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Mike Devine

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Mike Devine has been handicapping for over a decade and founded Mike Devine Sports Seven years ago. Since founding Mike Devine Sports, he has been at the top of the National Sports Monitor in football, basketball and baseball. Mike is a strong situational handicapper who relies on his own power ratings to uncover great value in all betting situations.

He evaluates teams much like stocks trying to uncover value and lines maker’s mistakes in price to give bettors the best opportunity for success. The lines have gotten tighter over the years, as most of you know, and it takes more diligence and hard work than ever before to win consistently. Mike researches teams from every angle looking for optimum opportunities to play on them or against them. He constantly readjusts power ratings to accurately portray how a team is playing at that time often finding errors in the lines maker’s numbers. Just as important as numbers are any psychological or situational edges that teams may have in any given match up. Mike uses all his resources to uncover these edges.

Mike has been #1 at the National Sports Monitor in College Football (2004), College Basketball (2006, 2007) and Major League Baseball (2006) and in the top 5 multiple times. He was #3 in the NFL (2006-2007) hitting at a 59% rate. With Mike, you have a proven winner who will work hard to give you the best chance to win.

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Handling your emotions
Oct 27, 2011

The old adage you see crop up from time to time is , it isn’t the picking winners and losers that does in sports bettors but rather the inability to control your emotions. While this is true most guys don’t know exactly what this means and entails and thus don’t recognize how it hinders their efforts. Every season you will encounte ...  read more

Must Win Situations
Oct 6, 2011

At this point of the football season the term “MUST WIN” is heard often as some teams face crucial games earlier in the season that will often determine their fate in the future. Of course in college football they are all must win games for teams who have designs on a national championship but in the NFL you start hearing this term around week 5 and 6 ...  read more

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Mike Devine Release Times

College Football games sent through the week to get the best price and no later than 9.30 am est. Sunday NFL games throughout the week and by no later than 8.00 am est. on Sunday p>

Mike Devine Rating System

I rate games at 1, 1 1/2, and 2 units. Generally about 80% of games handicapped are 1 unit plays. 2 unit best bet plays account for about 5% of plays, usually 1-2 per week.

Mike Devine Money Management

I believe in playing most games for the same amount - about 3% of bankroll. Best bets should stay at about 5-6% of bankroll. I feel this is the best way to stay in the game and maximize your chance for profit. During losing streaks, I stress pulling betting amounts back and increasing the size of bets during winning streaks. A common mistake that many make is increasing bets during losing streaks to chase your losses and getting too conservative when winning. This hurts your chances to maximize your profits.


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