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MLB Rule Changes: A Major League Hoax

By: Chip Chirimbes
Date: Jun 26, 2020
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MLB Rule Changes: A Major League Hoax Old School Rules Designated Hitter for ALL Games Okay, I'm kinds surprised this hasn't happed sooner. I mean it w\has added jobs for fading hitter that can still swing the bat but would be a liability in the field. We see, that but what do don't see in the hames with the DH is a manger figuring on a gamble of leaving his pitcher in the game or pinch hitting for him and removing him from the game. One of the other reason that I am in favor fo having the pitcher hit is to control the head hunting. I am still annoyed ay what Pedro Martinez was able to get away with with never have to get to the plate himself. It was different if Bob Gibson buzzed you before he would snarl at you with a bat in his hand when he stepped into the batters box. I'm hoping that because of the rare circumstances we face this season with such a heavy percentage of inter-league play and so few games for continuity it might make sense. I hope it's not because with all the home runs ands strikes out the manager's roll is decreasing. Extra Innings (Runner placed on 2nd base) Placing a runner on second baseball with no outs to start the half inning might speed up extra inning games if the are to do this every inning, but it is so against what baseball is about. Earn your runs! We are not out here just to get a final score we want to play the game. So, how do I figure the pitchers ERA, are any teams going to rally for a multiple run scoring innings or will teams be happy to settle for one run. I believe it will take away from being aggressive. Pitching (Must face 3 batters) A pitcher now must face at least three batters when starting an inning or appearing in relief. This so takes out the strategy of the game. This is being done for the most part to help speed up the game. First off, with the cost of attending a game nowadays I'd just as soon get my money's worth, but, and in pressure situations changing pitchers adds to the drama of the moment. The biggest reason for the games going on forever has nothing to do with replay or this rule change, it all has to do with TV commercials that are run between every half inning. In New York it is not uncommon for the Yankees to have four to five full minutes of TV ads between innings. Another key factor as to why games seem to take so long is that the ball is rarely in play. With the current all or nothing attitude at the plate the hitter would just as soon strike out if they can manage a tater more often like the man once said chicks dig the long ball. Yep, but in the meantime hurlers are striking out more players than ever and they are walking more players than ever. Over 40% of the at bats in 2019 were either strike-outs or walks. Every player seems to have picked up what Nomar Garicaparra and Derek Jeter did at the plate stepping out and readjusting after every pitch. (They were truly a study in concentration and baring down under pressure.) PLAY OVER!

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