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Chip Shots- MLB Slipping Fast!

By: Chip Chirimbes
Date: Aug 1, 2020
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Chip Shots- MLB Slipping Fast! Does Rob Manfred have any clue? It's been known for some time now that MLB was on a decline in the eyes of the American public. Most said the game was too slow for the youth of today as many are more fascinated by a video screen and for this Rob Manfred has made some major changes in his panic to put the game back on track. Starting with the three major rule changes that are pushing baseball over a cliff. Starting with any pitcher 'forced' to face a minimum of three batters. There are numbers reasons I object to this one of which is that this takes strategy out of the game and having strategy is good as it keeps the fans second guessing and discussing what should have been done and that along with the DH now being used in all MLB games takes away from pinch hitters double-switches and the like. Add the ridiculous 'put a man on 2nd baseball to start an inning. So bogus is this that the rule the Brewers and Pirates played the 10th inning without placing a runner 2nd but obeyed the edict starting in the 11th. Now, let's do some thinking 'outside' the box. With a runner starting on 2nd and no outs on defense I would have to tag the runner at 3rd on a bunt. So, what if I walk the batter to set up a force at third if there is a bunt and a double-play as well situation exists as well. The runner you put on first base is meaningless because if the man on 2nd scores you lose anyway. Now, if you have a 1-run lead you would not put the winning run on base. What fun! If you truly want to cut down the time of a game then cut down the commercials between innings. To tell you the truth when I was a kid they couldn't make the games long enough for me, I loved the park and the game and enjoyed the atmosphere. Now, I'd like to chime in on this Manfred decision of suspending Joe Kelly eight games. Let me start by saying that a am a bit old school and having 'played' the game I understand the mentality of a team. As a High School baseball coach I would never tell a pitcher the 'throw at a batter' but, there are time you have to send a message and throw a purpose pitch that is nothing more than a 'brush-back where you throw tight on the hands and never about the chest. You know back in the day if a hitter owned a pitcher they would b e called 'cousins' so in 1962 the Giants and Dodgers are fighting for the pennant and even though Willie Mays was the leader and start of Asan Francisco Willie McCovey had a 'cousin' named Don Drysdale who was no kitten on the mound. Well, before a big matchup in August Drysdale who is getting the start saunters over to McCovey and asks 'Where do you want it today the leg or gut...' He was telling Willie I respect you but you know I have to do it. There was another time it is said that Willie Mays was getting into the box in the top of the 1st at St. Louis and as hitter do early in the game the erase the back line of the batters box to get a longer look. So here comes Mays, and he's digging to get a foothold and happens to look up and sees Bob Gibson standing on the rubber. Willie calls time out and fills in the hole and gets back in the box...respect goes both ways. Therefore the idea of suspending a pitcher for not even hitting a batter is unbelievable and worst yet suspends him for eight game in a 60-game season which is equivalent of 22 games in a full season and that is simply outrageous. Look Manfred did nothing to punish Houston or the Red Sox except for finding the franchise 5M which is one Mike Stanton pay check. I truly believe that if a big league wants to hit you he will and can easily and the best way to do it is to throw behind the hitter and he more than likely backs into the pitch as he tries to leave to box. Baseball is in trouble with attendance, viewership and interest as it is no long America's pastime as it isn't the same game anymore! Yes, the games are back and it's good to see the game being played but, the piped in crowd noise is a bummer. It is a content hum or static that isn't even close to being realistic as there is no break or softening of sound. I could understand on base hits or home runs giving a cheer but, there is NO lull at any time. When in attendance at a game you are often bombarded with music and adds but there is down time during and between innings. With what is happening in MLB with COVID-19 this season is a complete stat disaster. You can now play seven innings and visiting teams can be batting second as games are play with as little traveling for the players. What next...stay tuned!

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