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AC's 2016 College Football Recruiting Review
AC Dinero Feb 18, 2016  
Recruiting in college football is the life-line of every program, similar to what the draft is to the NFL. Underclassmen play much more now than in years past. It used to be handicappers would focus on the recruiting classes from three and four years ago. Not anymore. Now, all four classes must be considered. The reasons are they come in better prepared out of high school, many enroll early ...  read more
AC's 2016 Super Bowl Prop Bets
AC Dinero Jan 27, 2016  
The Super Bowl is the single most bet sporting event in the world. It’s not just the game or totals, but every prop bet you can think of. Some of the most popular ones are the over/under on the National Anthem, the coin toss, whether someone cries, will there be a safety, who will score the first TD, and totals on individual player yardage. Pertaining to the game, most of the prop bets are ...  read more
AC's Preview of the 2016 NFL Playoffs
AC Dinero Jan 5, 2016  
NFL Playoff Analysis Here is a synopsis of each team in the 2016 NFL Playoffs AFC 1) Denver: The Broncos certainly have the defense to win the super bowl. The question is at QB: will it be Peyton Manning or Brock Oswieller. My guess it’s Manning since he came off the bench to replace a struggling Oswieller. But Manning has had his struggles as well. They’ve also had problems along the offen ...  read more
How to Handicap a College Football Bowl Game
AC Dinero Dec 17, 2015  
One of the questions I get at this time of year is what is the difference between handicapping a bowl game versus a regular season game? And it is a good question because there are differences. The top one is, without question, motivation. The first think I look for when looking at the bowls is who is in a game they don’t want to be and and who is. At least a quarter of the games will fit into ...  read more
What Makes a Good Organization
AC Dinero Dec 8, 2015  
I recently read Bill Polian’s book “The Game Plan” and got to thinking: What makes a good organization and how can that info help us handicappers? The main thing I got from the book was leadership and how running a football organization isn’t all that different from running a corporation. Both need an idea to promote and a vision of what it will look like when it’s finished. Henry Ford’s idea ...  read more
What's the Best Way to Handicap a Week of Football?
AC Dinero Nov 7, 2015  
Having a system in place when handicapping a given week of football can help you sort out the relevant information and save you time. On average there are approximately 75 games a week. That is a lot of information to process. So how should you go about handicapping the week? First, I like to print out all of the matchups so I can have them in front of me. I look at the opening line and stud ...  read more
Should You Buy the Hook?
AC Dinero Oct 19, 2015  
If you’ve ever placed a bet with a sports book, one of the options you are asked is “do you want to buy the hook”? The hook is the half point. If the spread is 3.5, they you have the option to buy it down to 3. The most common time bettors will buy the hook is on the key lines of 3 and 7. The question I would ask myself is “why would Vegas offer me this”? I look at it the same way I do teasers ...  read more
Why You shouldn't Overreact Early in the Season
AC Dinero Sep 23, 2015  
One common error novice bettors make is overreacting to the first couple of games of the season. It’s human nature to only remember that last image, especially when it is a negative one. And if you got burnt by any of those teams, you’ve probably convinced yourself you are never taking them again. Teams are never as good as they looked the week before or as bad. Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and ...  read more
AC's 2015 College Football Disappointments
AC Dinero Sep 7, 2015  
AC’s college football disappointments for 2015 Georgia Tech: The Yellow Jackets are coming off a big year where they surprised many and qualified for a New Year’s 6 bowl. Their quirky style with the triple option is tough for teams to prepare for. 13 (5 8) starters are back, but the Wramblin’ Wreck won’t be sneaking up on teams and will be playing with expectations. Their defense wasn’t great ...  read more
AC's College Football Sleepers
AC Dinero Sep 4, 2015  
AC’s college football sleepers for 2015 North Carolina: The Tar Heels return 17 (10 7) starters to a team that quite frankly has underachieved the past few seasons. They’ve been sort of an enigma, and as a result, head coach Larry Fedora finds himself on the hot seat. Former Auburn head coach Gene Chizek was brought in to fix the defense, which has been the crux of the problem. There is tale ...  read more
How Important is it to Start with a Handicapper Early in the Season
AC Dinero Aug 11, 2015  
A question I seem to get quite often is how important is it to sign up with a professional handicapper early in the season. I believe the answer lies in the question in itself. After all, it is a challenge to process all of the information available and determine what is relevant and what is not. A large portion of the betting public will usually go on-their-own during the first month of the ...  read more
Kentucky Derby Preview
AC Dinero May 4, 2015  
Kentucky Derby This year’s Derby sets up like most of the others. There should be 9 horses looking to be a length or two off the lead. Of course, it is highly unlikely there could be that many bunched together at the half mile post. Hopefully, I’ll identify those that will have trouble getting in front and, in all likelihood, fade at the end. There isn’t a true speed horse in this race, and t ...  read more
Are you a Square or a Star
AC Dinero Apr 15, 2015  
In my article on why 95% of bettors lose, I referenced “Squares” vs “Stars”. These are terms that Vegas will use to identify a certain type of bettor. As you may have guessed, they don’t think much of squares and respect stars. The first part of this article will list the characteristics of a square, and the second part, a star. If you find you identify with the squares, pay very close attenti ...  read more
5 Reasons Why 95% of Bettors lose
AC Dinero Apr 1, 2015  
Have you ever wondered why some bookmakers can retire in their 30’s or how others can make a living betting entirely on sports? This article will address the first. In a subsequent article, I’ll address the latter in stars vs squares. The following is a list that states what most losers do when betting on sports.

1. Betting favorites and overs: the odds-maker knows the public bet these and ...  read more

Handicapping March Madness
AC Dinero Mar 15, 2015  
March is the time of year that sees many new bettors flock to the world of college basketball, whether it’s the frenzy of opportunities in the conference tournaments or just the thrill of filling out a field of 64 bracket. The conference tournaments are a team’s last chance to get in, or just to improve their seeding (which doesn’t mean all that much anyway). But teams can also be set up for a l ...  read more
How to Measure the Success of a Handicapper
AC Dinero Mar 1, 2015  
One major challenge for sports bettors looking for handicappers is how can they determine if the capper is any good? Most bettors look at two things; winning percentage and units earned, i.e.; profit. Both of these are very important, but can be misleading on the surface. But what if a high winning percentage doesn't translate into profits, meaning what if a handicapper loses a disproportionate nu ...  read more
Is the line the most important factor in handicapping?
AC Dinero Feb 16, 2015  
Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of handicapping a game involves analyzing the line. It’s the first thing you see right after the matchups are announced. But many bettors leave it at that. Unless the line moves a lot, most bettors won’t consider it when making their selections. Some won’t even do that. They will just move on to the fundamental/situational analysis of the process. Perhaps th ...  read more
How to incorporate recruiting into your college football handicapping
AC Dinero Feb 2, 2015  
Recruiting is the lifeblood of every college football program, similar to what the draft is for NFL teams. Signing day has become a major production, just as the NFL draft has. Recruiting takes up the majority of a college football coach’s time. How many times have you heard about bowl games (extending them) and the CFB eating up into recruiting time for coaches? All you have to do is ask thei ...  read more
Why you should always use flat bets
AC Dinero Jan 27, 2015  
Success with investing in sporting events is no different than any other investment. One needs to select the correct vehicle, in our case games, and manage their portfolio, in our case bankroll. Failure at either one will surely spell doom to any investment plan. This article covers the latter, managing our bankroll. Bankroll simply refers to money we set aside to invest in sporting events. I ...  read more

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