2019 NHL Stanley Cup Series

The Stanley Cup Finals are here!

This year’s Stanley Cup Finals will feature the Boston Bruins out of the Eastern Conference and the St. Louis Blues out of the Western Conference. The action starts on Monday, May 27th 2019.

Certain bookmakers offer a series prop on how many games the series will last. This prop bet is the most popular series prop bet and in this article we’re going to predict the outcome.

First off, let’s take a look at the odds.

  • STL/BOS Series Ends in 4 Games +650
  • STL/BOS Series Ends in 5 Games +265
  • STL/BOS Series Ends in 6 Games +192
  • STL/BOS Series Ends in 7 Games +194

So far throughout the NHL playoffs, the Bruins defeated Toronto in seven games, Columbus in six games and Carolina in four games. The Blues have played a couple more games, as they defeated Winnipeg in six games, Dallas in seven games and San Jose in six games.

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These teams have played each other twice in the regular season. Boston won the first game 5-2 at home and the Blues won the second game 2-1 at home in a shootout.

Boston will have home ice advantage, but that likely won’t prove to be much of an advantage. The Bruins are 6-3 at home and 6-2 on the road in the playoffs, while the Blues are 5-5 at home and 7-2 on the road. Both teams have performed better in away games than at home up to this point.

In my opinion, we can rule out this series ending in game 4 or game 5. These two teams are similar, as both have size, speed, play great defense and have excellent goalies. I expect low-scoring games between these two and the team that catches the most breaks will end up winning the Cup.

Looking back at past Stanley Cup Finals shows up that the last time the finals have seven games was back in 2011 when the Bruins won their last Stanley Cup against the Canucks. Since 2011, the finals have finished in six games five times and five games two times.

I predict that the Blues will win the series in six games. I expect them to steal the first game of the series in Boston on Monday. The Bruins haven’t played since May 16th and they’ll likely have some rust whereas the Blues last played on May 21st and will have momentum.

Jordan Binnington turned it on as the Sharks series progressed. He got more comfortable and he only allowed two goals in the final three games of the Western Conference Finals. Tuukka Rask has had a better playoffs than the rookie, but Binnington continues to get better. The outcome of this series will be strongly dependant upon how both of these goalies play.

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I recommend betting on the series ending in six games (+192 odds). You can also bet on the Blues winning the series 4-2 (+450 odds). I’ll have action on both. If you predict Boston will win the series, you can bet on them winning the series 4-2 (+450 odds) at the exact same odds.