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The NBA Playoffs are here and MLB is in full swing. We've been absolutely killing it and I'd strongly encourage you to jump aboard today & start building your Bankroll NOW!
Eddie Skrot is an up and coming sports handicapper in the industry today. While he may be young, he is not new to wagering on sports, and not only that, producing winners. Eddie backs all of his selections with detailed analysis and insight to provide you with the best possible chance of winning. Sports Betting is not a sprint, it's a marathon and Eddie spends hours each day researching trends and looking for power angles to provide consistent winners and profits over the long haul for his customers. Eddie has a business degree in accounting and is use to taking the books to school. Give Eddie a chance today and start building your bankroll now!

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Easy Eddie Release Times
Eddie will have all selections posted by 12 pm Eastern Time, including Holidays and weekends.
Easy Eddie Rating System
5* plays are your normal daily plays and that will be what 90% of my selections are. 10* plays are Game of the Day or Game of the Week. Those will be when I have a very strong opinion on a game and I'd suggest you bet double your average wager. 20* plays are Game of the Month or Game of the Year selections. I'd advise you to wager with extreme confidence and bet 3x your average wager on these games because they will hit at a 80% plus rate. I guarantee it.
Easy Eddie Money Management
I highly suggest that all bettors bet the same amount on each game. Set a standard amount that you bet on each game rating and stick to it. This is a business and we are all in it for the same reason, to make money. So with that being said, lets make some money!!

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