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2020 NFL Draft

By: Chip Chirimbes
Date: Apr 30, 2020
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2020 Chip Shots...It's just an Opinion! NFL DRAFT ROUND ONE The 'State' of the Nation has me commenting on what is basically a true crap shoot...the NFL draft. Instead of being a part of massive party that was planned for the NFL Draft in Las Vegas, but alas now we'll wait until 2022. We all have our opinions on which teams improved their in key areas, others that failed and one that took a wild shot. Right now it's just an opinion and time will tell. The talking heads were telling us this player was picked ahead of a player that they had ranked higher and they as astounded when their opinion So what, ...really, who freakin' cares. To start with how much difference is there between most of the top college lineman and remember it's what you do from here that counts. Remember a guy named Tony Mandarich as sure fire can't miss Number One pick in 1989 by the Packers...who? Tom Brady taken in the 6th round and I don't believe the the m'experts' were screaming of what a steal it was. On Thursday ESPN's Rece Davis actually said about Carolina's #7 overall pick Derek Brown that 'he starts what he finishes.' What actually does that mean? Anyway. Here's how I see key selection in Round 1. Starting with No. 1 Joe Barrow who went first to Cincinnati as everyone expected and he got what he wanted but remember 'be careful what you wish for.' Of course you should want to go Number 1 overall and it's probably a safe pick as I would guess he has a great career baring injury with the potential to get a team the the Super Bowl. No. 2 Chase Young goes to the Redskins who will most likely look for a running back in later rounds. Can he make an impact in his rookie season...I think yes. No. 3 is the biggest mistake of the entire draft as Detroit takes CB Jeff Okudah from Ohio State. A blunder I my mind the Big Ten a conference that is not know for their passing quarterbacks or sophisticated offensive systems and Ohio State corners have not fared well in the NFL. If this guy makes it I will be shocked because this is another 'you've got to be kidding me' selection just like another Buckeye Eli Apple. The Giants at #4 did what they were supposed to do they 'protected' the quarterback and took an offensive lineman from Georgia. Hopefully for Daniel Jones' sake he proves worthy. Now, to the 'shakiest' pick of them all. It's fitting that Miami who many said were tanking to get Tua Tagovailoa ended up with five wins and the fifth overall pick and got their man. The Dolphins had the NFL low 4.6 yards per play last season took without a doubt the riskiest selection no matter what he taken in the entire draft. I never would have done it. There are so many negatives in my mind I don't even know where to start. So, I'll begin with the positive, his play, really not much to complain about there. He is accurate and has great football instincts. But, injuries, have knocked Tua out of the lineup for lengthy periods for three seasons. What happens at the next level where everyone is bigger and faster and stronger. In dominating college football Tua has two first round offensive lineman drafted along with two wide receivers also taken in the first round and he had eternity to throw the ball which he did very well, but the fact remains that he had all the weapons with and I am concerned about his mobility at this level after surgery and his physical resistance to injury. Not before the FIFTH Round. NO WAY! The Chargers at #6 got the perfect guy in Oregon's QB Justine Herbert who is probably a little under-rated and has all the tools and size. I think San Diego done-good! Now the the Las Vegas Raiders...Nothing really excited me until the wide receivers start going and first was Ruggs III (the fastest player in the draft) from Alabama giving the Raiders and Gruden three big-time explosive players. I would have preferred Bama teammate Jerry Jeudy who went two picks later to Denver who also picked up Penn State speedster K.J. Hamler. The Broncos did great getting for both. Dallas at No. 17 took Oklahoma game breaker CeeDee Lamb and gives Prescott someone to throw to aside from Amari Cooper. With his s 31-year old brother found dead the morning of the draft and just days after Dak and company were getting 'busted' for party while under quarantine that's creepy Their might be something not so good going on in Dak's life right now. (Just sayin') Alabama at this point has four players drafted in the trop-15 and they were topped by LSU who had five players drafted including the Number 1 overall pick and four others that were all drafted behind the the Tides selections. At No. 32. and finalizing with the Kansas City Chiefs taking LSU running back Clyde-Edwards Helaire who shares the name with his stepdad and father. The later is spending 31 years in jail. Now, that's a warming story. Honest now how far doesn't the apple fall from the tree. Four quarterbacks and only one running back selected last first round selection from LSU. Round Two Funny every player selected seems like the best player in college football. So, it's looking more like teams are taking players based on need but the Wide receivers have taken the thunder away from the quarterback. And speaking of QB'S Jalen Hurts when to the Eagles in the 2nd round (why really) and he may develop as a project sort of like Cam Newton but not so much. But, Jake Fromm the player I predicted have the best chance to be nobody hasn't been selected yet with thoughts that New England would fill their need when the moved up and then took a defensive back from Lenoir-Rhyne who they probably could have gotten after the 4th round...but, hey got their man! Kansas City takes their second straight player with questionable character in Willie Gay, Jr. with multiple issues including sucker punching his own quarterback before Mississippi State's bowl game. I like what Elway is thinking taking the diminutive but untouchable speedster from Penn State. Let's now see if Drew Lock will have excel with a pair electric receivers to aim at or miss. Love running back Antonio Gibson from Memphis going to Washington. This was a draft that was deep in wide receivers usually a position that is not concerned a priority and with I can seen a 'run' on running backs in round 2 and can't wait to see what the Patriots will do. The player who I was asked if he would go in the first round and I believe I saw enough of his college career to believe that Jalen Hurts will never make it in the NFL and would be lucky to even be drafted I see NO potential of him leading and pro team to a championship of any kind. He was of course taken in Round 2 by the Eagles. We shall see. Just an opinion guys Well, it is from this point you can see what teams felt were their priorities. Except for Detroit who will only select player that played with 100 miles of the Motor City. The New York Jets are always a subject of scorn when making their draft are once again in a position to fall on their face. Round II they took a another California guy (Pac-12) who rarely fare well in New York. Seattle of course is a club that you should always keep a close eye on as they take players that are fundamentally sound. The amazing stat here is that 50% of these first three round selection with be out of the league within three seasons. No doubt that the Raiders back-to-back selections of wide receivers will help a sluggish offense and maybe are gaining leverage for a trade as took another receiver to go with Ruggs III in Lynn Bowden out of Kentucky. He now needs to find time for his immobile quarterback Derek Carr who can throw the ball but he needs time to set and throw no matter who it is! Conditions and Comments: A number of surprises unfolded as we all waited to see which quarterback New England would take to replace Tom Brady and the passed on them all including Jake Fromm who I believe is the most overrated QB in the draft (I guess the Pats and I agree). The Patriots are likely to pick up a discarded veteran quarterback like Jamis Winston or Andy Dalton although I don't believe Winston is a player that Belichick would rely on. Buffalo took a shot with Fromm with the 167th pick. Matt Rhule the new leader of the Carolina Panthers concentrating on defense selecting only one offensive player a wide receiver Joe Reed from Virginia with the 152nd pick. Overall I believe the Ravens improved along with Denver, and Washington the most while Green Bay and Houston did nothing to excite me. Finally, why is Aaron Rodgers complaining about the Packers taking a quarterback. He should simply say 'if he beats me out play him.' Although, he probably wanted some offensive help and needs it.

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