Betting Hockey Props – NHL Playoffs

Every hockey fan loves when the NHL playoffs roll around. Even casual fans start to watch games and everyone loves getting down some action. One of the growing betting markets in hockey are prop bets, which are much more exciting to cheer on than straight bets.

Hockey Betting :  NHL Game Props and How to Bet Them

In this guide we’re going to take a look at the different types of prop bets available to bet online, as well as some NHL prop betting tips. There are dozens of props bets available on every NHL playoff game and there are potentially some big payouts to chase.

Types of NHL Playoffs Prop Betting Markets

The most entertaining prop bets are predicting whether a player will score a point or a goal. Most bookmakers with NHL prop bets will offer point/goal player props.

In the majority of cases, you’ll bet on a player to score a point or goal. It’s possible to bet on a player not to score a goal or point as well, but the odds are never worth it. In some cases you can also wager on a player scoring a hat-trick at enhanced odds.

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I would never bet on a player scoring a hat-trick in the NHL, but goal markets are great, especially during the playoffs. The superstars tend to turn it on in the playoffs, but the biggest payouts will be predicting a role player to score a goal in a game. It’s going to be more difficult to cash your bet, but the potential payout can be high.

You can even bet on props such as the over/under on how many shots a player will have in a game or how many saves a goalie will make. Bookies will price up just about anything to entice fans to bet on NHL playoff games and prop bets provide a lot of opportunities.

Sportsbooks also offer a lot of nhl  team props. Want to bet on which team will score the first goal or whether or not a game will have a goal scored in the first 9:30 minutes? You can.

There are often more than 100+ game props to wager on for every playoff game. You can wager on winning margin, whether the final score will be even or odd, how many goals a team will score and so much more. The options are nearly limitless.

A lot of game props can also be wagered on live or in-play, which is when you place bets as the game is being played. Live betting is becoming a lot better recently, as bookies are pricing up more markets and offering bigger betting limits to handicappers.

Tips for Betting on NHL Playoff Prop Bets

Player props are easier to handicap in the NHL playoffs because two teams play a series of games consecutively where you’ll be able to see how it’s playing out. Betting on a player to score a goal can be high variance, which is why I recommend targeting role players.

You can also spot trends that’ll help you win money betting on game props. What if both teams have been coming out firing in the first few games of a series and have scored an early goal in every game? You can target that trend by betting on a goal to be scored in the first 9:30 minutes of a game. With there being dozens of prop bets available, bettors have the potential to target trends in unique ways other than straight betting markets.

Betting limits are lower for NHL hockey props than straight bets, but more and more bookies are offering NHL props during the playoffs, which means you can spread your action around to get down a lot of money on the same prop bet without worrying about limits.