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MLB Season Predictions

By: Chip Chirimbes
Date: Jul 18, 2020
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Chip Shots Chip Chirimbes MLB Season Predictions American League Pennant Winner New York Yankees- Sure why not...I could say that they are still 'pissed off' about losing to the Astros but I don't believe that as much as Houston will find it a difficult task to repeat. On down side I'm not so sure about the Yankees as I don't believe they were built for MLB Playoff baseball. Their pitching must stay healthy and their relievers perform at the same level as previous years. But, my biggest concern is the schedule. With the 'travel restrictions' the Yankees have it worst than most other clubs and here's why. The will play 11 of their 60 games against crosstown rival the New York Mets and they will also be ladened with the Red Sox who although may not be a serious threat to the rest of the league, Boston will always be ready to fight the Yankees. New York is also saddled with the Phillies who are odds-on in the East and Atlanta who also an NL contender. But, overall they are as deep as anyone and have a run producing lineup with quality pitching both at the start and close. NEW YORK YANKEES National League Pennant Winner Los Angeles Dodgers- I've been told my a respected baseball tout that it's time for the Dodgers! I trust my source as he pointed out a number of key factors. First, Mookie Betts, I could just stop there when you consider who they already have in the lineup. Second, to me this is the biggest factor in the short season and their pitching should set itself up well down the stretch and into the playoffs. Also it is a plus that they get to play the Angels and although they are crosstown rivals it is not like considered as intense as Yanks/Mets or Yanks/Sox for that matter. So, that's where it ends as the Angels don't cut it. The have an added advantage playing the Padres and a weakened Arizona club. Should be easy-peasy! World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers- Okay, here where it becomes even more difficult if both these clubs should happen to get this far. To start with this match-up could 'save' baseball because they have virtually lost their audience (fan base age 56) now with the Dodgers and Yankees this East meets West rivalry still exists. and the interest that it can possibly turn the tide for baseball and reverse the trend. I say this is still a rivalry as I know people that still refer to the Dodgers as Brooklyn and they are forever Yankee haters. The intense distain for each other and became evident when Hall of Fame great Don Newcome was traded to the Yankees from Brooklyn he retired as opposed to player for his 'hated' rival. I know there will be no Bob Walsh and Reggie Jackson meeting at the plate but the excitement should capture the Nation if there is one left. Now, the matter at hand, I just don't trust New York's pitching and like I said before they are not built for the playoffs and will have to find an answer to the catching issue as Sanchez is their weakest link when behind the plate ( believe the problem is huge as pitchers don't want to throw to him ands that creates doubt in what they might throw. LA has seen Cole but the Yanks have not seen Kershaw... Dodgers in SEVEN!

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