Bookie Software

It may sound like something coming straight out of a fairy tale, but it is 100% true. Is it possible to be a bookie for free nowadays? Free might not be the correct word but if you look at it the right way, once you decide to join the Price per Head industry, your investment will be so low and efficient that you will realize that you’re getting many things for free, not only your bookie software.

So, how does it work then? Running your own sportsbook is now a reality for thousands of bookies and agents from all around the world. The reason for this is that with Price per Head it has become a real possibility, something that wasn’t there a few years ago. Joining a good PPH operator like will open all kinds of possibilities for you, your sportsbook, and your players, all for just a small weekly fee per active customer, that is all it takes for you to be able to run a world class sports betting operation right now.

So, can I actually get my bookie software for free?

The short answer is yes. The long answer, however, as we said before, is that you’re not really getting it for free, but you’re paying such a small amount to be able to run your own sportsbook, that you will realize that many things are free now, like your software, licenses, website design, sportsbook personnel, and so on.

Being a part of a good Price per Head operator like, is going to cost you only a few hundred dollars every week, depending on the number of customers or players that you have. Our PPH weekly fee, for example, is of $10 or less; what this means is that if you had a total of 15 players active this week then all you would need to pay is $150 total for your whole operational expenses for the week, if you had 25 players it would be $250 and if you had 50 players it would only be $500, and this covers every single expense that you need to be able to run your world class sports betting operation.

As you can see, $500 tops doesn’t even compare with the thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars that you would have needed to invest before in order to just be able to get a sportsbook up and running, plus you’re getting the full backup and support of a whole sportsbook operation that will now work for you for those $500 a week, no commissions, no revenue share, no hidden expenses, with us all you will ever have to pay is your weekly fee per active customer and will take care of the rest.

Contact us now and we’ll be happy to help you get up and running, make sure you hit us with any questions as we want you to be clear on everything we can do for you and your business.