board with the yearly subscription. However, be advised, I only wager on the 4 aforementioned sports.

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Don's 7-Day ALL SPORTS pass
Don Wallace is one of the most sought after handicappers in the nation, and continues to CRUSH THE BOOKS year after year. We are already 51-17-2 ATS the last 30 days. My clients are making money hand over fist. I am not here to pitch you. I dont have to. I let my numbers do the talking. The 7-Day all access pass is our most popular package. Get on board, YOU WILL WIN! Every year I am in the 60% percentile range with absolutely the SHARPEST plays of the week. - $149.00

30-Day All Picks All Sports
Don Wallace is one of the most sought after handicappers in the nation, and continues to CRUSH THE BOOKS year after year. Currently on a monster tear 51-17-2 ATS in the last 30 days and I vow to all my clients to on the money season after season. The 30-Day all access pass is one of our most popular packages. Get on board, YOU WILL WIN! Every year I am in the 60% percentile range with absolutely the SHARPEST plays of the week. - $299.00

1 year All Access Pass(Best Value)
Don Wallace is one of the most sought after handicappers in the nation, and continues to CRUSH THE BOOKS year after year. Currently on a monster tear 51-17-2 ATS last 30 days. I vow to all my clients to put you in the plus column every season. Get ALL PICKS in ALL SPORTS for the next year! SUPER VALUE and comes out to just $150/month. If you can't afford that you shouldn't be gambling. Get on board, YOU WILL WIN! Every year I am in the 60% percentile range with absolutely the SHARPEST plays of the week. - $1,800.00


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Don Wallace Release Times
In this business, you cannot just do what's convenient or easy. I have several monitors throughout my office and house. I am watching line movement 24/7. When I get my number on a game, or I see the betting syndicates "steaming" a number up, I know it's time to move. In football, I generally bet the vast majority of my games Monday as soon as the lines come out. 80% of my plays in football are UNDERDOGS. You get your best value early in the week. Vegas generally allows the professionals to take the first crack at their lines, then adjust them accordingly. My clients know you have to be on standby with a couple outs ready.
Don Wallace Rating System
Game Theory 101 has taught me, from a "statistic and probability"standpoint, each game is it's own separate entity. Because there are only two possible results that affect the money , the game of chance is expressed in a 50/50 equation. Mathematically, people who assign a game with these ridiculous unit ratings, do so arbitrarily. Again, when there is only one of two possible results. How specifically does someone arrive at one game having a better chance of winning when you are numerically unable to cannot substantiate it.
Don Wallace Money Management
I employ a "flat betting system, that allocates a fixed percentage of my bankroll. Generally, 3% to 4% in football and 2% in all other sports. It's a very simple but disciplined approach to money management. I typically wager more in football because my annual winning percentages are in the 60 percentile range year after year. However, because of my background in baseball wagering, when it comes to playing favorites in football, I do not hesitate to jump on the moneyline. My approach is to identify the strongest play on the board and get in and turn a profit. Even though I may be on a team that is -310 on the moneyline, my unit size never changes. My rate of return may be smaller than if I would have bet the the game at -110 on the line............but consider all those games you lose on the hook, by 1 point or even a push. My only objective is to make the highest percentage play on the board that will enable myself and my clients to make money. Unlike most, I have a cut off point with any sport that I bet. My objective is to make money and move on. For example, in college football this year I was 35-21 ATS 62%, 14 games over 500. That's basically my target number, 13 to 15 games over 500 in every sport that I wager on. Staying with my college football example, 62% over 56 plays..........really, that is as good as it gets. If I was to continue to keep grinding, I would inevitably give some of my profits back. Again, I am in the business of making my clients and myself money. I am writing this 11/18/22, and I am also 35-14 ATS 72% in the NFL..........I have 4 very strong plays this week, however, this will be my last week betting the NFL. I do not wager on college basketball. I will focus on the NBA until baseball season. My objective is to be 55 to 65 games over 500 every year. This is how I pay the bills. The same plays my clients receive are the same games I am betting.

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