Odds and Ends for the First CFP National Championship Game

By: Tony Acosta     Date: Jan 12, 2015

Odds and Ends for the First CFP National Championship Game by Tony Acosta Most of the Big Money bettors here in the Desert like the Ohio State Buckeyes plus the touchdown in the CFP National Championship Game to be played Monday night January 12. The Point Spread The Ohio Buckeyes in a rare underdog roll have drawn substantial action from sharp money bettors prompting a number of the Vegas Sportsbooks to move their lines from Oregon -7 to Oregon -6.5. Once the lines moved to -6.5 a huge wave of favorite supporters join into the mix. One Oddsmaker said that one large group of bettors took the +7, but a number of mid level bettors have decided to lay the -6.5. One Online site, had the spread down to -6 for a brief time before money supporting Oregon pushed it back to -6.5. The Game Total The Total has gone as high as 75.5 from the Opening Line of 73.5 and that has been from public money. Sharp money will follow as the kickoff nears. The public is known for betting OVER on almost anything. They have been right close to a very rare 80% of the time this Bowl Season. Most of the experts believe the number will end up around the 75 mark by kickoff on Monday night. There are those however, that feel the number will grow and grow until UNDER bettors become interested, which would pull it down once again. The Money Line Quite often in big games, the public bettors will take the Buckeyes winning outright. Oddsmakers however know the tendency of the public and accordingly adjust the money line which means good value on Ohio State will be hard if not impossible to come by betting on the money line. A normal spread of 7 points will produce a money line on the underdog close to +250, while the favorite should be around -330. However, some of the Books here have Oregon at -275 with Ohio State at +235, while one was as low as -230 and +190 on Saturday late, thanks to a legion of Ohio State backers. Thus far, the money line has been nearly all Ohio State, but sharp money will likely head in the other direction and the deal for the favorite will likely become better. With a spread of 7 points, laying 2 to 1 on the money line is a good bargain, but on Monday the day of the game, it very well could become even lower and much more attractive. Tony Acosta The Handicappersstable

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