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Los Angeles Rams Under 7 1/2 Wins
Stephen Nover Aug 20, 2017  
It has taken 22 years, but Los Angeles has the Rams back. They can have them. My strongest over/under NFL regular-season win total recommendation is Rams Under 7 1/2 victories. Todd Gurley and a strong defensive line can't cover up all the other Rams' weaknesses. It's not a fluke the Rams haven't made the playoffs in 11 years, nor finished in the top 10 in points and yards since 2006. ...  read more
Top 10 Things Learned from Week 1 in the NFL
Stephen Nover Sep 12, 2016  
Lots of opening week NFL story lines. Now that the Sunday results are in here are 10 things I learned:

1. Never fade Bill Belichick when he's an underdog. The Patriots are 6-1 as 'dogs the past two plus seasons. They've won all six of those games straight-up.

2. To paraphrase the late Dennis Green, "The Colts are who we thought they were and the Lions didn't let them off the hook." The ...  read more

Don't Count Out Vikings
Stephen Nover Aug 31, 2016  
Anybody writing off the Minnesota Vikings because they lost Teddy Bridgewater for the season is making a mistake. Unlike most NFL teams, the Vikings are ground-oriented. Their MVP is Adrian Peterson not their quarterback. Peterson led the NFL in rushing last season. He's a top-four runner again this season, one of only three franchise running backs with the others being Todd Gurley and Ezekiel ...  read more
Giants team to beat in NFC East
Stephen Nover Jul 15, 2016  
The NFC East is wide open. The Cowboys, Giants and Redskins are all plus $2.00 to win the division with the Eagles at plus $2.85, according to current odds at thegreek.com. This is a very flawed division. But I believe the Giants are the best of a bad lot. Tom Coughlin damaged his Hall of Fame chances by hanging around too long. The Giants haven't made the playoffs the past four seasons. The ...  read more
All-Star Game Suggestion
Stephen Nover Jul 11, 2016  
Instead of giving the league that wins the All-Star Game home-field advantage in the World Series, the rule should be changed. Home-field advantage in the World Series should go to the league whose team finished with the best record. The Baseball All-Star Game still is the best of the major sports' All-Star games. But it started to lose its luster once Pete Rose played in his final All-Sta ...  read more
Baseball Shouldn't Suspend Machado
Stephen Nover Jun 8, 2016  
Major League baseball shouldn't suspend Manny Machado for punching out Yordano Ventura last night. They should honor Machado instead. This is just the hard-throwing 25-year-old Ventura's third full year in the majors and already he's established himself as a classless punk, despised in many cities, including Oakland, Anaheim, Chicago and Baltimore. Ventura was out to get Machado. That was ...  read more
Stay away from Cincinnati Reds
Stephen Nover May 28, 2016  
The Big Red Machine these 2016 Cincinnati Reds are not. My advice: Stay away ... far away. I tried to make John Lamb work. Two starts later I've learned my lesson, a costly lesson at that as Lamb gave up nine earned runs in 9 2/3 innings on 13 hits and six walks. He's back on the fantasy baseball waiver wire where I should have left him. Raisel Iglesias is promising, but he's on the DL with ...  read more
Most Underrated Pitcher
Stephen Nover May 20, 2016  
There are only four pitchers who have an unbeaten record this season when having at least five victories. The first three are somewhat easy to name - Chris Sale, Jake Arrieta and Stephen Strasburg. The fourth one is my candidate for most underrated, under-the-radar starter: Cleveland's Josh Tomlin. Tomlin is 6-0 this season. The Indians have won all seven of his starts. Tomlin's ERA is ...  read more
Best Player in the 2016 NFL Draft is ...
Stephen Nover Apr 24, 2016  
Both the Rams and Eagles traded up so they will be picking first and second in the NFL draft this year. Unless something unforeseen happens, I doubt either team selects the best player in the draft. I have St. Louis and Philadelphia each taking a quarterback with the Rams going for Jared Goff and the Eagles selecting Carson Wentz. Neither of those players is among the top two players in my view ...  read more
Eagles Likely to Crash and Burn
Stephen Nover Apr 21, 2016  
The Philadelphia Eagles have been relatively quiet since firing Chip Kelly before the end of his third season with them. The turbulence and controversy hasn't stopped, though. The Eagles just moved up to No. 2 in the draft by giving up their No. 1, No. 3 and No. 4 draft choices this season plus their No. 1 and No. 2 draft picks next year to the Browns to move up six spots in the draft plus get ...  read more
UNLV, Chris Beard Mess
Stephen Nover Apr 17, 2016  
Put off hiring a college basketball coach for a week and make a million dollars. That's a formula UNLV accidentally stumbled upon with Chris Beard. Beard is one of those slimy Bobby Petrinoish kind of coaches whose word doesn't mean anything. UNLV looks bad on this, but Beard shouldn't emerge from this fiasco untainted. Beard gets his dream job of coaching Texas Tech - unless the Washington ...  read more
From Big Dance to Little Dance
Stephen Nover Mar 29, 2016  
The inaugural Vegas 16 Tournament is the flip side to the NCAA Tournament. I'd be surprised if there were more than 100 tickets legitimately sold for Monday's opening round at Mandalay Bay. Oh yes, there were eight teams in the tournament not 16. Each team paid $50,000 for the dubious honor, receiving airfare and hotel accommodations. I'm thinking of competing against this tournament by lau ...  read more
Think Mets not Cubs
Stephen Nover Mar 15, 2016  
Let's switch gears a second from basketball and talk baseball. Are they even going to have a 2016 National League season since everyone seems to think the Chicago Cubs are a lock for the World Series? As a long-time Cubs follower from the days of the late, great Ernie Banks, I can tell you to hoist up an Old Style but don't even dare to dream of a World Series. I'm still collecting pieces of my ...  read more
Total Eclipse of the Suns
Stephen Nover Feb 23, 2016  
I always had a certain amount of empathy for the Phoenix Suns during the Steve Nash-Amar'e Stoudemire-Shawn Marion era. They had some excellent teams back then, but the deck seemed stack against the small-market team going against the Lakers and superbly-coached Spurs.

Now the Suns are making the old Washington Generals look like the Golden State Warriors. There was a lot of forum and Twitt ...  read more

Celtics Worth a Shot
Stephen Nover Feb 12, 2016  
Looking for an NBA sleeper? How about the Boston Celtics to win the Eastern Conference at 15-1. Boston has the third-best record in the East at 32-23 behind Cleveland's 38-14 and Toronto's 35-17. The Celtics are coming on winning 10 of their last 12. They have a deep roster, Isaiah Thomas has emerged as an All-Star guard and the team is well-coached thanks to Brad Stevens. Talent-wise, the C ...  read more
NFL Hall of Fame Inductees
Stephen Nover Feb 7, 2016  
Now that Brett Favre is in the Hall of Fame can he still come back to play? Hey, rumors had the Rams interested in Peyton Manning. Favre still has his fastball unlike Manning. Favre joins Jim Brown and the late Wilt Chamberlain has the only retired all-time greats who I thought still could play many years after they left the game. I don't have a major problem with any of this year's NFL H ...  read more
Packers Need New Leadership
Stephen Nover Jan 17, 2016  
Not too many quarterbacks are capable of winning a Super Bowl without a dominant defense. Aaron Rodgers is. Yet, for the sixth time in seven years, the Packers aren't going to the Super Bowl. Only once during this span have the Packers even won two playoff games in a season - the year they did win the Super Bowl, 2010. Yes, luck is involved. So is superior coaching and aggressive moves by the f ...  read more
Seahawks-Vikings Weather
Stephen Nover Jan 7, 2016  
I remember the great Minnesota Vikings teams of Bud Grant with their "Purple People Eaters" defense. The Vikings played their games outdoors back then. I can still clearly recall bruising fullback Bill Brown with his crewcut and short sleeves in zero degree weather. The Vikings are back playing outdoors, at least temporarily, and this adds a serious element of randomness to their Sunday aftern ...  read more
Could NFL be dead in 10 years?
Stephen Nover Jan 5, 2016  
In 10 years - perhaps less - professional football will be out of business as we know it today. Those are scary and mind-boggling words. They were written by Michael Gray in an article that appeared in the Sunday sports section of the New York Post. Gray writes that NFL football can't survive the way it is now. He cites four main reasons for having these views. They are: Concussions: Co ...  read more
Packers Should Punt NFC North Title Game
Stephen Nover Dec 28, 2015  
Entering their bye in Week 7, Green Bay was in the discussion for best team in the NFL. Since then, the Packers have gone 4-5 straight-up and against the spread. The Packers' offense got broken. It remains unfixed. So, what to do about it? Here is my suggestion: Tank this week. The Packers should sit out Aaron Rodgers, banged-up Eddie Lacy and their battered offensive line. Yes, I fully re ...  read more
Dead Man Walking and Talking
Stephen Nover Dec 17, 2015  
My least favorite football coaches are dull, unimaginative. ultra-conservative bores. In other words, guys like Cleveland's Mike Pettine. There are reasons why Pettine is a goner when the NFL regular season closes in three weeks. It's not just the Browns losing 15 of their last 18 games. Pettine just isn't very sharp. The Browns are the biggest underdogs on this week's NFL card at plus ...  read more
My Best NBA Over and Under Win Total Plays
Stephen Nover Oct 22, 2015  
Orlando Magic Over 34 1/2 Wins

New coach Scott Skiles has a tremendous track record of turning around teams having done it with the Suns, Bulls and Bucks. The Magic have been stockpiling young talent for a couple of years and now it's ready to pay off. The Magic's win total is lower than it should be because they are under-the-radar right now especially in the backcourt with Elfrid Payt ...  read more

Enough Already With This
Stephen Nover Oct 4, 2015  
I can't take it anymore. These Draft Kings and Fan Duels commercials are like locusts descending. They go on and on. Stop! Enough is enough. It's to the point where I'm turning the channel the second they come on, which seems to be during every break. And this is coming from someone who has played and loved fantasy football for 30 years. But these commercials are a real plague on the s ...  read more
Arizona Cardinals Could Open 8-0
Stephen Nover Oct 1, 2015  
The Arizona Cardinals are unbeaten and leading the NFL in scoring at 42 points a game. Right now, I'd rank Carson Palmer as the No. 3 QB behind only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. I understand there's a certain bogus quality to the Cardinals since they've been fortunate enough to open against the Saints (Brees at less than 100 percent), Bears (Cutler hurt) and 49ers (Kaepernick with an all-time s ...  read more
The Worst NFL Coach
Stephen Nover Sep 28, 2015  
The first NFL coach to be fired prop is a popular topic. The usual suspects get bantered around - Jay Gruden, Mike Pettine and Lovie Smith. I'm not a fan of any of them. But the worst head coach in the NFL is in Miami: Joe Philbin. The Dolphins have and had more talent than the Redskins, Browns and Buccaneers. Miami ownership always seems to make big off-season splashes with huge free agen ...  read more
Ryan Lindley
Stephen Nover Jan 3, 2015  
Is Ryan Lindley the worst quarterback ever to start a playoff game? I'd have to say yes. Lindley is 1-5 as a starter. His career numbers are two touchdowns thrown in 264 attempts with 15 turnovers. He's completed less than 51 percent of his throws for an average gain of 4.9 yards. I can't think of a worst quarterback who ever started during the postseason. Can you? On the handicapping ...  read more

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