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Why go with Ultimate Sport Picks? Why use us to provide your sporting news and pick service?

With 18 years experience of actually playing all the sports and playing every position on the field our professional handicappers have an extra level of insight. There are a lot of hidden stats and nuances that people forget to look at when taking a game, or even a season, into consideration. We know what stats matter and which ones are fluff. Most important though, we know the make-up of this week's teams, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how each match up with their opponent. We watch countless hours’ of sports every day, evaluating the players, coaches and teams and knowing what to look for leads us to finding the winners each week.

Our unique combination of playing the sports and knowing not only how the statistics work but how to use them gives Ultimate Sport Picks the winning edge in sports news and picks!

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Release Times

All of our picks are posted around 12:00 am Eastern time.

Rating System

Ultimate Sport Picks uses a 1-10 star * rating system for all major sports. “The stronger the pick the higher the unit value we assign to that particular game”.

1 and 2 star * pick = Daily free play

3 through 5 star * pick = Average play

6 through 9 star * pick = Extremely strong play

10 Star * pick = Top play of the week/ month

Money Management

When it comes to “sports betting” many people seem to overlook the importance of money management. With a little discipline and the right finances any one can make money in sports betting.

Our philosophy of money management begins with maximizing profits and minimizing losses; in order to do so we recommend clients to…..

– Understand and know your starting bankroll. This is a necessary and realistic tool for knowing how much you have to play with. Your bankroll should be money that will not affect you financially if you were to hit a losing streak. Always remember to play it safe and never bet money you can’t afford to loose.

– After you have determined a starting bankroll we can proceed to setting an amount that will be wagered for each bet. We suggest using wagers, meaning that you will bet a set % of your bankroll on each play. The best way to be successful within wagers is to spread your bankroll among several smaller bets.

–Learn how to decipher when to increase or decrease your basic bet. You are able to adjust your amount any time you desire. We strongly suggest waiting until you have doubled the increase in your original bankroll before increasing your wagers. As you become comfortable and successful within your bets, you have the option to increase the bet sizes to match a new starting bankroll. With this option you’ll safely and wisely increase your money over time.


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