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"12 Ways To Beat Your Bookie" PART II

By: Tony Stoffo
Date: Nov 24, 2015
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Introduction [pg. 5]
Chapter 1. Re-Learning How to Bet [pg. 8]
Chapter 2. Setting and Building Your Bankroll [pg. 14]
Chapter 3. Program #1: The 2-6 Straight Bet System [pg. 23]
Chapter 4. Program #2: The 2-3 Straight Bet System [pg. 37]
Chapter 5. Program #3: The 4-Level Accumulation System [pg. 50]
Chapter 6. Program #4: The 2-16 Consecutive Wins System [pg. 65]
Chapter 7. Program #5: The 2-18 Consecutive Wins System [pg. 74]
Chapter 8. Program #6: The Straight + Saver System [pg. 84]
Chapter 9. Program #7: The Baseball Streaks System [pg. 96]
Chapter 10. Program #8: The Baseball Underdog System [pg. 110]
Chapter 11. Program #9: The 1-8 Parlay System [pg. 128]
Chapter 12. Program #10: The 0% Risk System [pg. 138]
Chapter 13. Superstitious, Anyone? [pg. 147]
Chapter 14. Program #11: The Set Monthly-Income System (Straight Bet Version) [pg. 148]
Chapter 15. Program #12: The Set Monthly-Income System (Parlay Version) [pg. 164]
Chapter 16. Sport by Sport Betting Strategies [pg. 181]
Chapter 17. The Bet You Should Never Make [pg. 213]
Chapter 18. Receiving Tony Stoffo’s Expert Picks [pg. 217]
Chapter 19. Glossary of Tony Stoffo’s Gambling Terms [pg. 223]
Chapter 20. Program Charts [pg. 228]

Winners and Losers

It’s a funny thing about gamblers. We all like to think it’s the other guy, not us, who is helping casinos and sports books make billions of dollars a year. In reality, 98 out of every 100 gamblers laying bets are guaranteed to lose money over the long term.

During the time I spent as the manager of the race and sports book at the Desert Inn Casino in Las Vegas, I witnessed daily the misguided betting habits of the 98% of gamblers who helped pay for the city’s lavish casinos and hotels. I also studied and befriended the 2% who were making real money over the long haul.

So what separated the countless “losers” from the lucky few “winners”? Of the tens of thousands of sports gamblers I watched, the “losers” invariably fell into one of several categories. The first type of loser (and perhaps the most common) was the high-roller from out of town who bet $1,000 or more on every game, no matter what the situation, either because he had it to lose, liked showing off for his buddies or lady friend, or was hooked on the rush of gambling.

I met perhaps the most memorable high-roller of my career on Super Bowl Sunday in 1996. The casino manager brought him over to me moments before kickoff, informing me that the gentleman wanted to lay $200,000 on the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were 13-point underdogs against the Dallas Cowboys. Our betting limit for the big game was $25,000, but the high-roller said the Hilton down the Strip was willing to take his bet if I wasn’t, so I took his action.

Dallas won the game 27-17, meaning Pittsburgh covered, so he won the bet at 11-10 odds and pocketed $181,818.18. But we at the Desert Inn sports book were ultimately the winners. This high- roller was so “high” over his win that he went on to drop $1.5 million at the blackjack tables later that night. Like this gentleman, most high-rollers feed off the rush and buzz of gambling -- so much so that winning is almost an afterthought. Even if they pick a big winner, they’re often quick to squander their earnings within hours of cashing in.

Of the other types of “losers,” there was the $100-a-unit everyday bettor who chased losses by upping his plays to $250 or even $500 or more in a doomed game of catch-up. Then there were the regulars and out-of-towners alike that set their bet amounts erratically on whims, with no rhyme or reason, either underplaying great values, overplaying mediocre picks on ill-conceived hunches, or throwing away their mortgage money on fly-by-night handicappers’ so-called “locks.”

Meanwhile, the whopping 2% of consistent “winners” all fell into one single category. Every one used money-management strategies that I witnessed, analyzed, modified and verified for years before compiling them in this one invaluable book for serious sports gamblers like you.

Join the Exclusive Winners Club

In the pages to follow, I’ll explain in easy-to-understand language how your bad betting habits have kept you from winning consistently. I’ll also outline in simple detail my 12 Money-Management Programs, which will correct those bad habits and can help turn even those below-average bettors among you into consistent winners.

My 12 Money-Management Programs are all based on mathematical certainties, but you won’t need a Ph.D. or a computer to figure them out. In fact, they’re so simple that after a few days, you'll be using them automatically in your daily betting, without a second thought. But they do require discipline -- the discipline to bet only amounts dictated by your previous bets’ outcomes, and the discipline to track every single bet you make, win or lose.

Don’t worry, I’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need to help determine how much of your Bankroll to set aside for each bet, as well as with the necessary charts to track your winnings. The only thing left to decide will be which teams to bet on. Fortunately for you, my Programs even take much of the risk out of that.

Skeptical? Don’t be. Before we go any further, I’m going to let you in on the dirty little secret that bookmakers never want you to find out: You don’t have to pick 53% or more winners in order to make a profit, as is commonly believed. By setting your bet amounts according to my Programs, you can win as few as 26% of your straight bets and 12% of your 2-team parlays and still walk away with hundreds or even thousands of dollars or more in profit every week.

So there’s no pressure to pick winners more than half the time, which even professional handicappers and gamblers like me, who make their entire livings by betting, have a tough time accomplishing.

The Most Important Bet You’ve Ever Made

By buying this easy-to-understand insider’s guide to sports gambling, you’ve made the best investment you possible could as a bettor. Read it through once, making note of which of my 12 Money-Management Programs make the most sense for you.

Check out the “test results” I’ve included that show actual examples of how you can pick just 8 winners out of 30 games in one monthly Program and still net hundreds or thousands of dollars of profits.

Then, when you’re ready, starting turning your own disposable income into regular winnings. In a few days, you’ll be astounded that you ever set your bet amounts off the top of your head and not according to one of my 12 Money-Management Programs.

As you get comfortable with my Programs and gain the confidence that comes with making consistent money, make sure to implement the sport by Sport Betting Strategies I include in Chapter 16, which can help you earn up to $50,000 or more annually from your sports gambling.

Or use Program #10, which releases for the first time my 0% Risk System -- picked up from some “wise guys” from New York -- which literally guarantees you’ll come away from any straight money line bet with either a win or a push, no matter which team wins.

Making guaranteed profits -- or, better yet, a living -- from gambling on sports may sound too good to be true, but I’ll prove to you that it’s possible time and again with concise instructions and numerous examples in the pages to follow. I’ll also give you inside strategies on how to build your Bankroll from month to month and year to year, so you can afford to bet -- and win -- more and more as time goes by.

Now that you’re ready to put losing behind you, let’s get started managing your bets, beating your bookies and building your Bankrolls.

I'm really excited about this opportunity to begin introducing a few of you to the lucrative world of "Sports Investing" and hope to show the rest, at the least how to avoid a few pitfalls of sports gambling.


  Paul Chirimbes
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Paul Chirimbes
ALL Access Pass ALL SPORTS Money Plays

Chip Chirimbes the 'Big Game Player' and Three-time Handicapping Champion is offering SEVEN full days of ALL SPORTS winners for only $149. Take advantage now with the HOTTEST HANDICAPPER in the Nation as his RED HOT streak continues. - $149.00

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