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Tony George Show : Epic Record on National Radio

By: Tony George
Date: Jan 18, 2016
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Courtesy of Tony George

Sports Handicapping and Las Vegas Sports Lines have become mainstream. Look at ESPN now on College Gameday and you see the Las Vegas Line and some of the commentary is geared towards which teams covers the spread. This was unheard of even as far back as 2 years ago, now it is part of the everyday sports casting at mainstream outlets. Of course Fantasy Sports dominated the headlines this year, not in a good way as it was linked to sports gambling, even termed sports gambling by numerous states, including the State of New York.

While much of the handicapping and Las Vegas Line content is still buried in the early morning part of TV broadcasts like Cousin Sal on ESPN on Sunday mornings, you can expect numerous outlets in mainstream sports broadcasting to widen the scope of their coverage of the Vegas Line angle in coming years. Although hidden by dark headlines, all major sports outlets know where their ratings come from, it is sports gamblers, and that does include fantasy players as well.

All this and yet under the radar screen was a little known sports handicapping show called the Tony George Show on Yahoo Sports Radio on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 11am to 12 Noon EST weekly during the football season. Digital Radio Sirius Rush Channel 93 picked up the NFL Sunday for the second year in a row as well. In its third year, previously called The Locker Room Picks Radio Show, hosted by 24 year veteran handicapper and broadcaster Tony George, and co-hosted by Steve Rich, the 2015 edition proved to a national audience there is talent galore in the sports handicapping arena with a W-L percentage that rivals any known in recent memory by the best cappers in the world.

Tony’s radio background was in syndication with his own half hour show for 8 years, and on an ESPN affiliate in Lincoln Nebraska for 8 years as a nightly sports talk show co-host. Tony has also offered his show free of charge for the past 13 years on Armed Forces Radio, and Tony also hosted The American Outdoorsman Radio Show in syndication with his love for hunting and fishing, for a 5 year stint. Tony has appeared on thousands individual shows over the years as a guest as well.

Gow Media out of Houston Texas who in fact programs Yahoo Sports Radio took a chance to expose the sometimes “Shady” world of sports handicapping to a national audience and it has paid dividends to all who tuned in since its inception. Let’s all thank them for having the moxie to do so as the show boasted over a 60% against the spread record in each of its first 2 years on the air, in 2015 the show set a benchmark that is going to be hard for anyone in the legitimate world of sports broadcasting to beat.

College Show

72% ATS over 12 Weeks – Ended on a 42-10 run

NFL Show

67% over 18 Weeks – Ended on a 20-4 run

These are FREE Plays Gents. You cannot make this up, there is nowhere to hide, you are putting them out on national radio and on Sirius Radio for all the world to judge, that is full of handicapper haters who worship your success and in the same breath cannot wait to applaud your failure. Well those detractors never got a chance to stand and cheer failure this past year, nor any year the show has aired. Those are Epic records and those games combined are well over 100 plays. The games are broken down, talked about, analysis given by Tony and or his guest cappers, and offered for free on the radio. No 800#’s to call, no hype, no outlandish claims, no lock of the years, just Tony’s website is mentioned throughout the show, and that site has documented records and guaranteed plays.

One twist is the guest, Matt Holt, out of Las Vegas. Matt is the COO of CG Technology, the shows sponsor, and for those of you out of touch, CG Technology is formerly Cantor Gaming and they run the 7 best sportsbooks in Las Vegas and Matt comes on the show weekly to give the listeners a behind the scenes view of where the public money is at, where the sharp player money is at with his properties, and also provides his takes and selections on numerous games, and that is information found nowhere else on National Radio.

Tony’s guest list includes Teddy Covers out of Las Vegas who amassed a 67% win rate with his weekly totals play in the NFL, Joe D’Amico out of Las Vegas who managed an unbelievable yet factual 23-3 College Football record on the show, and other guests such as ESPN’s Scott Spreitzer (fellow handicapper as well) , Lee Sterling, Sean Higgs, Ross Benjamin, and a few special guests sprinkled in throughout the season. The circle is small, but the talent pool is the best on radio or TV anywhere on the planet.

The future is bright for the Tony George Show, and while those records are hard to duplicate in the upcoming year, those records are proof in the pudding that sports handicapping is a game of skill and not so much chance, and to all who tuned in and believed in the handicappers on air, ended up with a very fat wallet on weekly basis. Hopefully there is more of the Tony George Show coming again in 2016, where we make this stuff look real good.

There is legitimate Sports Handicappers out there, and Tony George just proved it in front of millions over the past 4 months.

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