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NFL Free Pick Seahawks @ Cardinals
America's Bookie Oct 22, 2020  


In case you haven’t paid attention, scoring is up in the NFL this year. It’s not just up; it’s way up. NFL games are averaging 51.4 points per game, nearly six points more than last season. But wi ...  read more

How to Correctly Use a PPH Service
America's Bookie Oct 18, 2020  



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NFL Free Pick Falcons at Vikings
America's Bookie Oct 14, 2020  


They were once picked to surprise the rest of the NFL this season after consecutive 7-9 campaigns. It’s pretty safe to say that the Atlanta Falcons surprised everyone by starting the read more

Why did Lionel Messi request to leave Barcelona?
America's Bookie Oct 9, 2020  

For many he’s the best football player in the world, for others he’s the greatest player in history, that doesn’t really matter because all of his talking is done on the pitch. Lio ...  read more

Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers Prediction
America's Bookie Oct 6, 2020  

The Pittsburgh Steelers received an unexpected bye week when their NFL Week 4 contest with the Tennessee Titans was postponed. Due to positive tests for the ...  read more

2020 NFL Predictions
America's Bookie Oct 1, 2020  


The third week of the NFL season has concluded and we’ve had some time to analyze the teams and start feedi ...  read more

Messi wants out of Barcelona, maybe Manchester City
America's Bookie Sep 24, 2020  


Messi wants out of Barcelona, Manchester City possible destination

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NCAAF Free Pick at Miami @ Louisville
America's Bookie Sep 18, 2020  


The college football season just keeps getting better and better. A Week 3 matchup of ranked ACC teams heads the lineup of this week’s games and now the Big Ten has announced it will be back in action in late ...  read more

Atlanta United at Orlando City SC Betting Preview
America's Bookie Sep 9, 2020  


With the unique regional scheduling for the MLS’ return to play, Atlanta United and Orlando City SC meet for the second time in eight days when they faceoff in Florida Saturday night. Both teams have a Wednesday contest ...  read more

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks Game 2 Preview
America's Bookie Sep 1, 2020  


The top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks will try to get their first win of their Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Miami Heat on Wednesday, Sept. 2nd, 2020.


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Seattle Sounders at Portland Timbers Betting Preview
America's Bookie Aug 28, 2020  



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How Is Your Pay Per Head Service Treating You During These Times
America's Bookie Aug 27, 2020  


The sports world has been massively impacted because of the coronavirus.

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NFL Win Total for the Detroit Lions
America's Bookie Aug 26, 2020  


NFL Win Totals Betting Preview: Detroit Lions

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Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat Game 4 Betting Preview
America's Bookie Aug 24, 2020  


If you're trying to get down on the closeout game of the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, you're likely betting on an absolute beatdown. In three straight games, the Miami Heat have covered the line, and it&# ...  read more

NHL Playoffs Golden Knights vs Blackhawks
America's Bookie Aug 15, 2020  


It’s onto Game 3 for the West’s top seed, Vegas. They will once again face off against the surprising Chicago Blackhawks, who if not for the coronavirus, would not have come close to sniffing the NHL po ...  read more

Juventus v. Olympique Lyonnais Champions League Preview
America's Bookie Aug 12, 2020  


...  read more

UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Oleinik
America's Bookie Aug 12, 2020  

Here’s a complete preview with a betting pick for Saturday’s entertaining fight between Derrick Lewis and Aleksei Oleinik in the main event of UFC Fight Night at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on Saturday.

...  read more

Cal will be poised for next season
America's Bookie Aug 10, 2020  


...  read more

LA Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers Betting Preview
America's Bookie Jul 28, 2020  

As the NBA's restart in the so-called Orlando Bubble officially tips off at the end of the week, it's time to get down on some of the hottest basketball action around.


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NL Central Betting Win Totals for 2020
America's Bookie Jul 27, 2020  



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Soccer Betting Preview
America's Bookie Jul 24, 2020  


LAFC v. Portland Timbers FC Betting Preview

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The Top 5 Worst NBA Betting Seasons Ever
America's Bookie Jul 14, 2020  


With the 2019-20 NBA season getting ready to restart on July 30, bettors are ready to get b ...  read more

This is what we got from the 2020 NFL Draft
America's Bookie Jul 8, 2020  


As expected, the 2020 NFL Draft took place a few days ago, becoming the first virtual draft in h ...  read more

Find out What a Pay Per Head can Offer You
America's Bookie Jul 8, 2020  


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Manchester City vs. Liverpool Preview
America's Bookie Jul 5, 2020  



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What’s the Real Profit?
America's Bookie Jun 3, 2020  



What do online bookmakers make and is it worth their time at all? This is the proverbial question on every potential bookie's mind. Are the profits sustainable to a great income? What needs to be done to earn a great income, ho ...  read more

What’s New in Betting Software
America's Bookie May 25, 2020  


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Avoid unpleasant surprises on your betting experience
America's Bookie May 17, 2020  

Avoid unpleasant surprises on your betting experience

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The evolution of gambling between Europe and America
America's Bookie May 17, 2020  

The evolution of gambling between Europe and America

Sports bettors in America ...  read more

America's Bookie Apr 28, 2020  


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Top 3 Betting Odds to win 2019-2020 NHL MVP
America's Bookie Apr 21, 2020  

With the NHL paused like most other sporting leagues across the globe, there is a good chance that if the season returns, we’ll begin with the postseason. This means ...  read more

Betting the Betting the AFC West in 2020
America's Bookie Apr 16, 2020  

Betting the Betting the AFC West in 2020

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Online Apps for You
America's Bookie Apr 13, 2020  

Attention Bookies: With what is happening in our world there is no time to waste. You must make the best of an unavoidable situation and start using the technology th ...  read more

Winning Strategies for Betting on Major League Baseball
America's Bookie Mar 27, 2020  


Perhaps more so than any other sport, Major League Baseball is a potential goldmine for betters. Th ...  read more

How to Bet on College Basketball Futures
America's Bookie Mar 17, 2020  

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Best Ways to Make Money with Online Gambling
America's Bookie Mar 3, 2020  



You can make a lot of money, any bookie can make a lo ...  read more

When the NFL Season ends how do Bookies turn a Profit?
America's Bookie Mar 1, 2020  


...  read more

What Popular International Sporting events and venues should you be Offering
America's Bookie Feb 25, 2020  

You should be saying yes to international sporting events, you must be saying yes if you want to earn a fantastic income. Profits for ...  read more

Live Betting - Adrenaline On!
America's Bookie Feb 19, 2020  

...  read more
A balancing act, it’s all you need
America's Bookie Feb 12, 2020  

Everybody knows that “the house always wins”, right? In the sports betting business, there is a clear understanding about that, the house, or the bookie, always has the better chance to walk away with a win, regardless of the odds ...  read more

Racebook Odds: How Prices on Horses Move and What Bookies Should Know
America's Bookie Feb 6, 2020  

Horse racing prices are a big deal to horse bettors, and they should be a big deal to you. The first thing that you should know is this; we are not telling you to be a horse racing ...  read more

Are all bookies Competitors? 
America's Bookie Feb 3, 2020  


...  read more

Using the player watch report
America's Bookie Jan 29, 2020  

...  read more
Where Can You Get Cheap Pay Per Head Services?
America's Bookie Jan 21, 2020  

There are countless pay-per-head (PPH) services with varying price points. There are services that are available starting at $1/head and then there are complete solutions that can cost $XX/head.

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First you need to understand your business
America's Bookie Jan 16, 2020  

...  read more
Are all bookies competitors?
America's Bookie Jan 13, 2020  

This is a question that many of us make once we decide to join the sportsbook industry. How fierce is my competition? Am I going to be able to be successful and take a good piece of the cake? Running your very own operation always ...  read more

How can you offer a better wagering experience?
America's Bookie Jan 8, 2020  


...  read more

List of 2020 NHL Free Agents
America's Bookie Jan 2, 2020  

...  read more
Bets That Go Beyond Picking Winners and Predicting Game Scores
America's Bookie Dec 29, 2019  

Bets That Go Beyond Picking Winners and Predicting Game Scores

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The best way to power your sportsbook engine
America's Bookie Dec 23, 2019  


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Top 10 Reasons to use Virtual Casino Software
America's Bookie Dec 20, 2019  

Bookies are looking for answers. If you have been a bookie on any level, then you know that this business while it may be fun and it may afford you independence, it can also be marginal. There are times when you lose, and even times when you lose big. This is the very nature of the sports gambling business; this element of a bookies j ...  read more

New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens Betting Pick
America's Bookie Dec 14, 2019  

Week 15 of the NFL regular season will kick off with an AFC matchup on Thursday Night Football. The red-hot Baltimore Ravens will host the improving New York Jets in a game that will have a huge spread. Baltimore is trying to lock ...  read more

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Betting Preview
America's Bookie Dec 12, 2019  

One of the oldest rivalries in the National Football League will resume on Sunday when the Chicago Bears visit the Green Bay Packers. There is no love lost in this rivalry, and you can expect some heavy hitting in this game. The Pa ...  read more

Best Pay Per Head Platforms for Newbies
America's Bookie Dec 8, 2019  



Are you interested in starting an online sportsbook? There are 1000s of local/online bookies in the USA alone and the g ...  read more

How has betting on Soccer Changed
America's Bookie Dec 4, 2019  

How has betting on Soccer Changed?

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LeBron James Is Thriving As A Point Guard
America's Bookie Nov 29, 2019  

LeBron James Is Thriving As A Point Guard

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Cincinnati Bearcats at Memphis Tigers Betting Preview
America's Bookie Nov 29, 2019  

...  read more
Green Bay Packers at San Francisco Betting Preview
America's Bookie Nov 21, 2019  

The Green Bay Packers are headed to Levi’s Stadium to take on the San Francisco 49ers in a primetime Sunday night matchup between two of the best and more surprising teams in the NFL this season. When I say surprising, this isn’t m ...  read more

A provider that will keep your business Healthy
America's Bookie Nov 20, 2019  

Bookies are looking for real answers when it comes to improving their bottom line. If you are like many bookies, then you are tired of the rat race and very little to show for it. There is nothing worse than going through every sin ...  read more

Do Things Right with the Help of This PPH Software
America's Bookie Nov 17, 2019  

Do you want to start a business running an online sportsbook? Billions of dollars are bet annually and the majority of the turnover is still through offshore bookmakers operating online.


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NFL Organized Workout for Colin Kaepernick
America's Bookie Nov 15, 2019  

...  read more
Where is it best to have a sportsbook
America's Bookie Nov 12, 2019  

There is a massive list of great places to hang your hat as a sports bookie and we want to share a few of the best ones and maybe even a few of the not so great places to give this bookie job a go. The online sportsbooks are doing ...  read more

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Betting Pick
America's Bookie Nov 10, 2019  

...  read more
Consider This Before Becoming a Bookmaker
America's Bookie Nov 6, 2019  

...  read more
Mitchell Trubisky Continues To Struggle
America's Bookie Nov 2, 2019  

...  read more
Will Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa Play Against LSU?
America's Bookie Oct 30, 2019  

Alabama star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa might have plenty of time to prepare for a crucial game against No. 1 LSU on November 9th.


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Give Your Players the Best Wagering Experience
America's Bookie Oct 29, 2019  

...  read more
Big Ten Showdown: Penn State at Michigan State Preview
America's Bookie Oct 26, 2019  

Michigan State spent the first part of the season ranked in the top-25, but things have changed in a hurry for the Spartans. They have now lost two straight games, and will be taking on another top-10 opponent this weekend. Penn St ...  read more

Zion Williamson Out 6-8 Weeks- Ja Morant Now Favored NBA Rookie of the Year
America's Bookie Oct 24, 2019  



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Here Is the Tip That Will Turn Your Business Around
America's Bookie Oct 22, 2019  

There are hundreds of tips I could share with you to help turn your business around. However, we’d be here all day and most of the tip wouldn’t help the bottom line.

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This Football Season Is Full of Surprises
America's Bookie Oct 20, 2019  


We are squarely in the thick of a great football season and it has thrown its share of curveballs. This season has been nothing less than crazy and we certainly hope you have taken full-advantage as a bookie. ...  read more

Arsenal vs. Vitória SC Europa League Preview 
America's Bookie Oct 17, 2019  



Vitória SC has a very tough test when they visit Arsenal on October 24 in a Europa League Matchday 3 Group F game. This will be the first time that these two teams face each other.

 < ...  read more

Will The Bengals Trade Their Star Wide Receiver?
America's Bookie Oct 16, 2019  

A.J. Green Injury Update; Will The Bengals Trade Their Star Wide Receiver?

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Updated Betting Odds to win NCAA Football Championship
America's Bookie Oct 11, 2019  

We are a little less than half way through the college football season and now is a great time to peek into the futures market and see if there is any value to be had. I think that the college football futures market is one of the ...  read more

Changes - That React in Real-Time
America's Bookie Oct 10, 2019  

...  read more
Free Trial at Pay Per Head 247
America's Bookie Oct 8, 2019  

...  read more
Updated Betting Pick and Odds for 2019 Heisman Trophy
America's Bookie Oct 4, 2019  

We are 5 weeks into college football and we have seen a pretty dynamic shift in Heisman odds since the beginning of the year. This shift is not surprising to me whatsoever, but it does make it pretty hard to make a lot of great bet ...  read more

New Season Bonus
America's Bookie Sep 27, 2019  

...  read more
America’s Bookie: Offering Square Pool’s, Fantastic Bonuses, Contests and much more.
America's Bookie Sep 27, 2019  

America’s Bookie is that all-around friendly online sportsbook that has endeared itself to a growing client base. They are a medium sized-smaller sportsbook that ...  read more

Pick the Best PPH Sportsbook
America's Bookie Sep 24, 2019  

The time has come for every bookie to do some inventory of where their business stands. Is it making money, do you have the right tools in place to earn a six-figure income? Are you online and offering everything that a gambler wan ...  read more

Sunday Night NFL Preview: LA Rams at Cleveland Browns
America's Bookie Sep 20, 2019  

The National Football League is in desperate need of some terrific primetime games, and they are hopeful that the week three Sunday Night Football matchup will help. The improving Cleveland Browns will host the defending NFC Champi ...  read more

Get Subagents to Obtain these advantages
America's Bookie Sep 18, 2019  

Once you’re in the sports betting business and your operation is up and running, there are things you should know, that will help make your life better every day. Now you know that, joining a good Price per Head service is a life c ...  read more

Bookies: Take advantage of this Deal
America's Bookie Sep 15, 2019  


The best pay per head providers on the web are now offering a 4-week free promotion! We have taken the time to investigate the offer and know it to be a go ...  read more

Betting NCAA Football early in the Season
America's Bookie Sep 5, 2019  

The college football season is one week in the books and it was an exciting week, to say the least. We saw many great games that included some exciting finishes and some expected blowouts. That’s the name of the g ...  read more

NFL Props: Top Interesting Bets to win 2019 MVP
America's Bookie Sep 3, 2019  

NFL Props: Top Interesting Bets to win 2019 MVP


The MVP conversation hit a bump when Andrew Luck, previously listed at +700, anno ...  read more

NFL Tight End Props 2019
America's Bookie Aug 26, 2019  

Investigating NFL Tight End Props for 2019

...  read more

NFL Wide Receivers 2019
America's Bookie Aug 21, 2019  

NFL wide receivers have the ability to create splash plays and have monster weeks, but they also can go weeks with limited production. That is why when we look at NFL futures for the WR position, we want to attempt to attack ...  read more

The Complete Bookie Solution for Only $10 Per Head
America's Bookie Aug 14, 2019  

The Complete Bookie Solution for Only $10 Per Head


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Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks, NFL Preseason Week 1 Betting Pick
America's Bookie Aug 8, 2019  

Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks, NFL Preseason Week 1 Betting Pick

Week 1 of the NFL Preseason is set to kick off this week, and every tea ...  read more

Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Fight Preview
America's Bookie Jul 18, 2019  

Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Fight Preview

One of the all-time greats returns to take on Keith Thurman Saturday, July 20th. The fight is for WBA supremacy In the Welterweight division and claim glory in one of the deepest divisions in boxing.

Pacquiao is undoubtedly one of the greatest of all time. ...  read more

Quaker State 400 NASCAR Preview
America's Bookie Jul 9, 2019  

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series will make a stop in Kentucky this week for the 2019 running of the Quaker State 400. The race will be held at Kentucky Speedway which is located in the city of Sparta, Kentucky. The drivers will ...  read more

How can a Bookie Beat The Big Shops?
America's Bookie Jun 12, 2019  

Bookies have a fantastic job, one that comes loaded with tons of perks, lots of time off, time for great vacations, the money to buy expensive cars, live in penthouse suites, and just basically live the highlife; said no one ever! ...  read more

Take Advantage of Your Player's Potential
America's Bookie Jun 10, 2019  


Sports gambling has changed over the past few years and changed quite drastically. There once was a day when gamblers did one of two things, they either called their corner bookie, or they flew to Las Vegas. Those days ...  read more

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Series
America's Bookie May 27, 2019  


The Stanley Cup Finals are here!


This year’s Stanley Cup Finals will feature the Boston Bruins out of t ...  read more

NBA Playoffs Series Odds
America's Bookie May 8, 2019  


The NBA playoffs have moved to the top of the betting board and no betting venue offers more options to wager on the games than online sportsbooks. As ...  read more

Betting Hockey Props - NHL Playoffs
America's Bookie Apr 24, 2019  

Every hockey fan loves when the NHL playoffs roll around. Even casual fans start to watch games and everyone loves getting down some action. One of the growing betting markets in hockey are prop bets, which are much more exciting t ...  read more

How to Handle a Steam Player
America's Bookie Apr 16, 2019  

Steam players are those guys that we love to hate, they are an infliction on business and then out of nowhere, they are a business boon. The problem is knowing what to do with them, knowing how to handle them and knowing whether or ...  read more

NCAA Championship Game - Why Virginia Wins this Game
America's Bookie Apr 8, 2019  

The Virginia Cavaliers come into this game with a chip on their shoulder and it’s been there since 1984! This team has come oh so close so many times and it has taken 35 long brutal years to get back to business. They want th ...  read more

March Madness - Betting the Final Four
America's Bookie Apr 5, 2019  


This year’s NCAA Tournament in men’s basketball pretty much went chalk through the opening two rounds. All four No. 1 seeds advanced to t ...  read more

How to Bet On Sports - College Basketball Conference Tournaments
America's Bookie Mar 14, 2019  


There is no doubt that most of the madness in March surrounds the sheer excitement of betting on the annual NCAA Tournament. A field of 68 teams takes aim at winning a national championship, but in the end only one ...  read more

Super Bowl LIII - Patriots Vs. Rams, Betting the Total
America's Bookie Feb 2, 2019  

The Los Angeles Rams are facing their biggest battle to date and unfortunately for them, it’s the New England Patriots. The patriots have done it again and although many folks would have loved for someone else to make it this ...  read more

3 Must Know Ways to Get FREE Money from Your Sports Book
America's Bookie Jan 10, 2019  


For sports bettors, right now is one of the busiest times of the year and if you are not taking advantage of the great deals floating out there then you must do so now or be the loser in the end. There are fantasti ...  read more

Betting the Second Half Season Total Line
America's Bookie Nov 7, 2018  

The first half of this year’s NFL regular season has gone by in a blink of an eye. Week 10’s schedule marks the official kickoff of the race to the NFL playoffs in a quest to win this year’s Super Bowl title. Team ...  read more

America's Bookie Oct 19, 2018  


The 2018 football season is in the thick of things and as bettors, we must be creative. We have to think long term, bottom line and bankroll. In order to keep the money rolling in and to keep the bankroll flowing, we mu ...  read more

MLB Playoffs - Understanding Odds:
America's Bookie Oct 5, 2018  

Sports wagering is a game that you play with money, it’s also an investment and if you think it’s not, then you must have so much money that you just don’t care! We all want to protect our money and we all want to win a pile of it. How can we do that? Very simple, be a great handi ...  read more

NFL Week 1 - Monday Night Football
America's Bookie Sep 10, 2018  


A tradition since 2006, the NFL schedules two Week 1 games to enjoy on Monday Night, and this season we have two very interesting ones. The opener has the Detroit Lions hosting the New York Jets with the Oakland Ra ...  read more

Dates to Circle on the 2018 NFL Schedule
America's Bookie Aug 21, 2018  

There are no bad weeks in the NFL, although Thursday Night Football has seen some serious duds in recent years. We all love the NFL so much because one game has such meaning, add the adage “Any Given Sunday” and there&r ...  read more

Parlays - Successful Strategy or Bankroll Buster
America's Bookie Aug 10, 2018  


Other than straight bets, betting parlays has to top the list of popular sports bets. Most use parlays because you can win more with a smaller wager. For novice bettors who are unsure exactly what a parlay is, a pa ...  read more

Is Alabama a Good Bet in 2018
America's Bookie Jul 24, 2018  

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1st Half Baseball - Best and Quickest way to Win Big
America's Bookie Jun 21, 2018  

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Value in Dodgers as They Right the Ship
America's Bookie May 31, 2018  

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Vegas Golden Knights Story of the Year
America's Bookie May 21, 2018  

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Warriors looking Like Same Old Warriors - Fearless Unbeatable
America's Bookie May 8, 2018  

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Basketball Betting - NBA Round Two Fired Up
America's Bookie Apr 30, 2018  

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NHL Playoffs Thursday - Capitals vs. Blue Jackets
America's Bookie Apr 19, 2018  

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LA Kings at Vegas Golden Knights - Where is the value?
America's Bookie Apr 11, 2018  

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Valspar Championship - Tiger Looking Sharp
America's Bookie Mar 9, 2018  

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Are the Houston Rockets the REAL DEAL
America's Bookie Mar 3, 2018  

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Betting On Key NFL Football Playoff Numbers
America's Bookie Jan 20, 2018  

read more

Top Picks in 2016 NFL Draft Square Off
America's Bookie Dec 9, 2017  

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America's Bookie Nov 30, 2017  

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Using Top Handicappers before placing your wagers
America's Bookie Nov 20, 2017  

If you are reading this right now, chances are you like to wager on sports. You are probably pretty good, and your bankroll isn’t far off where you started at the beginning of the season. You may have had a good or bad week here and there that has your account up or down, dep ...  read more

How to Make Money Betting Parlays
America's Bookie Oct 3, 2017  

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Betting on Football: A Few Tips to Fatten The wallet
America's Bookie Sep 10, 2017  

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Gambling on sports is a hobby that so many people love to engage in.
America's Bookie Aug 29, 2017  


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Picking the Right Sportsbook for Your Football Betting Needs
America's Bookie Aug 17, 2017  

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