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Turning Favorites into Underdogs with MLB BASEBALL
Joe Gavazzi Mar 29, 2016  
There wasn’t much choice back in 1979, or for at least the next decade after that to follow. If you wanted to know something about an outcome of a game from a historical or technical perspective, you spent the time to do the laborious task of logging the results by hand, followed by the tedious hours of researching those handwritten results. You had better damn sure make your hypotheses good befo ...  read more
2016 College Bubble Teams
Joe Gavazzi Feb 29, 2016  
We are three weeks away from the March 13th Selection Sunday date. If you are viewing ESPN these days, and have an interest in the upcoming NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, then Joe Lunardi has become one of your “new best friends”. As Chief “bracketologist” for the ESPN network, it is Joe’s job to tell us each day “who is in, and who is out”. In short, which teams are “on the bubble”. ...  read more
CCT’s …the Most Exciting and Unique Time of the Year
Joe Gavazzi Feb 29, 2016  
CCT’s …the Most Exciting and Unique Time of the Year By Joe Gavazzi, Winning Sports Advice Monday, February 29, 2016 CCT’s…College Conference Tourneys…have been around for over forty years. By the year 2000, with the help of multiple cable networks, they had grown into the most exciting and unique time of the year. There are 32 leagues that comprise the Division I group of NCAA teams. All but ...  read more
College Football Super D
Joe Gavazzi Oct 14, 2015  
We have played 6 weeks of the 2015 CFB season with many squads having already completed 50% of their regular season schedule. With teams now well-entrenched into the conference season, it is time to take a look at the nation’s best defenses. In this era of high-tech offenses, most notably exhibited in the Big 12 and PAC 12, it is still important to pay respect to the old adage that “defense wins ...  read more
Joe Gavazzi Oct 8, 2015  
If you have been following along since early August, I have written numerous articles regarding the importance of the running game, as a statistical indicator, to isolate ATS success. The 2 major areas that we focused on were the disparity in the opponents’ rushing yardage in a specific game, as well as the number of rushing attempts. In addition, we reviewed numbers regarding TO margin and the ...  read more
Joe Gavazzi Aug 13, 2015  
By Joe Gavazzi

If you are reading this article about NFL turnovers, you will be shocked at the conclusion that the fate of your hard-earned money is definitively linked to the turnover margin in any NFL game. The numbers I am about to quote you below have held true for decades. They confirm the fact that a team’s net TO margin is directly linked with the pointspread outcome of the ...  read more

2015 College Football TOP 10 OVERRATED TEAMS
Joe Gavazzi Aug 13, 2015  
By this time in the year seemingly every website and every CFB handicapper has formulated a list of this year’s overrated CFB teams. Unfortunately, this is a highly subjective list, filled with personal opinions with firm lines yet to be set on the opening week of play and August training camp still to occur. Much can happen between now and when the ball goes in the air in early September. ...  read more
Tracking the OPS as Starting Pitcher Indicator
Joe Gavazzi May 19, 2015  
Tracking the OPS as Starting Pitcher Indicator By Joe Gavazzi, Winning Sports Advice Monday, May 18, 2015 Last week I authored an article entitled “Using the OPS as Ultimate Arbiter.” In it, I proved that teams who had among the BEST OPS batting AND pitching OPS had among the best records in baseball. The opposite proved to be true that the teams who had the WORST OPS in batting and pitching ...  read more
Using the OPS as Ultimate Arbiter for 2015 MLB
Joe Gavazzi May 12, 2015  
Using the OPS as Ultimate Arbiter By Joe Gavazzi, Winning Sports Advice Monday, May 11, 2015

Baseball has often been described as a “game of inches.” That statement is true of all sports to a degree. But in baseball, the statement seems particularly relevant. It is a matter of inches whether a pitched ball is within the strike zone. Ground balls through the infield often evade an outstret ...  read more


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