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Get on the RIGHT side of the game with Kyle Parker.

Kyle has put the hammer down for more than 25 years as a bookie, line mover, oddsmaker and gambler. He knows trends, and has proven it time and again with win, after win.

Kyle Parker hit the gambling scene some 25 years ago and he hasn’t missed a beat. Bettors trust insiders and inside information is exactly what Parker brings to the table. As a retired bookmaker and manager of more than a handful of offshore gambling sites, Parker has a bead on how lines work, how to spot weak lines, and most of all, the undervalued teams in any given matchup.

The Nations Rising Star in the World of Handicapping

Handicappers have a difficult job for one reason; gamblers want to be paid. Serious handicappers must take what they do seriously, and they must be willing to put the time in to research what works, what doesn’t work, and ultimately, what pays. They must know the likelihood of any given outcome, of any given event, daily. They must be willing to take the time through research to understand what box scores mean, and know about coaches, player personnel, trends, past performances, recent performances, game day conditions, along with strengths and weaknesses of said-involved teams.

A consistent winner is who you must look for, and the top choice is Kyle Parker.

Saturday, November 28, 2020
Texas San Antonio vs. UT Rio Grande Valley (NCAAB) - 4:00 PM EST Premium Pick
Pick: Point Spread: -3.5/-110     Texas San Antonio   Rating: 1*     NCAA BK Side - Texas San Antonio vs. UT Rio Grande Valley Score Not Available
At This Time
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Kentucky vs. Florida (NCAAF) - 12:00 PM EST Premium Pick
Pick: Point Spread: 25/-110     Kentucky   Rating: 5*     NCAA FB Side - Kentucky vs. Florida Win
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Bowling Green vs. Ohio (NCAAF) - 12:00 PM EST Premium Pick
Pick: Point Spread: 24/-115     Bowling Green   Rating: 5*     NCAA FB Side : Bowling Green vs. Ohio Loss
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•  NCAAF 2020 8-12 (40% for +$122)
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Kyle Parker Money Management

Sports Gambling Money Management

A gambling bankroll will make or break your gambling career. Folks gamble for many different reasons, and if you find yourself more often broke than a winner, then it’s time to find the discipline, grab yourself by the collar, and stick to a gambling budget that works.

Less than 5% of gamblers are winners over time. More often than not this trend has nothing to do with bad handicappers, bad research, or listening to uninformed people. People (gamblers) don’t budget their money correctly; they fail to manage their bankroll.

There are a few simple rules to follow when it comes to budgeting a gambling bankroll. You may be the type to play by your own rules, and even fly by what feels good at the time. This strategy can be good, and it can be a disaster. There are no viable shortcuts when it comes to money management. You must be patient, disciplined, and willing to listen to some great advice. This is a working formula, and you will see a money windfall if you are willing to take heed.

Three Key Elements to Successful Sports Betting - Money Management

• Handicapping games in the most effective manner possible, using proven methods.
• Shop around. You must find the best lines and odds. “A penny saved is a penny earned”.
• Stick to a budget, manage your bankroll as if it were Ft. Knox, and never lay all of your cards on the table.

1. What is Your Bankroll? You have a life outside of gambling and whatever that life is, you are the one that knows it, nobody else. Nobody can tell you how much to spend on gambling, or when to gamble, or what to bet on.

You are in charge of your money, and the money you spend gambling MUST be the money you are willing to lose at all times without altering your way of life. Always bankroll each sport that you gamble on, individually. Know how much you want to spend on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc.… This may be $10 a game or $10 a week, or $1,000 a game or week. This is your business and nobody else’s.

2. Always know how much you plan to spend on any given game, match, player, or event. Never drift from this plan or soon, everything is out of control and you are chasing bad bets across the board. Stick to your plan. Remember, grab your collar, man up, and stick to the plan. This will save you in the long run.

3. College football/basketball Saturdays are crazy and there is a lot to bet on all day long. STOP! Never bet more than a handful of games on any given betting day. It’s difficult to stay sharp and never bet on emotion. Keep it to 10-games a day or less.

The basic guidelines are easy to talk about, however, they are not always easy to follow. Discipline is the key to success and at the end of the day, you will be cashing more winning tickets than losers. Shop for the best lines and odds, keep the daily grind to 10 games or less, and you will be a winner.


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