1st Half Baseball – Best and Quickest way to Win Big

The thick of the baseball season is on top of us and what better time to call the ole bookie up and jump in for some mid-season deals, a great bonus is always nice this time of year and even some great betting tips from a handicapper comes in nice every now and then. There certainly is no shame in seeking some advice from someone that handicaps the game fort a living. These folks are good at what they do and getting advice from them can only improve your bottom line. We play baseball to fatten our bankroll for the upcoming football season. Unbelievably, it’s just seven weeks until the first preseason games and college football kicks off on the 24th of August.

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What we play now, is the cards that we are dealt now. Baseball can be a fun sport to gamble and it can be a wildly frustrating sport. If you find yourself frustrated, then don’t go the rest of the way alone. Get help, find a great game adviser site with real handicappers that have a pedigree. Everybody says they can call baseball but can they prove it? A game adviser site thats worth reading will include the handicapper’s stats and let you know exactly how good they are and it they are even worth paying your baseball attention to.

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With so many ways to bet baseball one can get overwhelmed with all of the betting options. There is runline, moneyline, totals, reverse action, if win, if reverse, prop bets, grand salami’s and much more. If you are like most people, you probably have very little time to research all of the betting options and tools available to you. Take heart, not only are there game adviser sites but often your very own online book making service will offer a “how to bet section”. Be sure to check that out and make the most of what your bookie has to offer in the way of freebies. Not many books offer this but there are a few top tiered services in the business that do, find them, it will be well worth your time.

First halves’, how they are a good bet…

Whether you are a novice or a well-seasoned baseball bettor the one thing that you know is this; baseball is all about pitching. Pitchers nearly always make or break the outcome of a baseball game. The frustrating part of betting on a game is that you have probably bet based on the idea of what a pitcher will be able to do or not do, and when that pitcher really comes through for you in the first seven innings and then falls apart; that’s not frustrating, it’s maddening! There is nothing worse than betting on a game, having a three or four run lead and then blowing it in the 7th, 8th or worse, the 9th. It’s the equivalent of getting hooked in football or basketball, just the worst thing that can happen.

For these reason, betting the first 5 innings in baseball is a smart and profitable betting odds. Pitchers usually fall apart in the 7th or 8th innings, of course there are exceptions and some days pitchers get beat up in the first inning! Bad things happen to even the sharpest of players.

The best way to avoid the “bad things happening” is by betting on the first five innings and betting on a handful of pitchers that can be counted on all season long. Such as Verlander, Severino, Kluber, Lester and many more.

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Why sweat for an entire baseball game? Get lock and loaded in the first 5 innings and know that your chances of winning that game have improved by at least 30% and often times more. Do your homework, find the best pitchers and ride them in the first halves’ the rest of the way. Find a great bookie that offers competitive first half lines and start winning.