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Tony Karpinski

The number 1 capper in the Nation in Net Profit the past 5 years by NSMonitor.com. NFL and COLLEGE FOOTBALL and MLB ACTION from the CEO of VegasTopDogs TONYK now!
TonyK (3G-Sports) has won several handicapping contests especially in football, as he finished in the top 10 in the renowned NFL Las Vegas Hilton $500,000. Super Book Contest. Tony is now the Director of Operations at VegasTopDogs. TonyK is also the former odds-maker at PicksPal and also won the Ultimate Handicapper Challenge finishing #1 in College Football. He also has several SportsNow Handicapping Contests Wins (baseball, football, hockey, and basketball) and at the Sports Monitor, which have made him a sought-after expert and a regular guest on several weekly sports talk radio stations throughout of the country. With over 20 years of experience providing sports information services to sports fans around the world, Tony K. Is considered one of the pioneers of the sports gaming industry.

Handicapping sporting events successfully requires a huge time commitment and unwavering dedication. I determine the viability of teams by studying game action, box scores, personnel, coaches, stats, trends, past history, game conditions and current strengths and weaknesses to create the most comprehensive picture of likely outcomes.

As a former multi-sport college athlete, Tony Karpinski. Has a keen eye for, and understanding of, athletic performance. Tony uses this knowledge to publish a weekly newsletters, which has attracted a national following and led him to his success.

•  NCAAF 85-68-5 (56% for +$1060) Last 158 - All Picks
•  NCAAF 465-406-14 (54% for +$3638) Last 885 - All Picks
•  NFL 49-38-6 (57% for +$627) Last 93 - All Picks
•  All Leagues 3915-3485-145 (53% for +$23357) Last 7545 - Premium Picks
•  All Basketball 1475-1395-66 (52% for +$1999) Last 2936 - Premium Picks
•  NHL 74-38-2 (67% for +$3617) Last 114 - All Picks
•  MLB 1217-1054-37 (54% for +$8986) Last 2308 - All Picks
•  All Leagues 3482-3069-134 (54% for +$23767) Last 6685 - Premium Picks

Monday, October 20, 2014
Houston Texans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) - 8:30 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Point Spread: 3.0/100     Houston Texans     Pick Title: 5* Loss
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Last 7 Days' Results
•  All Leagues 11-9 (56% for +$133)
•  MLB 2014 2-1 (67% for +$100)
•  NHL 2013 3-1 (75% for +$200)

Last 30 Days' Results
•  All Leagues 43-29-3 (60% for +$1104)
•  MLB 2014 11-6-1 (65% for +$439)
•  NFL 2014 15-7-1 (69% for +$710)
•  NHL 2013 5-3 (63% for +$185)
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Tony Karpinski Release Times
Posting times are normally Monday-Friday at 1pm ET and weekends no later than 11:00am ET on the weekends.
Tony Karpinski Rating System
Tony K rates his picks 3,4,5, and TOP RATED 10*'s selections in all the major sports.
Tony Karpinski Money Management
Only 2 to 3% of the people who wager on sports are actual long term winners. For the most part it's not because the losers are bad handicappers, or using poor handicapping sources. It's because they have no concept of what a bankroll is, any respect for it, or how to use it.

There are 3 components to successful sports investing: (1) Handicapping the games proficiently using historically proven methods. (2) "Shopping for Lines" to get the best value(Extremely Important). (3) Employing a disciplined money management system and NOT risking your entire bankroll on a game or in a week.

*** One of the toughest things to do in life is to follow instructions. Everyone looks for a shortcut. But if you are able to achieve the patience and discipline to follow these rules you will be more financially successful than you ever imagined.

# 1 - Define your bankroll. This is a sum which, if you were to lose the entire amount, would not alter your current chosen lifestyle. Use a separate bankroll for each sport (for example, College & NBA Basketball use separate bankrolls.) Don't be embarrassed if this amount is small. with discipline it will grow large!

# 2 - Wager a constant predetermined percentage of your bankroll on each game in the handicapping period. For example, I have regular picks for 1 unit and TOP picks for 2 units.

#3 - Never wager more than 8 games in a day or at a given time. I sometimes have 2 reports on weekends during the football season and actually break it down and look at it as 2 days.

These are basic guidelines.


There you have it.

By having the discipline to follow these directions you'll find yourself multiplying your wealth in winning seasons and saving losses in tough times. My only advice is to shop for the best numbers. What you save is what you earn. As always Good Luck and BE A WINNER!


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