Betting NCAA Football early in the Season

The college football season is one week in the books and it was an exciting week, to say the least. We saw many great games that included some exciting finishes and some expected blowouts. That’s the name of the game in non-conference play. This is absolutely what we can expect in the early going. Betting the NCAA is much different than betting the NFL so, we have put together a couple of ways that you might find useful when it comes to beating your online sportsbook. 


Do not be a tourist! Act as if you have been here before. The biggest mistake players make in the first couple of weeks, is betting with their heart. If you’re a Charleston Southern fan just understand right now that they are going to get drilled by South Carolina! The South Carolina Gamecocks aren’t very good but it’s a guarantee they lay a thumping on Charleston. This example is wide-reaching. The point is bet with your head, not your heart. 

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Another equally and important task to remember is this: Many fans show up in Vegas because let’s face it, showing up in Vegas is the fun thing to do. What do sports gamblers do? They play blackjack all weekend while having 30 side bets going at the sportsbook. The second biggest mistake that bettors make is doubting the oddsmakers. Be careful. The Online Sports Bookies, like America’s Bookie know what they are doing. Vegas is Vegas for a reason and if you haven’t noticed, they haven’t closed their doors! These guys are really good. Example. 1st week of action – Houston Vs. Oklahoma. Depending on what offshore number you saw, this one went off the board with Oklahoma laying close to 19 points and a total that was nearly unchanged the entire week leading up to the game- 80. Your final score-Oklahoma 49-Houston 31. These guys are that good! 

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The big – early-spreads tend to cover. There are certainly exceptions, such as Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Purdue. None of them covered and guess what conference they are from? The BIG 10! Know your conferences before dropping the house on a game. Purdue lost to Nevada in a last-second thriller, on a 56-yard field goal! On the other hand, Penn State (BIG 10) they kicked the living daylights out of Idaho in Happy Valley to the tune of 79-14! That’s a thumping that doubled the cover. Teams cover early. Find non-conference mismatches and play them to the bone. Do not fear to lay big points but know your conferences and know the opponent. Find a game advising website that can steer you in the right direction. 

No. 2

Expand your horizons. There are many ways in which to bet on college football including game props, player props, quarters, halves and much more. Lose the mindset that says, “money line or spread only”. Branch out, live a little and have some fun. Find an online sportsbook that has a fantastic reputation for payouts and customer service then make that deposit and start winning early.