College and NFL Money Management 102

By: RJ Robbins     Date: Nov 12, 2015


When it comes to handicapping there is no exact science. One factor you can't measure is 'turnovers'! Let's face it the teams that don't turn the ball over is the team that usually ends up in the win column. You can add another factor the 'DBS'. This is very simple, however players sometimes just don't get it. The 'DBS' is 'Don't Be Stupid'. Don't be stupid as don't make some dumb penalty during or after the play. That's it. PENALTIES! How many times have you seen the play is over and a foul and been committed? Personal foul, roughing the passer, a late hit, unsportsmenlike conduct. Add all those things up and it will come back to bite you in the behind. Remember Sports Betting is a marathon not a sprint. Having discipline is an important key to winning. We will return after the Holidays for your Finals!

RJ Robbins

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