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State of Affairs- NFL-NBA-NCAA Bowls

By: Chip Chirimbes
Date: Jan 19, 2016
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Chip Shots Jan. 18, 2016 By Chip Chirimbes Eight Team NCAA Football Playoffs solved! One of the biggest problems facing the Bowl selection committee is when and where to play the games when they expanded to eight teams. To start with they are digging a bigger problem with the way that they are thinking. Instead of how to figure out how to play this thing through and not disturb the current bowl schedules I have a solution that doesn't effect any current bowl issues. The problem is solved easily when you go the Eight Championship eligible teams by seeding the teams 1-8 (their will be arguments here) and playing four games on the Army/Navy weekend a week before the bowl games start. Of course, the way to do this is that the first round like the NCAA Basketball Tournament with highest seed will host the lowest seed. (No. 1 will host No. 8, and down the line.) The four losing teams will still be eligible for bowl action as they game lost was part of a playoff. So, the Orange, Rose, Fiesta and Sugar Bowl can still maintain quality competition with Top-ranked teams. So, there it is! And I am so sure it will work and it is so easy and doable that those 'egg head educators' will come up with something else! NFL Belichick Blunder (Don't believe it!) I know that Bill Belichick is not easy to like but I see him in a different light since this happened. Everyone is willing give him a 'pass' after this blunder but he never even made it! We all saw it or did we? Three weeks ago the Jets and Patriots were set to go overtime and we are at midfield for the coin-toss. New England wins the toss and elects to kick. (Not defend a goal but to kick). It was said that Bill Belichick elected to kick thinking that the Patriots would only need a field goal to win after they stopped New York. The problem came when the Jets just took the ball down the field and scored a touchdown. After the game in front the media Belichick to a bullet for his team. He sat their and took the blame for electing to kick to start the overtime. (That NEVER happened) What did happen is this...The 'player' Slater made the WRONG call, thinking (?) as usual he probably wanted to defer and then after he realized the Jets would get the ball he begged the officials to change his choice. The referee total him in no uncertain terms that 'You made you call and can't change it.” This was spoken for all to hear and see and yet no mention was made after after Belichick protected his player. That is another reason he gets the most of his team. Their is NO DOUBT the player made the error and the coach took the hit. NBA Mid-Point Review (Where's the Balance?) Okay, as of this moment (1/20/16) the NBA has a 'Super Elite,' Elite, a 'Not-a-Chance' and Bottom Feeders groupings. Starting with the Best it is the Reining Champions Golden State Warriors currently 38-4 one game over the mid-point in the season. Best shooting tandem I have ever witnessed with Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson. Especially because of the long range capabilities. The Spurs are right on the heels of Golden State is the San Antonio Spurs who are at 36-6 with the best balance and most consistent performances. With ageless Tim Duncan and a coach who knows who to get the best from his players. These two have to be considered the 'Super Elite' and are head and shoulders better then anyone else. In my Elie class we would have the Cleveland Cavaliers who after what I saw when they played Golden State at home a 132-98 loss. But because of LeBron James who can take over almost ant game they remain in this upper class along with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Star-power in the name of the game here with Russell Westbrook fight everyday to become the 'brightest star' in Oklahoma City at times out shinning Kevin Durant. On your next level the 'Not-a-Chance' is headed by the Chicago Bulls who will have to deal with Derrick 'The Hoax' Rose and will never overcome him. The L.A. Clippers have a chance to mover into the Elite class but are so inconsistent and chemistry question keep them as underachievers. Toronto and Atlanta fall here as they just don't 'have it.' This group all so includes Dallas, Memphis, Boston, Miami and Houston who is probably the most disappoint team in the league. Here they have some of the 'Biggest names' in the NBA and they can't play a lick. Or shall I say they don't 'try' a lick. Maybe that after last season's Conference loss the are just waiting for the Playoffs to turn it on. I doubt that will happen but if they make a 'run' I would be surprised. At the bottom of the heap we find No. 1 no question Philadelphia 76ers who have become a major concern and embarrassment for the league. The NBA is taking steps to help the 76ers at least get back to respectability or double-digit wins. The Lakers just have to wait for 'heavy-baggage' to be dropped off and move forward on the Free-Agent market to become playoff bound. They really don't play much defense and can't shoot. Other then that it should be an easy road for them. P.S.- The Brooklyn Nets are also in turmoil and expect some major changes through-out the organization.

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